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Adventures in Surface Noise: the Playing Cards

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Nick Callaghan collaborated with the Berlin-based illustrator Nick Cocozza to make limited-edition music-inspired playing cards.


Our dear Captain has been featured, along with our beloved show, of course, in an incredibly beautifully crafted music-inspired set of playing cards. This limited edition can be purchased by directly messaging Nick Callaghan on his Instagram.

It has been amazing collaborating with the ridiculously talented @nickcocozza once more to launch a set of limited-edition music-inspired playing cards.

Featuring some of the incredible DJs, Artists, Independent Record Shops, Clubs, Albums, Venues, Record labels and memories that have inspired me and my record hoarding over the last 32 years.

Excited to announce that this will be an official fundraiser with @amnestyuk with 100% of all profits raised from the sales of each pack of playing cards going directly to Amnesty UK to support some of the incredible work they do.

Also excited to finally announce that these are available to purchase now at £20.50 per pack (inclusive of P&P costs to anywhere in the UK) with the £9.00 profit (100%) from each pack going directly to @amnestyuk

Please just message me direct on here if you are interested in purchasing a pack and supporting a great cause. Bringing the energy from the dance floor to your card games! Original ‘Surface Noise’ logo design by the amazing @danwilson1982.

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