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Axnér : Shouting a hit from the Balearic Rooftop!

When I heard Axnér's "Shoot from the rooftop", I knew I had to ask them a few questions about that song and about their musical duo. Come on, let's meet them!


1) Dea Chris, dear Julia, I am over the Moon to actually have you Here, on the Balearic Breakfast Blog! Your song, "Shout from the rooftop", has received a beautiful blend of re-mixes, and a limited edition vinyl has been produced. Congratulations! Can you tell us more about how the song was originally born?

Hi Artur, thanks for having us. The song was the first track that we wrote together - it started life at least five years ago. It’s taken many forms since, with different lyrics and melodies and for a while, we were a little stuck on it. We returned to it after we’d released our first single, ‘Got The Look,’ and something clicked, and it came together a lot easier. The drums were recorded in a session with Ralph Rolle, drummer for Nile Rodgers & Chic, at the same time as Got The Look, and when we thought the track was finally finished, we sent it over to Ralph to see what he thought. A couple of days later, we received it back with some extra vocals from another member of Nile Rodgers & Chic, Audrey Martells, who’d added some amazing backing and ad-libs to the track. We’ve been amazed by the journey this track has taken us on, partnering with some legends of disco from Ralph & Audrey, John Morales & Al Kent, who, along with Kousto, produced great remixes of the track and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy who, ’s, shown some wonderful support.

2) Colleen played John Morales' M&M Main mix version of the song during the 144th edition of Balearic Breakfast. I remember that this edition was, musically, a special one as it showcased how much "Balearic Music" was not only about the musical style itself but also about the music having a specific "soul". According to you, what makes "Shout from the rooftop" a Balearic Tune?

Colleen spinning the track makes it Balearic! We feel honoured Cos included the track in her show, as we’ve listened to it for years and never expected to hear our music featured. It’s connected us to a number of people, including yourself. Radio is still such an important medium for reaching listeners - we prefer it over a Spotify playlist any day.

Colleen also launched her new chapter of The Loft Party at the start of December and played our record on the night. This felt really special for us. The New York link has been so strong with this track that we mixed it in Brooklyn; Ralph Rolle & John Morales are from The Bronx & David Mancuso started The Loft Party on Broadway in New York City. Full circle complete!

3) Can you tell us more about your musical journey together?

We started making music together after Acid Jazz Records proposed Chris produced some original music under ‘Disco Freaks’, his DJ partnership, after they’d released a couple of remixes on the label. Soon after, Ralph Rolle overheard Julia singing while he was being interviewed on The Disco Freaks Radio Show and offered to drum for us! That was pretty inspiring so we pulled our finger out and got some songs together to demo with him. Lockdown gave us the time to write about ten tracks, ones we’re currently focusing on finishing, and everything’s continued from there.

We do have to thank a lot of people who have shared advice and helped along the way. We hope you know who you are, as there are too many to list! We’re very grateful to have creative and talented friends who have worked with us on everything from artwork to photos & videos and the songs themselves. We’re very much independent, co-dependent artists!

4) You did a guest mix for 1btn radio a few weeks ago, showcasing your broad musical tastes, and influences. It also included another stunning track of yours, "Got the Look". There is a great sense of unity in what you propose, musically speaking. Would you say that, in a way, Music extends your human existence, showing you things you weren't aware of in the first place?

Music has always been a major part of our life. It’s connected us, family & friends, and we do what we can to keep that connection through the music. As well as Julia & Audrey Martells singing on the track we’ve got Julia’s twin, best friend, Mum & Auntie singing on it so you’re hearing that unity on the record.


AXNÉR - Shout From The Rooftop (John Morales M+M Acapella Mix)

Bosq - Out Of My Head

LAZYWAX - Hotel Colomba D’oro

AXNÉR - Got The Look (Al Kent’s Feel Good Instrumental Remix)

MORE AMOUR - Solar Flair

Lenny Williams - When I’m Dancing (Sam Flanagan Remix)

Wee Willie - Get Some (Aroop Roy Rework)

Prince - 17 Days (Zach Witness Version)

Kelly G - Feels Good (Yeah!) (Kelly G. Little Louie Party Mix)

AXNÉR - Got The Look (DK’s Super Disco Edit)

Jungle - GOOD TIMES (Braxe + Falcon Remix)

L’Impératrice - Submarine (Todd Edwards Remix)

AXNÉR - Shout From The Rooftop (John Morales M+M Club Mix)

Freda Payne - I Get High (On Your Memory)

5) What are your plans for the foreseeable future? Can we expect an album?

We’re currently working towards an EP & a live show in May. It’s going to sound a little different. Still rhythmical with plenty of grooves, actually more Balearic in places, which you’ll be happy to hear!

Thank you so much, Chris & Julia!


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