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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 131 | Finding Balance...

Updated: May 11, 2023

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 131st episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on May 9th 2023.

Introduction. – Following the pre-order of her second “Balearic Breakfast” compilation on May 05th, 2023 (available both on vinyl and 2CD comprising vol. 1 & 2 - the signed copy of the vinyl edition sold in approximately 20min), Colleen put the new request line on her socials the following day.


About this episode. – Sometimes, you need to step back. Sometimes, life gets hard and hits you. Then you start wondering about that love affair of yours that ended, or that friendship that didn’t meet your expectations or what happened at work, and it seems it’s always your fault, and you say to yourself: I’ve given my all every time and no one seems to notice the efforts I’ve made. Stop. Right now. Read on.

Listen back to the 131st edition of Balearic Breakfast :

One of the things « Balearic Breakfast » brought me, on a philosophical level, is that. We Need. To « Find Balance ». What does that mean? It means that while staying true to yourself, to people, to your friends, to your lover, and to whoever is important in your life, you must never forget yourself in the process of giving. First, acknowledge the fact that everyone is different and that what you give will be perceived differently from the way you thought it would be. You must protect yourself while being true and sincere. Thus, if your best friend betrays you, or if you lose that job you’ve invested yourself in for so many years, or if you don’t get the answer you were expecting, these things won’t harm you because you’ll be able to see them in a more « objective way ». You must learn to do things with a slight « distance ». When doing anything, first do it for Yourself. I repeat, and it’s not about being selfish or self-centred. First, do things for yourself, even if you’re making a gift for someone, for instance. Find pleasure in doing things for the sake of it and then give them, and then offer yourself. So, should something happen in the process of giving, you won’t get hurt, you will be prepared for anything that may occur, and you will be able to answer and handle situations on an emotional level... And, of course, on the other hand, if everything goes right, you’ll enjoy the success with a much more relaxed mind !

This 131th edition of Balearic Breakfast brought back these essential and quite philosophical thoughts to my mind as I was listening to the selection made by Colleen. In fact, the whole show wonderfully showcases what "finding balance" is all about, allowing you to see a path drawing itself in the middle of nowhere from the nothingness that once was the rule… :

  • some songs, like "Morgendvale", Mental Remedy's "Omamudia", or even "Music and lights", are a great example of "finding balance". Each of these track depicts musically a certain quest for peace. While "Morgendvale" seems to go from a somewhat darker to a calmer place, "Music and lights" always forces you to stay cool while you want to dance your heart out on the track, this song brings you down while you want to "go at it"; "Omamudia" on its part being a wonderful jazzy track allowing you to feel a sort of "calm solidity"...;

  • other songs, like Lindstrom's remix of "I know there's something going on" or Ashley Beedle's Rework of "My Lady" showcases how older songs can benefit from a modern touch, we're still finding balance ! (laughs);

  • lastly, Colleen's mix perfectly showcases that quest for balance (to me, the "small mix" she did on that show is one of her finest, Gorgeous work here all along !!).

And, just in case you’d still need some help, read this, you may find something interesting in here… :

« This morning’s Balearic Breakfast is now up on my Mixcloud for your listening pleasure. I also want to express my huge gratitude and appreciation for your support. The Balearic Breakfast Volume 2 pre-orders have been off the scale and I truly appreciate you. If you would like either the double vinyl of Volume 2 or the double CD of both Volumes 1 & 2 head over to the heavenly recordings band camp. The release date is the 9th June. Thanks also to all who joined me live this morning on my Mixcloud Live and Twitch TV and for your requests. Today’s show includes a tribute to the late Linda Lewis, and a melange of new and classic sounds from Scandinavian jazz to sleazy nu disco to early house and more. Thanks for listening!»
Colleen, Instgr., 09/05/2023

This 131st edition of Balearic Breakfast was also a party as we were celebrating Bert François' Birthday, so we all had a great chat with Colleen about astral signs and our respective Birthdays (salute to the fellow Virgos out there ^^)!


The WOW effect. – The track that "wowed" the Balearic Breakfast Family was Leo Sayer's "Easy to Love" which can be found on the 1977 "Thunder in my heart" (a hit on its own right!) album as mentionned by Colleen during the show. The song has been covered in three different languages, Spanish ("Es Fácil Amar"), Dutch ("Love's What I Want") and... French ("Aimer d'amour") ! The French version is still very famous among the disco "Connoisseurs" and was sung by Georges Thurston in duet with Nanette Workman !



Svaneborg Kardyb Morgendvale (2023)

Linda Lewis What Are You Asking Me For

Linda Lewis – Wise Eyes

Linda Lewis Never Been Done Before (Ashley Beedle Edit)

Mental Remedy Omamiuda (Prayer for Japan Version)

Imagination Music and Lights

Jeff Lorber Tropical

Leo Sayer Easy To Love (Dimitri From Paris Remix)

Str4ta When Yo u Call Me

Frida I know There's Something Going On (Lindstrom Remix )

Micky Milan Quando Tu Dances (Willie Graff Edit)

Disco Cutie Tribe of Heroes

Johnny Mathis My Lady (Ashley Beedle Rework)

Final Edition Betcha Can't Love Just One

Phyllis Hyman Tonight You and Me (Disco Version)

Birdee ft. Alexandra Prince Jupiter & Mars

Grace Under Pressure Make My Day (Bruce Forest Club Mix )

Ten City That's The Way LoveIs (Underground Mix)

Melissa Morgan Still in Love With You (Masters at Work Remix)

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