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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 162 | Family Gathering 4 (Bert François & DJ_Emma)

Updated: Mar 2

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 162nd episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud on February 6th 2024.


About this show. – Sometimes things don't go as planned. And, believe me, I will always be the first to try to be helpful when such situations occur. Firstly, we're all humans; we can make mistakes, and it's okay to make mistakes. It's part of life. Secondly, way too often, I have seen fingers pointing at me when I failed to do a task I ought to do, leading to an unbelievable amount of criticism and anger, leading to crises. Remember, when something does not work out as planned, the first thing to do, even if you're managing people, is to understand what happened. What is done is done, and your anger, your shouting or your reproaches won't help the matter (plus, you'll be adding unnecessary pressure to the already tense situation...). So, first, take the time to analyse what happened, why it happened, and maybe that's something that can be fixed easily for next time. By understanding our mistakes or helping others who did them to understand what happened, we can move on and improve ourselves. Of course, if you're a manager and you feel this should not have happened, you have the right to take decisions afterwards, with an objective mindset. But anger or shouting won't help the case, so show some calmness and understanding. It will add motivation, discussion and improvement, eluding exhausting anger and any other unwanted feelings between you and those you're working with. Simply be objective; that's really Enough. As a teacher once told me, "Only those who do nothing never make mistakes".

We were all eagerly waiting for that 162nd episode because we knew Colleen was going to stream Bert's and DJ Emma's mixes. Sadly, Colleen couldn't stream these two due to technical difficulties, so we listened to the previous show on Mixcloud, supporting Colleen, who felt terrible about what had just happened. And we all stayed with our dear Captain, supporting her. Shit can happen, but you always must put into balance why things happen; that's the first thing to do before anything else may eventually come into play. Believe me, streaming Balearic Breakfast away from home while on tour in a different time zone is not easy (and Mixcloud can be tricky, too, it seems!): our dear Captain just did that for a whole month (I couldn't stop the lion cub from jumping into your arms Colleen, sorry!)... So, once our sadness left our hearts, we cheered our dear Captain up and stayed all together on Mixcloud, enjoying the previous show (while Eagerly waiting for Colleen to put Bert's and Emma's Mix on Mixcloud!) and having a Memorable Chinwag.

All I can say is that Bert's and DJ_Emma's mixes were absolutely worth waiting for. These two mixes are among the sexiest and the coolest mixes ever streamed we got to hear through our Family Meetings. What an incredible way to end this first series of Family Gatherings! So, without further ado, let's hear this 162nd episode of Balearic Breakfast as it was meant to be!!

Listen back to the 162nd episode of Balearic Breakfast:



Bert François' Mix

Jean Carn Revelation / Infant Eyes

Millie Jackson A Love of Your Own

Phyllis Hyman The Love Too Good to Last

Webster Lewis Give Me Some Emotion

Sidney Barnes Your Love Is So Good to Me

Dionne Warwick You're Gonna Need Me

Eramus Hall Just Me 'n' You

The Love Unlimited Orchestra Strange Games & Things

Scott Grooves ft. Chris Codish Organ Nights

Hayden Andre presents Subculture The Voyage (Hayden Andre Deep Mix)

Indigo ft. Joy Malcolm Fly to the Moon (Mood II Swing Remix)

DJ_Emma's mix

Peter Brown Without Love

As Ganhadeiras de Itapua Mare Mansa

Quincy Jones Summer in the City (Old Smokey Edit)

Terry Callier Imagine a Nation

Mel & Tim Keep the Faith

Psychemajik Your Love Was Meant For Me

Tina Turner I Can't Stand the Rain

Pino D'Angio Ma Quale Idea

Alex Kassian Leave Your Life

Laura Green Manhattan (Horse Meat Disco)

Black Lodge Broughton

David Bendeth Feel the Real

Brittany Howard Stay High

ASHA Ball & Chain (JJ Tribute) (LG Giobbi Remix)



Starting his set with the very Jazzy Jean Carn – Revelation / Infant Eyes [1978-Discogs], Bert is going to take us through one of the most sensual, one of the sexiest (I'm not ashamed of that word here) mixes we ever had the pleasure to listen to during these Family Gatherings (to read the interview I did with Bert, click here). The sexiness starts with the great Millie Jackson's – A Love of Your Own [1976-Discogs]; a song which was written by the Average White band and first released in July 1976. By the way, did you hear that beautiful and light mix Bert proposed here? It's not the last time that you're going to feel Bert's sensual touch during this mix, let me tell that to you right away! This mix depicts so perfectly a sensual evening shared by the couple of your choice; just close your eyes, and you'll see the moves, the closeness, and the desire pouring out of the love these two individuals share tonight on the screen of your inner desires... Enters, with a nice discretion, Phyllis Hyman The Love Too Good to Last [1981-Discogs] showing that sometimes the perfect touch is not the ever-lasting one but the one swaying on your body just like an oceanic wave, slowly leading you to your most unmentionable desires... This very song was written by Peter Allen, Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager and was first sung by the Pointer Sisters on their 1980 Special Things album. The groove is good, the groove is here, and it is led by a man knowing a lot about Music and Love, for sure! Bert knows how to keep the rhythm on; he's a personified groove, and his beat will never let you down; listen to how beautifully Webster Lewis – Give Me Some Emotion [1979-Discogs] enters the mix! This song was composed by Webster and covered by Merry Clayton as "Emotions" in 1980. The swayin' is definitely on as Sidney Barnes – Your Love is So Good to Me [1978-Discogs] starts, and it ain't gonna stop so soon. Bert's mix will focus on this love affair for 3/4 of its running time, which is quite unusual here on Balearic Breakfast, as the mixes are often divided into two even parts. So it's nice to have a mix that takes that slight departure from this structure, especially when you take into account how Bert ends it... But we're going to talk about it later, as, for the time being, Bert keeps on making us dance to the slow and oh-so-sexy rhythm! I love how Bert joins the previous track with Dionne Warwick You're Gonna Need Me [1973-Discogs], in what we could call a "musical" "Fil d'Arianne" which keeps on leading us with Eramus Hall Just Me 'n' You [1980-Discogs]! Did you know that the song "You're Gonna Need Me" was composed and produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier & Eddie Holland, the three of them being responsible for Countless Motown hits including "Reach Out I'll Be There" or even "Where Did Our Love Go"? Another interesting fact you might not know about is that Lamont Dozier was invited by Claude François to France in the 1970s when he released "Going Back to My Roots"! They actually sang several songs together live for a French TV show!

We gently reached the second part of Bert's mix, and he shows no sign of slowing down the sexy, very playful dance! Talking about the playful dance, the next number (a cover of "Strange Funky Games and Things" by Jay Dee issued on his beautifully sounding 1974 "Come on in Love" album, produced by Barry White and Tom Brock!) The Love Unlimited Orchestra Strange Games & Things [1976-Discogs] slightly changes the rhythm, but that change is very soft and playful, almost acting like some kind of "mistake" in the course of the mix, an unexpected touch on an almost forgotten area, so well done! A perfect mix is a mix that surprises you, a mix in which you allow yourself to sway, a mix that shows some kind of vulnerability, bringing images to your mind, and Bert's mix exactly does that here! Slowly bringing in the next track, Scott Grooves ft. Chris Codish Organ Nights [2000-Discogs], Bert keeps the surprise element of his mix very alive; we're suspended to his magic fingers, and we really can't get enough! What a musical taste Berts shows to us tonight! The last 15 minutes or so of Bert's mix will be more groovy. Still, the tracks he chose to share here, despite their quicker rhythm, do share a very high degree of sexiness, perfectly showcasing that a track can be quicker but still bring sexiness to the forefront! Bert is not the one who will show off as he keeps his delicate touch perfectly on the beat for the next number, Hayden Andre presents Subculture The Voyage (Hayden Andre Deep Mix) [1991-Discogs]! The last song, Indigo ft. Joy Malcolm – Fly to the Moon (Mood II Swing Remix) [1995-Discogs] enters the mix with a slight precipitation enhanced by its somewhat "abrupt" start, but it has that "openness" that really suits the whole vibe very well!


DJ Emma is a favourite of mine. I love her soft voice, her broad musical taste and her joyfulness when she's surrounded by musical friends! You might not know it, but she is the one whom I wanted to interview the first when this blog was only a dream! And I made this dream come true (read the interview we did together here)... DJ Emma's mix is a perfect example of a woman doing her thing and reaching beautiful heights (she's not afraid of them...), thanks to her gentleness and also thanks to her great ear! The first two tracks, which are Peter Brown Without Love [1978-Discogs] and As Ganhadeiras de Itapua Mare Mansa [2014-Bandcamp], pair so well together... It's like a living painting animating itself in front of your eyes; listen to the beautiful closeness of the notes these two tracks share! Keeping the rhythm balancing, Emma chooses to play Quincy Jones Summer in the City (Old Smokey Edit) [Bandcamp]; here, the mix allies both the closeness of the music and of the rhythm, the living painting keeps on moving in front of our eyes whilst we're being taken out of reality in this beautiful musical trip... It takes a great deal of Knowledge to be a good DJ, and Emma has that without a shadow of a doubt! We're drawn into a new chapter of our adventure, I just think about it now, as I write these lines, but this mix resembles a lot to a track Emma issued not so long ago, Bliss... Terry Callier Imagine a Nation [2002-Bandcamp] is an incredible trip, taken from Callier's 2002 "Speak your peace" studio album; beautifully followed by Mel & Tim Keep the Faith [1973-Discogs], a cover of Mark James's song released in April 1973 on his self-titled album, that also got covered by the great Lou Rawls later in 1974 on his "She's Gone" studio album!

The second half of Emma's mix will take us into a more groovy side of things, but I can assure you that the Wow effect this mix is, will not diminish at all. You're going to be Wowed people, I can guarantee you that and I hope you feel the groove this mix really is... Did you hear how Emma chose to blend “Keep the Faith” with Psychemajik – Your Love Was Meant For Me [2017-Bandcamp], allowing her to step up the rhythm just a tiny bit? And aren't you on your knees just when Tina Turner I Can't Stand the Rain [1984-Discogs] enters the mix?! Yeah, I know you now understand why I told you these two mixes were the sexiest we ever got to hear during these Family gatherings (laughs)! You're also now keen to understand why I was saying that Emma was reaching Heights, oh my beloved risky DJ, you're Shining here!! Words can not express the magic a true DJ is able to create. You're Wowed, and so am I; everything is OK... By the way, "I Can't stand the Rain" was originally recorded by Ann Peebles in 1973, ranking at 197 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and was very famously covered by Eruption on their 1979 studio album "Leae a light" which contained over covers of well-known songs such as "One way Ticket" or "I'll leave a light in my window"!

Let's Dance as Pino D'Angio – Ma Quale Idea [1981-Discogs] enters the mix (click here to read a great interview with Pino d'Angio)! Keeping the rhythm perfectly steady, Emma then lets Alex Kassian Leave Your Life [2021-Discogs], based on a sample of YES ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’, present itself with a musical naturality that's not to be explained anymore here (laughs)! As Laura Green – Manhattan (Horse Meat Disco) [2009-Bandcamp] arrives in the mix with a nice solidity to it (the original song is from 1979), it seems we're flying, aren't we?! Keeping a steady Rhythm with David Bendeth Feel the Real [1979-Discogs], the song was initially intended to be an instrumental only; Emma is going to take us to an absolutely ecstatic state of mind to end her mix, firstly by gently slowing down the rhythm with Brittany Howard Stay High [2019-Bandcamp] and then by reaching eternity with the mindblowing ASHA Ball & Chain (JJ Tribute) (LG Giobbi Remix) [2021-Beatport], which beautifully uses Janis Joplin's vocals from a live show she gave in 1972... Did we just meet at the other side of this painting hanging on that Balearic Wall?...

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