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Balearic Clouds: Meeting Panagiotis Gazis

Updated: 5 days ago

If you surf Instagram, you might have seen this nice "Balearic Clouds" account. I asked Panagiotis, who also runs a dedicated page on Facebook, a few questions!


1) Dear Panagiotis! Welcome to the Balearic Breakfast blog. We met thanks to your Instagram account, "Balearic Clouds", where you share your love for Balearic music, featuring new records/artists being issued. Your account is a great place to discover beautiful music. How did you start it all?

It all began in 1984; that's when I started listening to music. In the summer of 1986, I started DJing. In 1990, I mostly worked winter/summer. 2001 was the last time I worked as a DJ. Since then, I've been doing shows on internet radios until about 2012. When social networks took off, I wanted to share my passion for music; that's when I started thinking about having my own internet space. Then my first nickname was ''findanothername''. I also had some others, and ''Balearic Clouds' is my last one. This is how "Balearic Clouds" came to life, along with other dedicated pages (click here too).

Over time, I used Instagram (and Twitter at the time) as a place to "save" the music I liked, should I need to use it on my radio show or for a guest mixtape. Throughout all these years, I understood that the Balearic genre was what I liked the most. I also saw that many people were interested in what I was doing and followed me. So I continue sharing my love for the scene and its new music to this day - constantly - and expanding the experience to other genres, including mixtapes.

2) You also created a Facebook group! Can you tell us more about it and how it will complete your Instagram account?

The Facebook group was created because many friends wanted the links and information from the posts since Instagram does not support this feature. I have started several groups on various social networks, constantly revolving around music, but they were unsuccessful, so I deleted them. Hopefully, "Balearic Clouds" will stay longer.

3) You recently started sharing guest mixtapes. Can you tell us more about your musical background?

I was making guest mixtapes for years and still make them (if asked) either for friends who had their own radio shows or for various websites. As mentioned, I worked as a DJ from 1986 to 2001 in different local bars/clubs in my hometown (Lefkada) and then in Athens. I have also studied music for 13 years which allowed me to get 3 music degrees in lyrics writing, harmony and keyboards, and I also attended a Radio Production College. In my mind, there was, and still is actually, that thought that goes like: "more music, more friends"!

4) Do you have some nice Balearic Records to recommend for people who would like to get to discover the scene?

First of all, I encourage our Balearic friends to visit the "Balearic Clouds" Instagram account. I'm sure they will find something to listen to!

As for the question, I've always wondered how some people can distinguish between tons of music they definitely listen to and give some names... There's a lot of good music out there if you listen! You always perceive a song according to your mood. So I really can't single out some names, sorry (laughs)! If I share some now, I'm sure next week I'll get stuck with some others. If I mention names from the past I will surely do injustice to the future. I personally sometimes make playlists with the best (?) of the previous or previous months to listen to until I get stuck in the next months with something else. So forgive me, but I really feel one should keep an open musical mind and find what brings him joy!

5) Are you thinking about expanding your journey on social media? What's next for "Balearic Clouds"?

I would love to expand the "Balearic Clouds" experience one day. But it may be difficult, as I work alone and without recognition. However, I met a lot of great people (radio producers, musicians, and label managers), and we exchanged views on music, some with whom I still talk to now! Allow me to thank them here again for their interest, love and support. So, "Balearic Clouds" will continue as long as there is appetite, mood, good music, and some interest in what I do. Being close to 53 now, and even if music is not my main occupation since other projects failed, this keeps me 'alive'!

I would also like to thank you again, Artur, for the honour of hosting me on such a great blog like yours under the care of Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, and for allowing me to tell the world what I do for a passion. It means a lot, Really.

Thank you, dear Panagiotis, for being here with us, and remember... Just be Balearic!

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