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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 10 | A Ship in the Fog...

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Worldwide FM broadcast the 10th episode of Balearic Breakfast on November 3rd 2020.

Sometimes, a show reflects its times without anything being planned. This is exactly what happened on this 10th edition of Balearic Breakfast. Maybe, I just say maybe, the overall "sadness" of the requests (and Colleen's selections...) was due to what the world was then facing (meaning a second lockdown to stop the Covid-19 virus from circulating again...).

This show, like some others of the series, is not a "Happy one". Its soul is somewhat sad and worried, like, I believe, we all were back then...

Hit Play and read the small fiction I wrote... :

With new lockdown measures coming into play here in England and in many countries around the world (and not to mention an intense election) we could all use some calming and cathartic music to allow us to escape for a couple of hours. Balearic Breakfast has moved to a new time - Tuesday mornings from 10 to 12 GMT on Please let me know what you would like to hear and please take care of yourselves.
Colleen, Instgr, 01/11/2020

Balearic Breakfast, a ship in the fog


Written by Artur Michalski

Something was wrong. She knew it. She couldn't shake that cold hand from her shoulder. She felt that ghostly presence around her at all times, that horrendous light pressure grabbing her whole body. As the day was coming to an end, Colleen was frightened. She tried to concentrate on the destination to follow, but her mind kept on drifting away. Suddenly, the ship's alarm screamed its lungs out. Colleen felt the fear's presence more than ever before. Bad news coming in. She took her breath and pressed the button, tensely listening to the female voice calling out on the other side :

“To the ships at sea who can hear my voice, look across the water, into the darkness. Look for the fog. - I repeat, To the ships at sea who can hear my voice, look across the water, into the darkness. Look for the fog.”

Collen knew she had to be strong. She knew it, deep down inside. But how? How can you be strong when a world of uncertainty falls on your shoulders? There was only one way to announce it to the crew who was near, with calm sincerity. Colleen approached her lips from the microphone and went on:

"Dear Balearicans, I hope everyone is safe out there. I was just informed that we're entering a zone of turbulence. Please, look out for each other while I'm leading you safely. Don't go outside, as the fog rises around the ship. I repeat, stay inside and just be Balearic. Thank you for your cooperation. I'll see you soon. End of message".

Colleen breathed the stress out and watched the blue sea slowly disappear under a menacing grey Fog. Suddenly, she heard the wooden door creak and knew her special guest was around. Was it the right time? Surely not, but she knew she couldn't lock herself up, and after all, that remarkable visitor couldn't do her any wrong.

"Colleen? Is everything ok?

Oh, I don't know, we don't see anything out there, gosh..."

The lion cub sat down and politely asked :

" May I?"

Colleen knew it was the password. She answered the call...

"Yes, please, do..."

The lion cub gracefully jumped on Colleen's right shoulder and whispered :

"God, yeah, we don't see anything out there. Thank you...

You're welcome...

How do you feel? I heard your trembling voice, that's why I came...

Gosh... why do you know me so well, you fluffy thing? I'm afraid, I guess, I really am... I must drive that ship to our next destination; the fog is all around, meaning we must be careful not to hit anything. Plus, the measurement tools are not functioning correctly, so I must keep going straight ahead... it's insane to do that with such a lot of uncertainty...

We will help you, you know that..." whispered the lion cub while slightly trembling...

"Yeah, I know... I know, little lion cub... I know..." repeated Colleen trying not to get emotional...

"Can you please leave me alone for some time? I'll call you back later. Please... I need to drive us out of this maze..."

Of course..." answered the fluffy four-legged spirit...

Before she knew it, the little lion cub disappeared.


Another voice came in behind the wooden door.

"Is the lion cub disturbing you?

No, Emma, that's ok... He never does, but you know how he is... Thanks for coming by. I'll catch you later, god that fog is so thick!"

Emma left the cabin on the tip of her toes as the Sailing ship entered a Fog of political uncertainties on a black pandemic sea... What was going to happen to the Balearic Family? Would the majestic Balearic Breakfast ship make it through the maze of uncertainty? Nobody knew back then; all everyone knew was that they were in this together and that Music was also in the air... Would the pure Balearic spirits win over doubt and fear? Time would tell, but the Balearic Breakfast family was building her core stronger than ever before, and this was something its members would never forget...



Enya - Boadicea

Van Morrison - Rave on

Steve Miller Band - Wild Mountain Honey

Lady Blackbird - Collage (Greg Foat remix)

Prince - The Ballad of Dorothy Parker

Isabelle Antena, Mark Kamins - Laying on the sofa

Moodswings - Spiritual High (part 1 &2)

Groove Armanda - Paris

Sylvester - I need somebody to love tonight

Shawn Lee, Ashley Beedle - Hapiness (Ashley’s Beedle West coast mix)

Adrian Gurvitz - New World

Tony Orlando - Don’t let go

Todd Terje - Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terjes extra doll mix)

Konk- Your Life (12” mix)

Stroer - Don’t stay for Breakfast

Quincy Jones - Ai No Corrida

Ten City - All loved out

The show was archived on WorldwideFM:

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