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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 157 | The Calling...

Updated: Mar 2

Colleen' Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 157th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on December 12th 2023.


Introduction. – Tell me how you engage with Music, tell me how you listen to Sound, and I’ll tell you who you are. Music is a universe in itself, a universe you can only discover if you allow yourself to disconnect from anything else, the first thing being your conscience. You must listen without thinking about it. It’s like entering a trance...

As these words start dying peacefully, and while sitting in a comfy chair or lying on your bed, you hear a sound coming from the depths, gently surrounding you, hugging you, and letting you disappear totally. Drawn into a world you never thought existed, your inner journey takes you deeper and deeper into the realm of your real existence. Music. Notes, musical ones; Words, intellectual ones, a flow, the never-ending river, the one created by artists, musicians, writers, creators, and... DJs... I'm just like you, you know, allowing myself to drift far away into worlds I never visited before. Aren't we all Little Princes deep down inside? Aren't we all searching for our own truths? And who can we rely upon? Who can guide us if not Artists, musicians, writers... DJs... You see me coming, don't you? Yes, I know you do...

Samson François

Trying to figure out how to celebrate this blog's first anniversary (on the 14th of December, it will be one year old...), I gave myself some time and listened to the great French Pianist Samson François. While reading Diapason's article, I was moved. When asked why he didn't respect the rhythm of the Music, Samson answered, "If I'm being irregular," he explains, "it's not at all out of caprice, or because of mood swings or even health issues; it's only because every time, every concert is an adventure." In another interview, he went on, "For me, each concert is a story. So each one is conceived, placed "in a specific light, a kind of symbol". I think this is essential. [...] For instance, in the second concert, I chose a very instinctive program, which I liked. It was a "nocturnal" concert: two Etudes by Debussy, the second of which [Pour les degrés chromatiques] is really like the gliding of a bat's wings. [...] Then there was Prokofiev's Sonata No. 7, which took on a dramatic, anguished allure that it doesn't have if you play it at the end of the program, where it's a brilliant piece; finally, four Nocturnes by Chopin, and I started with the first one, which sounds like bells in the distance. Well, it's amazing the reactions I got after this concert. People were downright distressed". This is when I stopped reading for a while, lost in my thoughts: it is something to feel things, to do things as I do here on the Balearic Breakfast blog. Yet, it is something else to find in Samson's approach towards Music the same approach I try to have towards Colleen's body of work, and also Colleen's own approach towards the show... As Samson, I feel where Colleen tries to lead us; I think a lot of the members of the Balearic Breakfast Familly understand her choices. It seems obvious that each show is a Program having its own Soul, which she tries to bring upfront...

Not so strangely enough, because I feel Life had a Master plan, I talked about this point, remotely of course, having it in my mind, indirectly, with Marcia Carr and DJ_Emma just a few days ago, telling them how much they, in their own way, helped in sharing Music's absolute essence, be it in their own creations or in the way they mixed songs during their sets, just like other friends from the Balearic Breakfast Familly do... A DJ is like a painter, like a writer, like a pianist (sidenote: Is, well, at least he should be, because we know not all DJs have that profound approach to Music, but yes, indeed, a DJ should transmit Music's Soul without touching it, without modifying it...). A DJ should play his Soul and let it meet and uphold Music in the purest way possible. I found myself whole in Samson's words and his Philosophy, and you know that I already shared with you some of these thoughts before, yet I didn't know Samson was so close to me...

"I do not lie : I live my Imagination"
Samson François

About this show. Just before playing her last gigs for this year, Colleen put up the request line on her socials, asking us what we would like to share on the next Balearic Breakfast show... Well... It seems obvious I was not the only one hearing The Calling... Did I say that, sometimes, Life had a Master plan?

Listen back to the 157th edition of Balearic Breakfast:



Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti Whales of Sirius

Julie Byrne These Days

Robert Wyatt Maryan

Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive

Carolyn Franklin I Want To Be With You

Nev Cottee The Sun Also Rises (Wonderfulsound Mix)

Marti Caine Love is Running Through Me

Alessi Brothers Seabird

J.J. Cale Durango (Balearic Jukebox Edit)

Asha Puthli Right Down Here (Psychemagik Remix)

Young Gun Silver Fox Moonshine

Achab White Lights in Summer

Je' Couleur Space Dancer

Otherlover Someone To Rely On

Change Hold Tight (Long Version)

Pet Shop Boys Being Boring

Spirit Spirit (Zaf & Phil Asher Edit)

Tim Hutton Colours (Freeform Five Mix)

Jacob Gurevitsch El Terreno



This 157th edition of Balearic Breakfast is a constant invitation. A friendly hand appearing as you walk towards a sky that doesn't want to share all of its secrets immediately with you, a voice calling you from somewhere, out in the void... This is perfectly represented in the show's opening track, Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti – Whales of Sirius [2023-Bandcamp], which absolutely embodies this post's title. Reading an interview that Takashi gave a few years ago, I could not help but share this specific part of it: "I think music is a thing that adds flavor to the air in a space. What I often try to do with my sound environment design is add a seasoning of air that makes you breathe more slowly than usual. You can change the rhythm of space. If you can create an exciting rhythm, you can also create a rhythm that makes you feel relaxed and breathe slowly. You can control the physiological movements of people who gather in the space, such as pulse and breathing, to some extent. You can control concentration and relaxation. Branding is possible. Sound can create the identity of the space. With sound, you can also partition space, create defined areas within areas."

This sentiment of being drawn into something is also present in the following track, Julie Byrne These Days [2023 - Bandcamp], the artist not being a stranger in sharing her love for the great outdoors and open roads. Our musical discovery takes on a very pictural presentation with Robert Wyatt Maryan [1997 - Discogs], which makes use of sounds enhancing the musical experience, enlarged by a surprisingly unorthodox musical structure and a Beautiful lyrical story. As I said to DJ_Emma, I love it when musicians and artists take chances while creating music... It's about the magic, the surprises, the Voyage...

Coming back to the show, Colleen knows what she is doing and when to do it; she lets silence take its place just before the next track Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive [2021 - Bandcamp] starts, putting it on a nice pedestal that it deserves when you take conscience of its lyrics... Do you start seeing why this post is entitled "The Caling"?... As I said before, it is in these blissful musical moments that you feel our collective power. It can't get better than what you're just hearing here, really.

The second part of the show starts with Carolyn Franklin I Want To Be With You [1973 - Discogs], and this is where Samson's analysis about the place of a piece in a recital takes its whole meaning. Of course, the track has an objective drive that leads the listener, but it is here enhanced by the first tracks played during the show. Always keep in mind this: the best way to listen to Balearic Breakfast is to consider each episode as a musical entity of its own. The following song, Nev Cottee The Sun Also Rises (Wonderfulsound Mix) [2013-Bandcamp], though having a slower start, shares with the previous one the same tense musical hope, the same friendly hand leading you in your journey. Oh how I love Colleen's Rhythmic precision as Marti Caine Love is Running Through Me [1981 - Discogs] starts! There is another lesson to be learned here: reaching someone's soul when mixing tracks is not always done by keeping a steady rhythm. It is also, and very often, done by allowing you to drop it a little bit while being cautious as to when to start the next track!

Colleen keeps on taking us into her Musical Journey with the next number, Alessi Brothers Seabird [1976 - Discogs], followed by the incredible J.J. Cale Durango (Balearic Jukebox Edit) [2023 - Bandcamp], reproducing a well known rhythmic pattern here and winning the first Wow Effect of the show! The Calling finds its absolute reality in this very part of the show, it is present both in the lyrics, in the atmosphere and, of course, in the music! Keeping Jim's Spirit alive and well, Colleen chose to play Asha Puthli Right Down Here (Psychemagik Remix) [2023 - Bandcamp], which, both in its structure, in its rhythm and in its spacy imagery, embodies this post's title!

I feel the next few tracks, because of their differences with the previous ones, belong in this third part of the show, showcasing how much cleverly blending musical styles might enhance the mental visuals one is able to create while listening to Balearic Breakfast! By mixing Young Gun Silver Fox Moonshine [2022 - Bandcamp] with Achab White Lights in Summer [1978 - Discogs], beautifully followed by Je' Couleur Space Dancer [2014 - Discogs], Colleen really gave us all goosebumps!

With its dreamy synths, Otherlover Someone To Rely On [2017 - Bandcamp] is another song reaching out to you and ending in a crazy white noise, followed by Change Hold Tight (Long Version) [1981 - Discogs], which really is an invitation to dance you can't refuse! We're reaching higher grounds now as Colleen takes us to the Pet Shop Boys Being Boring [2001 - Discogs], keeping the rhythm absolutely steady; this is just crazy, right there! My personal, and second, Wow effect! Talking about musical unity, Colleen keeps the fire burning, and the musical calling stone immaculate with Spirit Spirit (Zaf & Phil Asher Edit) [2019 - Discogs] and Tim Hutton Colours (Freeform Five Mix) [2000 - Discogs], beautifully blended together!

The music calls you to follow her never-ending dance with Jacob Gurevitsch El Terreno [2023 - Bandcamp]; can you hear her while the last track plays on?



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Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution

Airing tomorrow night (Saturday) on BBC Two, the following Saturday will see the conclusion of the three-part series.

From the sweaty dance floors of private parties and basement bars in 70’s New York to the glittering peak of the global charts, this is the story of how disco conquered the world - its origins, its triumphs, its fall, its comeback and its legacy. I haven’t yet seen the series, but from what I can see the series gives voice to communities that were at the heart but haven’t always enjoyed fair representation - LGBT, people of colour and women. I look forward to hearing their stories and am honoured to have been included, as well. Its a bit nerve-wracking having to wait to see the final product but from everything I have witnessed so far, it looks like this series was in good hands.

Disco: Soundtrack of a revolution will be archived on BBC iPlayer so you have the chance to watch it over the holidays, and if you’re based in the USA, it will air on PBS during Pride Month in June, when the Stonewall Uprising is commemorated.

Colleen, Instgr., 15/12/2023

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