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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 113 | Walking on Thin Air...

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 113th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on November 15th 2022.


Introduction. – When you think about it, Balearic Breakfast came into our lives when we all needed it, allowing us to escape, at least for a few hours each week, from the Covid-19 pandemic. What we didn't know back then was how much "the world" (or a part of its inhabitants, should I say...) would keep on losing its ground as we would all go along, trying to forget, thanks to our Musical Oasis, the sad events occurring on a daily basis... The war started by Russia on the old European continent is, sadly, a good example of how crazy the times were (and still are - 09/09/2023 as of today).

On November 15th, Russia conducted the most extensive set of missile strikes against Ukraine since the start of the war. If any proof was needed, this attack showed that Russia hadn't the slightest intention of withdrawing, further pushing its deathly "mission": inflicting an "unbearable war" on Ukraine...

As always, the Balearic Breakfast Family gathered under the loving musical care of its Captain, choosing tracks that helped all of its members to escape the gloomy events that were taking place...


About this show. – When I first listened back to the show, working on this post, I very quickly had a mental representation, seeing a young couple, holding hands and laughing while walking on clouds... And, indeed, from the first song and throughout the show, you will Feel like you are walking in thin air! Listen to the depth of the tracks and the light echo in all of them... Immerse yourself in their ethereal world and pay attention to how carefully Colleen chose the tracks for this gorgeous 113th episode of Balearic Breakfast!

Once again, this episode shows the absolute Strength of the Balearic Breakfast Family, allowing our Musical Captain to create a coherent and dreamy show. Undoubtedly, this beautiful two-hour edition of Balearic Breakfast is the lightest of them all!

Listen back to the 113th episode of Balearic Breakfast:


New records. – This edition of Balearic Breakfast allowed us to discover new tracks by the following artists:

  • Soyuz – Como é que vai vocé (feat. Sessa) (Bandcamp)

  • Crazy P – People (We can Transform) (Bandcamp)


The Wow effect. – I clearly remember "feeling" this show was special when I experienced it live. Only when listening back to it did I realise how coherent it was! The tracks that really wowed me back then were Roisin' Murphy's "Incapable" (The Reflex Revision), Love's Tempo "Change for the Better" and Gotan Project's "Triptico"!



Gino Soccio – Closer

Soyuz – Como é que vai vocé (feat. Sessa)

Arno E. Mathieu –Temps libre

America –Ventura Highway

Congress Alley – Congress Alley

Dr John – I walk on Guided Splinters

Suede – She's in Fashion

The Smiths – This Night has opened my eyes

The Style Council – Headstart for Happiness

Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso – Que Pena (Ele Jà Nao Gosta Mais de Mim)

Surface – Falling in love (A Shep Pettybone remix)

Crazy P – People (We can Transform)

Roisin Murphy – Incapable (The Reflex Revision)

Sunshine Jones – Fall in Love not in line (12" version)

Monday Michiru – Love Flow (Mango Margarita Mix)

Love Tempo – Change for the better

Gotan Project – Triptico

Michel Ciels – Mir a Nero

Roxy Music – Same old scene



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