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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 171 | Family Gatherings 6 (Rick Van Veen & Melissa)

Updated: May 3

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 171st episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud on April 16th 2024.


About this episode. – Our beloved captain's vacation time is coming to an end, sigh! But wait! If she is coming back, it means that we're going to be able to request more Tracks?! Oh yes, so nothing is that bad, hey! And this episode is another one that just felt like it gave us what we All Needed: More Music (laughs)!! With all of these events going on, there's nothing more to add but give our captain the Mic!

"(...) As it’s the last week of my hols, the show features two guest mixes from our family members @rick_van_veen and @melissalyde. Both mixes truly compliment one another.

Rick is from The Netherlands and is a longtime contributor to the show. His mix progresses from chillout to dancehall and hip hop to more of an acid house sound with artists including @kingbritt @officialmeshell  @basement_jaxx @carlcraignet @sweatsonklank @stgermainofficial @sven_wunder

Melissa is from Brooklyn, NY, is the founder of @alfredascinema and has made some great requests on the show. Her mix is all about deep soul and jazz with artists like @cecilmclorinsalvant1 @scottgroovesdj , @louievega Joe Claussell, @_floydvader @novakaneomega #gracejones #quincyjones #minnieripperton 

Once again thank you to the Balearic Breakfast community for supporting our special guests. Your enthusiasm is a joy to admire. I’ll be back streaming the show live next Tuesday, the 23rd April from 10am to 12pm BST and the request line will go up on Saturday. I look forward to your suggestions and until then, just be Balearic! Thanks for listening." (Our pleasure, der Captain!)

Listen back to the 171st episode of Balearic Breakfast:



Rick Van Veen Mix

(2022) Sweatson Klank Ballad of a Sleepless Traveller

(2023) Sven Wunder Take a Break

(1983) Yellowman Zungguzungguguzungguzeng

(1993) A Tribe Called Quest Oh My God

(1969) Jim Sullivan Plain as Your Eyes Can See

(2022) Sault God Is Love

(2023) Meshell Ndegeocello Virgo (King Britt's Sirius B Remix)

(1996) Basement Jaxx Paradise

(1993) Maurizio Domina (Carl Craig's Mind Mix)

(1996) Nuyorican Soul Mind Fluid

(1993) St Germain How Do You Plead?

Melissa Lyde Mix

(1981) Adele Sebastian Man From Tanganyika

(2023) Cecil McLorin Salvant Doudou

(1978) Quincy Jones Poppy Girls (The Wiz)

(1977) Minnie Riperton Oh Darlin'... Life Goes On

(1972) Ivete Garcia Ameno Resedá (feat. Unidos Do Jacarezhino)

(1980) Joyce Aldeia de Ogum

(1976) Musiques de L'Afrique Traditionelle Percussions Senegal

(2022) Louie Vega ft. Joe Claussell Igobolo (Feelin' Love) (Joe & Louis Mood Dub)

(2021) Floyd Vader ft. Novakane Omega Speak Easy

(2023) Scott Grooves ft. Cjay Hill Let Me In

(1980) Grace Jones Private Life

(1998) Kp & Envy Swing My Way

(1976) Jean Carne Free Love



The "Balearic Watering Spaces Mix". – Being part of the Balearic Breakfast Family and being passionate about sound is quite a good thing actually, because you can help your friends when they need it! I met Rick thanks to the show, and we talk a lot together about music, about the show itself and also about other themes, believe it or not, Cookies and, of course... Pigeons, laughs! So when Rick asked me to check his mix (he felt the third track was louder than the others and wanted to correct the issue before it was streamed live by Colleen on April 16th), I was overjoyed and gladly accepted the proposition!

Rick sent me his mix in .wav, and I lowered the third track's volume by only approximately 1db under Steinberg's Wavelab, leaving the rest of the levels untouched as they were even (thank you, Youlean Loudness Meter and my ears😊)! Then, while listening to his mix, an image came immediately to my mind with a title: the "Balearic Watering Spaces Mix" was born (Rick crafted this nice picture just the other day for you to enjoy 👌)! If you listen closely, all of the songs Rick selected do have that sonic "waving and watering" signature (listen to the bass or the echo in the songs; pay attention to the inner depth of the sound, the funky rhythm...). Nothing here is "harsh"; every beat is underlined by the melody, the bass; there is a groove, like a current; this mix has an undertow, there, somewhere...

Hearing this, I said to Rick, wait, we're going to enhance that, and so did I by using two plugins I absolutely love: PSP Xenon (which put out the harmonics putting the "watering" effect to the forefront) and Gullfoss EQ (used at its minimum but best quality to enhance the realism of the sound). I feel the result is truly Gorgeous, and Rick's selections and the mix in itself also enhance the "waving and watering" feeling, as nothing is forced musically, and every song flows into the next one with grace. Such a beautiful mix!!

More about the songs. – Here is some more information about the songs Rick used in his mix:

  • with both a sensitive and an organic approach to sound, Sweatson Klank's compositions step out and plunge the listener into a visual musical world. The Californian-based DJ, film composer and musician has issued several albums/EPs in the last few years, "Ballad of a Sleepless Traveller" definitely living up to his recent statement: "I look at my musical career more like a jazz artist in the sense that so many of my favorite Jazz musicians just had these incredible long careers, leaving behind great catalogues of work but were never huge. They were, however, respected, and their contributions to music are timeless. That's my goal";

  • Sven Wunder's "Take a Break" is taken from his "Late Again" 2023 studio album, and the artist has already been featured in the show, a recent review stated "There’s certainly a cinematic, recorded-to-tape quality to Late Again, on which tracks such as the string-kissed “Take a Break,” “Pop-Jazz Structures,” and the horn-forward “Stars Align” evoke the work of Quincy Jones, David Axelrod, Stan Getz, and even Trouble Man-era Marvin Gaye" - Although the album is described as "a collection of nocturnal jazz pieces that depict shooting stars and scattered beams from the setting sun", one thing is certain, it takes us on the deep side, Rick's choice being perfect here as this musical piece perfectly completes and expands the oh so well chose intro of his mix!;

  • progression is a key element of our beloved show, there is always that moment in the mix when it happens, and once again, Rick, by choosing Yellowman's classic 1983 song Zungguzungguguzungguzeng, shows how much a good mix elevates your spirit by 1) setting you free, putting you at ease and 2) lifting you up and this is exactly what this classic track does [Besides, the track is close to Cecil Wellington's "Boneman Connection", played at the Loft by David Mancuso, both tracks are in fact sampling... Alton Ellis' Mad Mad] ;

  • A Tribe Called Quest's "Oh My God" is indeed another classic ("without question the most intelligent, artistic rap group during the 1990s", further stating that the group "jump-started and perfected the hip-hop alternative to hardcore and gangsta rap" according to critic John Bush), easily fitting its pumping rhythm and its drowning stereo effect into Rick's mix!;

  • the WOW effect of Rick's mix is here: putting some folk after two reggae and rap classics is indeed a Genius move by playing Jim Sullivan's 1969 song"Plain as Your Eyes Can See"! It also showcases the dynamic part of the show as this song is, in fact, a sad one (a lamentation of unreciprocated love), but its affirmed rhythm does bring hope to the listener. The Lost album of the unsuccessful artist has been reissued in 2019;

  • Sault's "My God is love" can be found on their 2022 studio album UNTITLED (God) released along (4!!!) other studio albums, a concept album about Faith, but also about self-care, it seems, a subject we love here on the blog, as this review of the album states;

  • Meshell Ndegeocello's Virgo (King Britt's Sirius B Remix) is another example of Rick's astounding musical knowledge as the multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer Meshell Ndegeocello has been nominated for Best Alternative Jazz Album at the 66th GRAMMY Awards; his 2023 studio album "The OMnichord Real Book" being praised by critics;

  • Basement Jaxx's "Paradise" takes us to a more Balearic, but still somewhat "Locked" musical trip, perfectly showcasing why Rick's mix is a loungy, deeply soulful musical affair, taking you deep down the ocean...;

  • Car Craig's remix of Domina sets the bar high indeed; read an interview here;

  • of course, those of us following Colleen, and keeping David Mancuso in our Hearts on a Daily Basis know Nuyorican Soul as their "Nervous Track" was played at The Loft! Rick proposes us here another beauty from Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez and Little Louie Vega;

  • taken from the 1999 compilation "From Detroit to St Germain", "How Do You Plead ?" is a track Ludovic Navarre issued back in 1993 and to this day considered a classic.


Melissa's "Free Spirit Mix". – If you're a regular reader of this blog (I hope you like it by the way, ha!) I'm sure you noticed what I wrote last week, sharing the Idea that Colleen always tries to stream Family's mixes that go well together, thus respecting the show's musical energy. And, today's episode, once again, confirms that Colleen keeps that idea for every show as we go from a somewhat reflective, deep, almost "enclosed" (I said almost Rick, laughs!) to an open and free-wheeling mix! So there is always that feeling of "evolution" in the air, that excitement that grows. And this is what hapenned on the chat as Melissa's mix started and went on! A lot of us praised Melissa's mix for its openness, its communicative joy and its freewheeling spirit. I felt that very strongly, too, and we'll dive into that in the second section of this part.

Melissa's mix is light. She's not here to impress anyone but to share the musical fruits with all of us. It's a musical but also a gustative experience, one that shakes our senses, inviting us to a light but vibrant (almost tribal) dance where we delve into Music's Soul! Absolutely Brilliant and Sunny!

More about the songs. – Here is some more information about the songs Melissa played in her mix:

  • with its percussive tam-tams, Adele Sebastian's (an Afro-American jazz flautist and singer) [Note 1] "Man From Tanganyika" is a beautiful cover of Mc Coy Tyner's 1968 song taken from his eighth studio album, "Tender Moments" and is actually referring to the Battle for Lake Tanganyika (a series of naval engagements that took place between elements of the Royal Navy, Force Publique and the Kaiserliche Marine between December 1915 and July 1916, during the First World War);

  • Cecil McLorin Salvant's "Doudou" is taken from her new studio album, "Mélusine" (the second on Nonesuch records). It contains five original songs and interpretations of nine others dating back to the 12th century, sung mainly in French, Occitan, English, and Haitian Kreyòl (the album's title refers to the legend of Melusine);

  • "Poppy Girls" is a funky but short number taken from the double LP and 1978 "The Wizz" soundtrack (if you haven't listened to that soundtrack, please do... It's a total trip...);

  • taken from her 1977 and fourth studio album "Stay in Love", Minnie Ripperton's "Oh Darlin'... Life Goes On" is a very funky/Balearic tune indeed. Sadly, the singer was battling cancer at the time and succumbed to the disease in 1979 (diagnosed in 1976). Following Minnie’s passing, her husband wanted to continue her legacy and established The Minnie Riperton Legacy Fund for breast and women’s cancers at the Los Angeles based Concern Foundation for Cancer Research;

  • Ivete Garcia's "Ameno Resedá" is that Carnival song you'll keep in your heart for many years, it refers to Rio de Janeiro’s most important rancho – the street Carnaval groups that predominated in Rio in the early twentieth century, before the emergence of samba schools;

  • keeping the Balearic vibe alive, Melissa then plays Joyce's "Aldeia de Ogum" from her 1980 studio album "Femina" (to discover more about her 1977 lost album, click here). Joycé Silveira Palhano de Jesus (her real name) recognised that starting her career as a singer, she was the first Brazilian singer-songwriter to express herself as a woman, causing a scandal...;

  • Colleen interviewed Louie Vega several times, including a very nice CAS event that took place recently. Igobolo (Feelin' Love) can be found on a double 12-inch set, including remixes and dub versions!

  • Grace Jones' "Private Life" is a cover of The Pretender's song, found on their 1979 eponymous debut album. The song started as Chrissie Hynde's willingness to create a Reggae song. It was then Famously covered by Grace on her 1980 studio album (with a more upfront tempo) and remains a classic to this day;

  • Swing My Way was a staple in the 90s, and, fun fact, the new generation found out that the 1988 hit song featured rapper K.P. (Kia Phillips) on the verses and white singer Envyi (Susan Hedgepeth) on the iconic hook (to find out more about the duo, click here);

  • Melissa then ends her great set by playing Jean Carne's classic "Free Love" from her 1976 debut studio album, a disco track on which the young kids of the 70s used to do the hustle (to find out more about the duo Jean formed with Doug, click here)!


Footnotes for Melissa's Mix:

Adele Sebastian was an Afro American jazz flutist and singer, active from the early 70s (when she was still a teenager) until her untimely death at the age of 27 (!) in 1983 from a kidney failure. In fact she had been depending on monthly dialysis to stay alive for years. She lived through and for the music and you can hear it on her only solo album 'Desert Fairy Princess' which was first issued in 1981. The mostly acoustic instrumentation brings a very natural and therefore rather retrospective sound considering the year the album was recorded. Adele and her band pull it off right from the start as if it had been 1966 and it was time for a revolution to shake the dust from the old time jazz. In a perfect way she mixes classic American vocal jazz elements with playful and more free passages, Latin music and tribal African sounds in the lengthy and quite rhythm oriented 'Man From Tanganyika' and makes the title track start with a mystical 'Allahu akbar' chant while it turns more and more into a dark and gloomy song with something like a psychedelic edge reminiscent of Pharoah Sanders on his early works. Wild rhythms from drums, percussions with tons of bells and chimes weave a thick groove carpet and conjure a magical atmosphere. Those jazz aficionados who love the mid 60s John Coltrane, his sidekick Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane will go crazy for this album.

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