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Family members: Tomohiro Yamada

If you're a dedicated listener of the show, you must have heard Tomohiro's name pop up occasionally. In this interview, he answered a few questions I had!


1) Hello Tomohiro! I am thrilled to have you on the blog, as you're another long-time listener of Balearic Breakfast and a great requester, too! How did your musical passion start as a child?

Hi Artur, Thank you very much for having me! As a teen, I discovered hip-hop. Then, I started listening to Deep House and Garage, and I went to Yakko's party in Osaka. Yakko is from a precious hall in Sappollo. The beautiful dance floor resembled the loft and Paradise Garage. I have very fond memories of these parties! A few days ago, I went to Joe Claussell`s party in Kyoto. This was also another beautiful dance floor moment to experience!

Both Yakko and Joe span great deep house and garage. These two DJs inspired me to play vinyl, spinning Deep-House, Garage, and any music I love, too!


2) How important is "Spirituality" in your life? In your opinion, is there only a philosophical and meditative path to reach superior grounds, or are there also small and easy steps one can take to become a better and wiser person?

Listening to music is a kind of meditation, and it does help you to be spiritual, I think. In order to become a better person, I feel we should stay close to nature and behave as naturally as possible. After all, it's also a part of our human condition, and it should stay a way of being. We need to get back to the basics...

3) As a music lover, and a DJ, you reach quite deep in the musical ocean (Garage, Deep House, Balearic Music...). When working on a mix, do you try to convey messages or stories through the music you select, or do you try, on the contrary, to create a musical unity beyond philosophical interpretation?

I approach music very "organically", if I can put it that way! I do a lot of freestyling, and my style depends on my feelings and thoughts. Communicating with music is important to me. Whenever I share music, during a party or even during a radio show, I always have pictures of The Loft in my mind... Yeah, I truly feel that a beautiful space is important for a party, and it's all about losing ourselves in the musical moment beyond any intellectual interpretation...

4) What does Balearic Breakfast mean to you?

Balearic Breakfast brings me back to the Loft. That party was so important! It's about the Feeling, the Musical Spirit, and the Musical unity through gathering! Same rules but used differently, don't you think?!

5) If you had to mention four/five DJs who had an important influence on you musically, which one would you choose and why?

That's a tough question, indeed! I would start with DJ Krush. He is so dope and creates a spiritual vibe! Then, I would say Yakko from Precious Hall, whom I already mentioned. He is the teacher of the great love vibe of dance music and is like a Japanese David Mancuso to me. Of course, I need to mention Joe Claussell. He is connecting the universe. He makes people beautiful and really brings spiritual vibes to the dance floor!

Of course, I need to end with two of the greatest to me: David Mancuso, creator of the loft and a true inspiration of the night-clubbing lifestyle whose legacy touched so many people around the world, and, last but not least, Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, whose playing and mixing style really showcases that playing music can be done with an "intention". To me, Colleen equals "Music with Love"...

Thank you so much, Tomohiro!

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