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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 127 | Children of the sun

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 127th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on March 28th 2023.

Good morning! I’m awake too early after a gig last night but that’s old news :-/ This Tuesday we have a mm exclusive mix and interview with Paul Hillary, the folk-funk trippy-troubadour, and we talk about his forthcoming ‘We are the Children of the Sun’ Volume 2 compilation on BBE Music but we still have a wee bit of space for your requests. Just don’t overload - save some for the future :-) And now over to you…
Colleen, Instgr., 25/03/2023

Sometimes, life has a Master plan. Sometimes, destiny likes to play cards. This happened on this 127th edition of Balearic Breakfast, believe me! Due to technical difficulties preventing Colleen from broadcasting her show on Mixcloud, we all had to migrate over to her Twitch account (eventually, Colleen had to re-record the show, but, here we are today, all is sorted, all is good, I told you, this is a commune effort)! What an adventure this has been!

We laughed so much when we heard Colleen's opening track for Balearic Breakfast! The Twitch chat was bouncing with happiness despite some of us having a tough time connecting to the platform (some of the Balearicans were trying to figure out who actually broke Mixcloud down, I swear it wasn't me ^^)!

This show was a real little treasure for a lot of us: the first part was such a warm place to be! Colleen made us discover a 1986 mix by the late and great Andrew Weatherall (you can listen to it here) and played the song "Indoor Fireworks", which was featured in it. How powerful that moment was! I must add that the rest of the tracks featured in the first part of the show had a strong musical relationship; they were definitely meant to be put together!

Then, we got to listen to Paul Hilary's interview, and I can assure you that when Colleen played the mix he prepared for us, we were all in absolute Awe. Enough words, close your eyes and listen!

Listen to the 127th edition of Balearic Breakfast :


Mark de Clive-Lowe (ft. Dwight Trible) The Creator has a master Plan

Junko Yagami – Omoide Wa Utsukushisugite

Faze action Heartbeat

Leroy Hutson – So Nice (Extended)

Elvis Costello – Indoor Fireworks

Badly Drawn Boy – The Shining

(The Avalanches Good Word for the Weekend Remix)

Tim Buckley – Sweet Surrender

----- Paul Hilary's Interview and Mix -----

Singh Kaur – Song Of Bliss

Carm Mascarenhas – Fields Of Green

Floyd Hunchback Group – Wet Dreams

Varela – Come And Take Me By The Hand

Diana Pequeno – Misterios

Mark Capanni – If Life Was A Ferris Wheel

Gregory Paul – Sun

Will & James Ragar – Melting Pot

Frank Pyne and Loon Saloon – Waco

Graeme Gash – The Shadows Dance

Andy Davis – Over & Over

Cascada – Weepin

Christine Schaller – Aranha

Working Week ft Robert Wyatt, Tracey Thorn, Claudia Figueroa – Venceremos (We Will Win)

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