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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 133 | Meeting Jon Sa Trinxa

Updated: May 25, 2023

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 133rd episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on May 23rd 2023.

Listen to the 133rd episode and read on...



by Artur the Lioncub

Under a positive sun

Little Prince?

Are you there?

Little Prince? ... Little Prince? ... Will you leave me once again like before? ... Will your dreams take you away from me one more time, one time too much? ... Wait, wait, oh please, wait... Shh... Don’t say a word... Let my silence be your guide... Heaven only knows where you will land. I can only wish... I can only wish nothing will harm your tender and loving heart... But... Should your sheer strength fail to support your travels, always remember that doubt isn’t anything negative. Always remember doubt is a strong friend; doubt can become light when used proficiently... So, should you in the course of your travels, should you in your never-ending quest fall on your knees, and should a cold tear embrace your child’s face... ask yourself why you left. Ask yourself what you wanted to achieve. Ask yourself... Concentrate with all your might, with all of your desperate might and ask yourself... Is loneliness something that terrible when a friend can’t be trusted? Is success so important when it is celebrated with empty congratulations? Is love so necessary when it can be used as a weapon against you to fulfil someone else’s dreams? Is silence so unbearable when there is nothing around us but noise, empty words and Music nobody knows how to listen to? Is life so worth living when happiness isn’t our unique quest? Is travelling such an excitement when we can’t reach our own souls? Ask yourself... Ask yourself, and, in a smile, in a disappearing and eternal smile, I will be by your side... Now, go... go my love. Go. Walk away from me, one more time, one time too much... Fly away, my beloved child, laugh again and be sure that under a positive sun, under a calm and steady wind, in a bird’s melody, I will be there... Close to you as ever... Always, truly and only... yours.


About this episode. – Words can not express a Feeling... They can only try... and that is why we should thank them and try not to misuse them. When they do fail, as we do, then music is the only way for us to communicate. This 133rd edition of Balearic Breakfast is all about that feeling, that positive feeling, that feeling that takes you higher to another ground, and Jon Sa Trinxa's interview and mix enhance that wholeness perfectly... This new episode is an invitation to Travel and every song played (be it by Colleen or by Jon) reflected this call (hence the reference to St Exupery's Little Prince, he is present in Spirit in a lot of songs featured in this show...).

It is something I feel a lot as a member of the Balearic Breakfast Family, and I came to think about it last night while listening back to the show, even if your requests aren't always played (it would be simply impossible during a two hours set ^^) you can sense that Colleen follows what she indirectly feels coming up from the requests that are being made. It's a very delicate, and almost intangible sensation but I can't help thinking that she takes notes and that she is always questioning what "Balearic Music" is about. And one can hear in the end that she always tries to help us discover new musical worlds, and new DJs, thus also expanding and showcasing what a DJ's mission is... This is priceless when you're really into music!

Colleen was in the USA when this episode was broadcast (thank you so much Adam!) but she joined us on the chat while the episode was aired on Mixcloud! We were so happy to have her, we felt the Music so Strongly that we once more said to her how much Balearic Breakfast was important in our lives! We even decided to organise a musical listening party on May 30th on the Discord Chat group, knowing Colleen would not be able to stream the show as she will be coming back from her American trip! Obviously, we're all Hooked and there is No Way Back, Ever.

"This morning's Balearic Breakfast features an interview with and a mix from Jon Sa Trinxa who held one of the longest residencies on Salinas Beach in Ibiza where he was resident for 27 years. The show is now up for your listening back pleasure on my Mixcloud."
Colleen, Instgr, 23/05/2023

The WOW effect. – I strongly felt the absolute positivity of this edition of Balearic Breakfast but, as you read, the opening track just took me away, helping me to write this text which maybe reveals that "The Little Prince" is a very "Balearic" book... This is why it took me more time to publish this post as I had to write down the feelings that "Bella Arp" conveyed in me... I am making connections, sometimes I may be "off the road", I'm searching... Balearic Breakfast is both a Spiritual and a Musical home to me, and I know a lot of Balearicans out there feel the Same way I do...


Events. – Colleen will be playing on:



Peter Kruder & Robert Di Gioia Bella Arp

Jonathan Jeremiah Happiness (Quiet Village Remix)

Phenomenal Handclap Band Testimony (Cosmodelica Remix)

Jim Still River Flow

Ambient Warrior The Dub Stepper

Hollow Hand Before Tomorrow (Richard Norris Avalon Mix)

Gallo Abysso (Calm’s Mellow Mellow Acid Dub)

Switch Keeping Secrets (Ashley Beedle Re-Edit)

Cheryl Glasgow Glued to the Spot

Coyote Lonely

Jon Sa Trinxa’s Mix:

A Small Good Thing Border Incidental

Robot 84 Dreams of the Far East

LTF Tea Ceremony with Bamboo Monster

What a Wonderful World (K Mouta Edit)


DJ Snatch presents In The Mood

Jazz Spastiks vs Cut Beeetlez The Boss

Metropolitan Jazz Affair You Can Dig

Awon & Phoniks Blood In Blood Out (Instrumental)

Naz Can't Forget About You

John Tejada Genetical Love

Nina Simone Feel Good (Skyphos)

Woxow ft. Awon Can't See Myself (Instrumental)

Drum Tomski Love Love

Slow Step We Won't Have to Cry No More

Volta Cab What it Feels Like

Time Dreams of Reason (Osaka LoFi Version)

Jimi Hendrix Beautiful People Happiness on the Wind

Hercules North Street West Holyvoodou’ Vocal Remix

Lowrell Mellow Mellow Right On (Alex Di Cio Re-Edit)

Barry White Shall I Simpin ft. Mr. White

UNAM Silent Wisdom

Patrick Jahn Corrados Beach

Johan Brood

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