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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 135 | Love makes Magic...

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 135th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on June 13th 2023.


Introduction. – Love Makes Magic… who saw it? Who felt it? Who recognised its discrete yet powerful signs? Who would be able to define its absolute and undisputed reality? Would you? We’re billions of people on this earth with billions of different visions of what Love really is. So what does it take to know? We all use the word, sometimes on a daily basis, we all want to share it, we all think we give it, we all think we know. Like, come on, really? For some, it’s a feeling; for some, it’s an action; for others, it’s silence; yet for that guy, it’s a smile; and for that girl, a fragrance or a look; for this child, it’s a drawing; for me, it’s a blog; for the Lioncub it’s silent tears at night thinking about those he carries within; for that black guy it’s Soul Music; for this group of people, it’s The Loft. I could go on eternally, You got it by now, don’t you? Love seems to be hiding everywhere yet… yet we’re still there fighting, even silently and, quite often, with unacknowledged perfidy… for love? Really? I’m not here to give answers; I’m no hero; I’m just someone that tries to understand things. How do you empower something so intangible? How do you make it a reality that you could explain? Is love an answer? Should it be sexual? Is it psychological? Is it Happiness? Can it be sadness? Should you give something you don’t know for sure you own? Should you take it back when the love story has ended? Is it Friendship? Questions, billions of questions. Yet, we feel the urge, the desire, the pumping heart and the dying soul... Yet, thanks to this power desperately directed to that other self we want to touch, we do things, and it seems at the end, against all odds, we somehow create magic. So, isn’t love’s secret the ability to erase our old, imperfect souls to offer a new everlasting vision to the ones we carry in our hearts? And What if love wasn’t a beginning? What if love was, on the contrary, an everlasting ending? No one really knows, but somewhere, in the heart of a new day, despite our cruel loneliness, we strive to paint a new path, secretly hoping to find you walking on it...


Listen to this 135th edition of Balearic Breakfast:

About this episode. – With the release of Jim's new album 'Love Makes Magic' and the 'Lucky Cloud Loft Party' celebrating its 20th anniversary, it seemed that love was everywhere... And you could feel it in the music too, from the very start of this 135th episode which is about letting go of everything that is too heavy on your soul... (listen closely to Jim Baron's interview ;-))

Jim's compositions have often been featured on Balearic Breakfast (head over to the 23rd episode for instance) and they always got a warm welcome! Listening to his interview with Colleen you easily understand why: the man behind the music has such a Balearic Spirit when working on his art!

In the last part of the show, Colleen's touch is magical, and here is why (in all objectivity, of course, laughs!): she lets the Music speak, crafting a Wonderful mix where each song slides easily into each other, creating a beautiful Unity that can only be found when Love is around...


The wow effect. – Todd Rundgren's "Healing Pt. 1" took my breath away. Though I knew about him before thanks to his 1975 "Initiation" album, I did not yet have the time to dig deeper into his discography. So hearing this song and its lyrics, perfectly showcasing, btw, Jim's musical influences, just caught my serious attention. And, of course, this song is about Love too...

The other WOW effect of this 135th "Balearic Breakfast" edition was Jim's mix. I always feel comforted when I hear artists having such a broad musical spectrum because it's all about being able to seize the feeling of the moment, it's like knowing all of the colours or the way all independent frequencies sound. You can't create something original if you don't feed yourself with knowledge (even indirectly...) and this was actually Serge Gainsbourg's motto (though he considered songwriting a "minor art", sigh!).


Events. – Colleen will be :



Marshall Watson High Desert

----- JIM Interview & Mix -----

Joy Unlimited Flos Lividus (PTl)

Crosby & Nash Where will I be

CSN See the changes

Glenn Fallows & Mark Trevell Remember Empathy

JIM A life in between

Rick Deitrick A Bedonia

Bon Iver and St Vincent Roslyn

Todd Rundgren The healing P

Seawind Love song

Jesse Colin Young Ridgetop

Free Fire and Water

The Doobie Brothers It keeps me Running

John Lee & Terry Brown Celebration

Jean Phillipe Rykiel Fairlight

Playa I Like It (KH & The Lasttra K Eclectic Lovers Mix)

LTJ Xperience Papik ft. Anduze Best Life

Drewfrom Nolas Kotku (Jazxing Disco Dub)

Astrud Gilberto All I've Got (Jack Tennis Edit)

Faze Action Fantasy

Redsole Na poli (Pete Herbert Dub)

Gee W Alzira Vida

Easy Going Baby I Love You

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