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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 174 | Under a New Moon, On Groove Avenue...

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Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 174th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on May 07th 2024.


About this episode. Occurring when the Moon’s orbit falls directly between the Sun and the Earth; in astrological terms, the New Moon means the Moon is conjunct or joined with the Sun. Since the Moon reflects light from the Sun, it seems to have disappeared from our vantage at this phase of the lunar cycle. This peculiar time of the year holds, on the astrological side of things, a special meaning of new starts and hopes and is often seen and felt as a positive time of the year. And I feel like sharing with you one of my favourite Poems by the great Robert Louis Stevenson:

The moon has a face like the clock in the hall;

She shines on thieves on the garden wall,

On streets and fields and harbour quays,

And birdies asleep in the forks of the trees.

The squalling cat and the squeaking mouse,

The howling dog by the door of the house,

The bat that lies in bed at noon,

All love to be out by the light of the moon.

But all of the things that belong to the day

Cuddle to sleep to be out of her way;

And flowers and children close their eyes

Till up in the morning the sun shall arise.

As you shall see, and though I missed the first half hour of the show live, today's episode has a very special groove, a nice musical expansion, shall I say, a growing glow, a leading light, here, somewhere, under a new moon on Groove Avenue...

But before I hit the night walk with you all, let's hand the Mic over to our dear Captain! "This morning’s Balearic Breakfast is now up and features new music from George Solar, Ken Fan, Jimi Tenor, Aura Safari, Sai Galaxy, Kaivili and Bernardo Pinheiro along with some of your requests, dedications to our birthday boy Bert Francois and a few tunes that sounded incredible at our London Loft party on Sunday (and thanks to all who joined us on Sunday!).

It also features one of my favourite Eddy Grant songs which I played on Sunday. I had invited Eddy’s daughter Diane to come along on Sunday and hadn’t seen her arrive so thought perhaps she wasn’t able make it. So I put on ‘Living on the Frontline’ into ‘Frontline Symphony’ which is how David Mancuso liked to play it at The Loft – playing both movements together. About a minute into the song Diane walks up, says she has just arrived as this tune went on and that she has brought me a gift from Eddy and she hands it to me – it’s a t-shirt that says Living on the Front Line. You couldn’t even make that up – a true example of musical synchronicity.

Next week I will be streaming remotely as I’m off for a couple of weeks – this Sunday in Athens for Burger Disco Club, then in Boston on Saturday the 18th May with Saucy Lady at Slamfunk on the 18th May and then over to NYC to play at the Good Room with Love Injection on Friday the 24th May. On Sunday, the 26th May I’m back in London for a double header – Gala Festival and then for an after party with CC Disco at The Pickle Factory. If you can make any of those, please say hello. And FYI - there are still some London Loft T-shirts available at"

Listen back to the 174th episode of Balearic Breakfast:



(2024) George Solar (ft Ken Fan & Jen) Moonbeams

(2024) Aura Safari & Jimi Tenor Lunar Wind

(2024) Mary Greer Mudiku Happy Sunrise

(1982) The Valentine Brothers Just Let Me Be Close to You

(1975) Kimiko Kasai Use Me

(1978) Lemuria Hunk of Heaven

(1975) Earth Wind & Fire Shining Star

(2024) Kenneth Bager & Findlay Brown Red Flowers (Club Mix)

(1982) The NYC Peech Boys Life Is Something Special (Special Edition Mix)

(2024) Sai Galaxy (ft Kaivili) Sometimes It Rains

(2013) An 2 Lazy Sun

(2023) Bernardo Pinheiro Virabrequim (Original Disco Mix)

(2013) Ananda Project Love Like This (Sean McCabe Remix)

(1995) Lil Mo Yin Yang Reach (Little More Mix)

(2009) Primal Scream Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

(1979) Eddy Grant Front Line Symphony / Living on the Frontline

(1969) Minnie Ripperton Les Fleurs



Under a new moon, a man walks alone. The celestial star shines slowly, in a steady beam, a reassuring light in a somewhat dark night and in certainly uncertain and worried times. The very visual opening track by the self-designated "sunset specialist", the Ibizian DJ George Solar certainly knows what he composes as his visions (quite strong actualy on Moonbeams) transcend the music, meeting our own imagination. His next album on Nunothernsoul promises to be quite excptional! As we shall see, a lot of the coming tracks will have that "Lunar-themed" soul, both lirically and musically.

The second track, Lunar Wind, keeps that calm and concentrated feeling with that light lingering shadow somewhere in the sky, allowing us to see more of the "Groove Avenue" we'll spend some time on for the next two hours. It's easy to understand why the listener creates images in his mind when listening to this track, the answer lies in the natural inner grove of the song! As it translates from an interview the 8 piece band Aura Safari gave a few days ago to dirtydiscoradio: "Most of the songs were recorded in one take without a metronome, capturing a naturalness often lacking in modern music". Originaly an instrumental piece with Jimi Tenor on the sax, Lunar Wind became a song and its initial groove has been changed as Nicola shared it during the interview "What I remember about this song is that I kept thinking, “I need to change the groove,” and indeed, at the three-minute mark, it changes completely, with flutes being added, the song reaching another magical dimension. "It’s a very warm and sensual tune".

Maybe today's "under a new moon Walking feeling" comes from the fact that this 174th episode has a very "poetic" soul, since George Solar collaborated with the Washington DC based love poet and since, for the next song, visual and performing artist and poet Mary Greer Mudiku, shares, in the absolutely powerful, yet distanced and Balearic musical piece that is Happy Sunrise, positive thoughts we should all keep inside our souls. The track is taken from the jazz-fuelled, spoken word odyssey album that is "Black Love Alive Again" and sees the poet, painter and percusionnist supported by the incredible musical group Oneness of Juju, formed back in 1975! It seems the album has been recorded back in 1995 (as per a Strut Records Instagram Post), but no other information can be found for the moment, as this post on discogs states!

Colleen keeps the cool and Moony visuals very alive with :

  • the 1982 Just Let Me Be Close to You, by The Valentine Brothers who were responsible for "Money's too tight to Mention" (btw. Billy Valentine issued a wonderful album not so long ago, check this interview out);

  • the next cool and funky number Use Me by Kimiko Kasai, a cover of Bill Wither's 1972 song appearing on his Still Bill studio album: "I didn't write it about a particular person. I came up with the song when I was working as a mechanic making airplane parts - the original inspiration was my employer. After all, I was making $3 an hour and I wasn't getting much attention from the ladies" (click here to listen to Colleen's special CAS shows "Exploring Japan with Audio Technica");

  • letting this nice funky moment flow with the 16-member group from Hawaii Lemuria, based around 4 vocalists and named after the mythical lost continent who, in 1978, recorded a 45 of the song Hunk of Heaven to promote their self-titled LP,

  • ending it with the absolute funker that is Earth Wind & Fire's Shining Star, composed by Maurice White while he was strolling at night during the band's recording of That's the Way of the World at Caribou Ranch. He became inspired by looking up at the starry sky and took his ideas about the song to the other band members. This song is absolutely representative of the Band's musical philosophy, one that David Mancuso embrace dduring his whole life: "There are certain disciplines we apply to our life in respect of diet and living, the way we live. There are certain aspects which have to be kept clean, things that relate directly to the Creator. By adopting a totally positive approach to our life, we can reflect this in our music - we won't allow it to reflect any negative vibes or thoughts. All our music is 'up' in the sense that it is intended to bring people to that state. It is truly gratifying to know that we are finally getting to people, they are accepting us."

Colleen ends the first hour of todays 174th episode of Balearic Breakfast by playing:

  • Kenneth Bager's Red Flowers (Club Mix);

  • followed by Larry Levan's special mix of The NYC Peech Boys' Life Is Something Special. Actually, the band was formed at The Paradise Garage, influenced by Larry Levan, and recorded only one album in 1983 splitting in 1984! For the "fun fact", did you know that the song "Theme from S-Xpress" contains a sample from their 1983 hit, "Don't make me wait"?

  • ending this small mix with Sometimes it rain from a band drawing its musical inspiration from 1970s Disco, Afro Disco & West African Funk (with artists like Nkono Teles, Jake Sollo et Mike Umoh etc.), including artists from all over the world, making music that is full of joy & positivity: Simon Durrington's Sai Galaxy.

Susan Chan, Colleen and Bert François

The second part of today's show beautifully expands the visuals set in the first hour. With her "rhythmically upfront" selections, Colleen allows the listener to dance his night away on Groove Avenue...

Can you see the Moon shining over the sea as An-2's Lazy Sun starts? Well, the title itself does not directly match today's show imagery, but it does when you put it into context, right? Keeping the rhythm steady is something not everyone can do at that level; listen... Colleen then plays the very Balearic and happier Virabrequim (Original Disco Mix) a nice cover of the Marcos Valle / Azymuth jazz dance classic, “Virabrequim”, taken from the soundtrack to the 1973 "O Fabuloso Fittipaldi" movie which presents the then rising career of the Brazilian Formula Driver. The soundtrack, which includes excerpts of dialogues from the movie, was reissued in 2019.

The next mini-mix is truly one that got us all on our knees! Starting with Ananda Project's Love Like This (Sean McCabe Remix), dedicated to our Friend Bert François celebrating his birthday with us all on the chat (to read an interview I did with Bert, click here), Colleen then plays the InFaMous Lil Mo Yin Yang's (collaborative house-music duo consisting of producers and DJs Erick Morillo and Masters at Work's Little Louie Vega) Reach (Little More Mix), beautifully mixed in with Andrew Weatherall's take on Uptown, which really fits into our imagery! (to read an interesting reflection I had on Adrew Weatherall's musical specificities, click here).

Today's show ends with two great songs, Eddy Grant's Living on the Frontline/ Front Line Symphony (played by David Mancuso at the Loft back in the day!) and Les Fleurs by the great Minnie Riperton from her 1970 "Come to my Garden" studio album (also played at the end of the 20th episode of the series)... Are you sure you want to leave Groove Avenue now?!

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