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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 11 | Antonio Bay...

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Worldwide FM broadcast the 11th episode of Balearic Breakfast on November 10th 2020.

On November 7th 2020, most American media projected that Joseph Biden had enough electoral votes to be named the new US president-elect. So, it is with confidence and happiness that the Balearic Breakfast Family was heading to a new destination, the Fog slowly disappearing from the ocean's surface despite the lockdown still being enforced worldwide...

Magical musical moments seem to be the norm in our beloved show: if you let yourself go, you should be able, while listening to the three first songs of the show, to “see” the Balearic breakfast’s family trip to the now not-so-distant Antonio bay ... Let your imagination take control!

This 11th show is as Balearic as it can get, in every way, both spiritually and musically. Colleen’s mixing is perfect (she showcases for instance, that silence is a beat...). The entire show is relaxed, and the tracks depict the joy we all had being together again! When Colleen played “slippery people” we all went nuts with happiness in the chat, cheering and laughing like children about Colleen’s disco slippers!

This show, with its open-minded and loving ending, was a real Party (I think we lost our minds when Colleen mixed Gregory Porter's "Liquid spirit" with Cerrone's Supernature ! I mean, if this ain't a perfect mix, then nothing perfect exists on this earth !). One thing is for sure, the Balearic Breakfast Family enjoyed it to bits!

Listen back to the 11th episode of Balearic Breakfast here :


Nina Simone – Here comes the sun

Joan Bibiloni – Sa fosca

Electribe 101 – Talking with myself ‘98 (Canny Remix)

John Miles – Stranger in the city

Will Powers – Adventures in success

Caron Wheeler – Living in the light

Martin L. Dumas Jr. – Attitude, belief and Determination

Ennio Morricone – Amore come Dolores (needs remix)

Indian vibes – Mathan

Franz Ferdinand – Stand on the horizon (Todd Terje extended mix)

Talking heads – Slippery people (live)

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit (claptone remix)

Cerrone – Supernature

Candido – Thousand finger man (12” extended version)

Ike & Tina Turner – Whola lotta love

Grace Jones – Unlimited capacity for love

MFSB – Love is the message

Antonio Bay

After the Fog, Antonio Bay...

The show was archived on WorldwideFM:

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