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Launching of the Balearic Breakfast Blog

Updated: May 16, 2023

On January 6th 2023, the Balearic Breakfast Blog was put online. The main goal of this blog is to share information about Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy's show, streamed on Mixcloud and Twitch TV every Tuesday.

Balearic Breakfast

Reproducing the design of the now well-known vinyl compilation issued on Heavenly Recordings (June 10th 2022), the blog was created by Artur Michalski, a French Balearic Breakfast Family member, in December 2022. As stated in the "Personal Note", this blog isn't an official website but aims, nonetheless, to raise the public's attention to a radio show that brings together Music Lovers alike from all rounds of the globe under the loving musical care of the well-renowned DJ, Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy. Starting amid the 2019 global pandemic, 'Balearic Breakfast' became a Musical Home for many listeners searching for ways to escape a then very harsh world, fueled by uncertainties, sad news and restrictions. With a resolute mind and willing to help people to get together in these trying times, Colleen started to stream her Cosmodelica shows live from her record room and directly engaged with her listeners on her socials. She was then asked by Gilles Peterson (DJ, radio host and founder of WorldwideFM) to fill in for him during the summer of 2020. These summer staycation shows became the reputed 'Balearic Breakfast' series as summer ended.

What made 'Balearic Breakfast' so crucial to so many of its listeners was the possibility Colleen offered them to share their love for Music through a request show like no other. Is there something greater than sharing the Music you love with your favourite DJ and then engaging in a musical conversation? We here, at the 'Balearic Breakfast Blog' don't think so. What also made 'Balearic Breakfast' so important for all of us, including Colleen, is the catharsis it has been when times were getting rough or troubled. Colleen always found the right words to cheer her listeners up, and we, in return, always tried to share the Music she would be happy to discover and play. 'Balearic Breakfast' allowed Colleen's Musical soul to come to the forefront by letting her create shows with specific musical worlds, including wonderful short mixes, special editions dedicated to artists of the Balearic musical scene, but also longer streams dedicated to both cultural and natural events like "International Women's Day", "Black History Month", "June solstice" etc., not to mention the tribute stand the show becomes when a fellow Balearic DJ or artist passes on to another realm...

The colourful palette offered by Colleen, the Community she created, and the Spirit she wanted to share with her listeners made the creation of this blog an absolute Necessity. Upon the day of its release, and in the months following it, reactions were dithyrambic. Balearic Breakfast members were more than happy to see such a place come to life :

Wow Artur, I think this is amazing. I feel a very strong connection with Colleen, the show and its music. I feel lost if I don't listen to the show live on a Tuesday, for those few hours I feel part of something, a togetherness that's warm, comforting and also exciting all at the same time. The familiar names she mentions when she so eloquently describes each request & tune gives me joy. It's my weekly fix with guaranteed happiness in this hard & difficult world. Hats off to you for making the blog happen. You are special Artur - big love from me x (Grecamac)
Thank you for doing this... Such a Beautiful & lasting testimony to this show, which has meant so much to so many. To the Balearic Family, Peace, Blessings & More. To Colleen, "Keep on Keeping on" & Thank you (Trevorlevene)
Artur, I have read your blog, at least the lasts ones of Balearic Breakfast and I must say I have tears in my eyes. Tears of joy, emotion and happiness for the things you say and the way you share your thoughts. Currently my life is a bit of a chaos and the discovery of this program (as a music lover) with the chat, is indeed an important highlight in my week. I just want to say thank you for being so kind and generous with me, I’d like to write so much better in English to express myself, it’s kind of difficult. It’s a pity that I have started to follow the show in February 2022. But now I’m here to stay... (Ana Maria)

With all of this being said, "Balearic Breakfast - The Blog" now invites you to a full Musical Journey with the Balearic Breakfast Family and our beloved Captain, the only and much loved and respected one: Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy... Sail on, Sailor!

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