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A Balearic Friendship: Marcia Carr & Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy

Updated: May 17, 2023

On April 23rd 2023, DJ Marcia Carr was joined on the "Boat Pod" by her Friend, Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, for a nice Chin-wag. I was curious to discover more... If you want to get very Balearic, this post just might be what you need!

There are places you have to visit before you leave this planet. Situated in Little Venice (Paddington, West London), the mighty "Boat Pod" is one of these. A unique state-of-the-art DJ and Podcast floating studio, the "Boat Pod" (both the concept and its gorgeous mid-century design) was proudly "Female Founded" in 2020 by DJ/Presenter Sophie Callis.

Immersed in broadcast and underground club culture for over two decades, Sophie had experienced first-hand the importance of bringing community and creativity together when the pandemic struck, giving her enough time to rebuild a much-loved space once her home to the community and beyond.

I asked the great DJ Marcia Carr some questions about her friendship with Colleen and her experience on the boat, and she very kindly answered! Thank you so much, Marcia, for taking the time to do that!


Dear Marcia, thank you so much for answering these questions following the show you shared with Colleen on the Boat Pod last Sunday! We got to hear in the first hour your selections and the way you mix too :-) How did you start DJing? Was it a vocation?

Thank you, Artur, for the flattering comments about my show. I am glad you enjoyed the presentation. How I started DJ'ing has been a journey that has evolved from playing music on a cassette player and a gram at the odd family function/gathering or using the family home stereo unit.

However, it was really at college and University that things "took off" when I decided to take the DJ'ing a lot more seriously. I was inspired by seeing the guys around at house parties, my friends, my brothers, my cousins, and also my clubbing experience. I always found record shops quite fascinating and loved staying there for many hours too. By then, I had begun to push myself to go much deeper into things like record hunting, listening more intently to what I would hear on pirate radio. Also, every now and then, I'd be keeping a mental note of what I would hear DJs play from inside the booth it has been chiefly a vocation, a passionate pastime all these years.

When you work on a radio show, do you have an idea of « feelings » or « emotions » you want to convey or are you more « musically » oriented?

Regarding the production side of things, all is handled by me. I agree with you when you ask if "feelings" or "emotions" are connected with what I want to convey during the broadcast; I'd say it is true. The mood I am in on the day would interplay with the way the content is presented. When I don’t have a guest on the show, I have more time to share my tastes, fitting in a lot of what I describe as "mood music" (time permitting). There is always a message to share, something of relevance which I believe will connect with my audience.

When I have a guest on ¡Take the Con! Featured on the Spotlight, it will likely be a producer and/or a DJ who wears many hats. Whoever the multitasker is, what they do probably crosses the path of what I do now within the music industry. I have worked in numerous fields, always music related. Hence me knowing a lot of people.

It was a pleasure hearing you talk with Colleen during the show; you both seem so close! How did you meet? How has Colleen impacted you both on a personal and professional level?

That is where Colleen comes in. Having met her as DJ Cosmo in the 1990s, she says it was at a record shop (Release The Groove) I had been working at, but I cannot recollect where we met actually. What I do recall is that we were both at one of the DJ gigs I played at with a mutual friend Nikki Lucas another outstanding DJ, by the way.

Over the years I have attended some events that Colleen has hosted, I have also previously interviewed her in a different space prior to joining The Boat pod, and I DJ’ed for her at her Classic Albums By Women book launch. Our rapport has always been communicative; even though it's not daily, catching up always feels good.

Her approach to her projects, her "babies" as I like to call these things that we undertake to be attentive over are certainly great motivators to anyone who is interested beyond just listening to music 24/7. As entrepreneurs, male or female, we can always be inspiring to those individuals who are entering the industry, or even if you are already an established insider, Colleen's efforts, consistency and determination are things that would spark one's interest if nothing else, her ethics of navigating the many hats she wears, while being a full-time mother are to be applauded yet we mothers take these things in our stride. We just get on with things and do them, mostly for the love of it.

Music has helped many people during the pandemic, and these trying times brought a lot of people together; what does music represent to you in the times we live in?

In the times that we are living, music represents or should be about, reflection on oneself. Who can we help along the way without having a selfish motivation? Yet, following the global lockdown, there are so many songwriters and artists who could be making bold statements, sending out a kind of war cry, if you will, that could provoke every man's consciousness to be a better version of himself.

On many occasions, I have wondered where the Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, the Doug & Jean Carne, the Bob Marley's of today are. Those types of artists apparently don't sell records, but I am constantly searching out and like to dig deep for quality music.

Last but not least, you have the chance to work on this beautiful boat. Can you tell us more about the audio setup and about the « Boat pod » adventure?

When Sophie (Callis), the captain and the owner of The Boat Pod, approached me about hosting a show, it was merely a matter of getting the time to produce a regular program. The show would have to be of a certain standard, and could not sound like it had just been thrown together without any care. !Take the Con! is always broadcast live, which means everything, including the occasional faux pas, happens in real-time; there is no time to re-record or do second takes.

The live-streamed output takes place at the boat’s core: an open plan DJ booth set up which is similar to any decent night club or venue DJ set up, or a bit like what someone might have at home, along with the extra hardware which is essential to assist the full functionality for broadcasting radio, for all the presenters to take full advantage of.

With over thirty years of radio experience, the environment is one that is very familiar to me. The only thing subject to change with every episode is the script, and that is the fascinating bit about the Boat Pod "adventure" It is never a predictable ride, only a memorable and unique one, just as being on the vessel is an experience once you've seen and heard about it, it's "all aboard" as they say for another ride!

Thank you so much, dear Marcia!



Listen back to the "Boat Pod" show with Marcia & Colleen :



Maceo Woods & The Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir - Jesus can work it out

Carmen Lundy - Don't you know how I feel (feat. Randy Brecker)

Afterlife - One fine day

Melonyx - At the door

Verna Francis - Sunshine

Azymuth - Fênix (Ron Trent Remix)

FSQ - 11am (Cosmodelica Remix)

Running Loving Something - I love the Feeling

Louie Vega - Rebel Nation (Extended version)

Dav Risen - Lift Him Up

----- Colleen's Interview -----

Hard Feelings - Love Scenes (Cosmodelica Remix)

Lady Blackbird - Lost and looking (Cosmodelica Remix)

A bossa Eletrica - Veja O Sol (Spiritual South Remix)

Secret Night Gang - Captured (Cosmodelica Remix)

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