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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 136 | Murphy's Clock...

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Worldwide FM broadcast the 136th episode of Balearic Breakfast on June 27th 2023.


Introduction. – You know the lyrics by heart... "And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking / Racing around to come up behind you again / The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older / Shorter of breath and one day closer to death"... Time has its laws, its reality, its destiny, it's an ongoing resurrection... Yet we seem unable to seize the opportunities it keeps on giving us. Whys is that? Why are we stuck in the past's memories when we could embrace the Vastness of that microsecond of new Time? Undoubtedly because we don't question our true nature, its creative side, we live our lives as if they were meaningless, afraid to seize the discrete opportunities showing up on our way. We Think we do things, but we do them without Experiencing them. We do things to prove Something to our parents, our friends; you name them... If we did our best, we would not think of what would become of what we're trying to create, to share, to show. We would simply do it without thinking. But we think. And, by thinking, we believe that "we are", so we are the past of a future we were unable to create because we did not seize the purity of the present... Right now, I am seizing every word of these lines I am writing, lost in the Moment; I don't care about anything else; my heart is on the line, and by doing so, even if my philosophy might be hard to seize, it is there to allow you to think, to lose yourself in the Moment, and to read this paragraph again... One of the secrets of Life is doing things for the sake of them. Do what you want to do and let yourself go in the Moment. Stop trying to prove Something to someone, let people talk, let them "think", be the Moment, be the needle on the record sharing the grooves to the speakers, to the air, stop chasing, and let "Murphy's law" Happen...


About this episode. – This 136th episode of Balearic Breakfast (broadcast live on Worldwide FM) is all about what I just wrote. From the opening track to the last one, we're invited to Experience Time's Power. Do you feel the clock's continuous ticking in the tracks Colleen played? Do you feel how much she is in this Musical Moment? Also, take the time to listen to the lyrics of the tracks featured in the show (btw, even Roisin, at the beginning of her interview, talks about finding the "right time" – click here to read more)... Do you see the dots connecting? As I always say, sometimes, Life has a master plan, and this show once again proves it. And it seems I am not interpreting that much of what is happening in the Moment of the show (laughs)!

Listen back to the 136th edition of Balearic Breakfast :


Events. – Colleen will celebrate the release of her second Balearic Breakfast compilation at Nightales on Friday, June 30th 2023.


The WOW effect. – Balearic Breakfast is "Larger than Life". The WOW effect goes up to the track "Weekender" by Flowered Up (also dealing with how we should embrace the moment, crazy, huh ? - More about the documentary Colleen spoke about here). With a definitive thunderous Rock approach, this is not your typical "Balearic" song (laughs)! Yet, Colleen selected and played it (rightly so!!) because of its adventurous musical structure! What a blast we had on that one!

Side Note: Read This, and tell me this show ain't about "Perfect Timing"...

However, it’s clear from I Am Weekender, that its reach was still significant. Lynne Ramsay, Jeremy Deller, Irvine Welsh, Róisín Murphy, David Holmes and Bobby Gillespie all wax lyrical about its impact. Shaun Ryder declares it a “mini masterpiece”, while director Adam Smith says it went on to influence 00s teen drama Skins.


M'Lumbo The Great Clock'

K.D. Lang Wash Me Clean

Jonny Nash All IEver Needed'

Janis Joplin Summertime

Avis Baby, This Love I Have

Vasco Rossi Una Spendida Giornata

BEGIN Wooden Trees

B.J. Smith Marina Del Rey

Two Ends Frame of Mind (LOVA Summer 87 Mix)

Flowered Up Weekender

Roisin Murphy Five Balearic Faves:

Serge Gainsbourg Sea, Sex and Sun

Jorge Ben Jar Taj Mahal

Thompson Twins All Fall Out

Bob Dylan Gotta Serve Somebody

Ultra Nate Free

Roisin Murphy The Universe

Roisin Murphy Fader

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