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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 123 | A Balearic Way of Life

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Colleen' Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 123rd episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on February 28th 2023.

Two weeks had passed since the last Balearic Breakfast show. We were all impatiently waiting for Colleen to come back from New York. We missed her so much! So when the show started, we were happy as we could be. And this 123rd edition of Balearic Breakfast did not disappoint. Collen paid a very welcome tribute to Burt Bacharach, who sadly passed away on February 8th 2023, at 94. The rest of the show is a perfect blend of Balearic Music mixed by a rejuvenated Colleen, so get ready to be blown away as usual by the sound and the mixes (sharp as ever).

Listen back to a perfect blend of Balearic Music!

When listening back to the show's opening track and the tribute Colleen made to Terry Fincham's Friend Sean Kay, I felt the urge to share a feeling I had deep inside of me.

Can I dedicate this one to my friend Sean Kay. He sadly took his life 3yrs ago tomorrow. He was a massive Larry Heard fan and a really good mate it was Sean who introduced Larry heards music to me many years ago. Theres loads I could choose but this seems so fitting right now as we all miss him so much.
Terry Fincham, Fbook, 25/02/2023

Balearic Breakfast is all about unity. We're talking about Music, we're talking about sharing, we're talking about friendship, we're talking about supporting one another, we're talking about respect and kindness, we're talking about community, about that Family Spirit that should never be attacked by anyone whatsoever, we're talking about behaviour, about taking a step back to think things over before doing anything, we're talking about that positive attitude that should be your only goal in your everyday life even when times are hard, we're talking about Sincerity, not the one some people play with so shamelessly while lying deliberately, but the one that drives good intentions, we're talking about that change of mind everyone should be after, we're talking about not putting anyone in any unwanted, sad or stressful situation, we're talking about love, and not only passionate love, but also and foremost that objective kind of love that allows you to feel how and why your brother is reacting in a certain way and to respect that and to know that there's no love, there's no friendship, there's no climbing that hill if you're not trying to understand the role you play in everyone's life before thinking about your own subjective point of view, we're talking about changing things together, collectively, we're talking about each one of us being important for everyone else and being aware of that, and sticking to it. We're talking about protecting our brothers and our sisters, and speaking their truth out when silence or sadness is the only thing they can give after they've been misused; we're talking about peace, always, in every situation, we're talking about communication, about explaining things, about being able to speak without attacking one another. Feel the strength you bring around you, know it, discover it, silently challenge it and try to understand that person who is next to you first but without ever (Ever) compromising on what is also due (Due) to you. The only message Balearic Breakfast is about is love. Think the definition over, time has come for you to join us.

Balearic Breakfast Palm trees mixcloud Colleen

It was great to be back streaming live after my little globe-trot. On today’s show tunes from Andromeda Orchestra Faze Action, Hot Toddy Crazy P, Gorillaz, Gratts, Nathan Haines, Alex Kassian, Larry Heard aka MR Fingers, Rheinland MUSIC FOR DREAMS Pepé Bradock and more plus a little tribute to the late Burt Bacharach.
Colleen, Instgr., 28/02/2023


Talk Talk – Eden

Dusty Springfield – The Look of Love

Average White Band – Walk On By

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Do You Know the Way to San Jose

Gorillaz ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack – Stylo

Rheinzand – Ibiza Macht Frei

Andromeda Orchestra – Twilight Lady

Hot Toddy – Barry and the Mouse

Jesse Green – Nice & Slow

Plustwo – Stop Fantasy

Gratts ft. Nathan Haines & Mr. Beale – Sun Circles (Alex Kassian Remix)

Larry Heard – Missing You (Jazz Café Mix)

Jean Carn – Time Waits for No One (Dave Lee Extended Disco Mix)

Johnny Mathis – Gone Gone Gone

Crown Heights Affair – Far Out

Steve Silk Hurley & The Voices of Life – The Word Is Love

Pepe Braddock – Deep Burnt

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