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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 139 | The Big Yellow

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 139th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on July 18th 2023.


Introduction. – Night was calling Day to quit. Over the mighty ocean, nothing, not a single trace, just the waves, coming, going, dying, slowly renewing. Over the mighty ocean, the Moon, somewhere, the Moon was slowly rising. Before she knew it, Colleen got caught by fear, and the water got cold, gosh, so cold. Would she make it to the shore? It wasn't so far away though; she swam with more intensity but, something, somewhere, under the mighty ocean, somewhere under the mighty Moon, an undertow, worse scenario ever. Keep swimming girl, keep pushing; there is no time to lose under the caring Moon and the now frightening ocean, the dark ocean, the unknown free captivity; somewhere, were you waiting for the Night to come, Colleen? That voice? There's no one around me; it's just exhaustion; yeah, the shore is not so far away; I'm going to make it. I'm going to, and suddenly everything vanished, the most little thing disappeared, got erased from the mighty ocean's surface; the night was howling now over the deadliest of the oceans, and nothing, not a trace, not a single life, just the waves, somewhere, coming, going, as her body was dying, slowly diving, into darkness...

Time stopped.

When she woke up, Colleen felt a warm yet slightly disgusting embrace; she couldn't move, and she seemed out of breath. "Where am I? What is happening?" Something was glowing in a distant dark, a strong but calm light, yellowish reassurance. Colleen's heart stopped as she stared into its eyes, she knew. "Who are you?!" she asked, gasping for air. "Do not fear, little child; I am a friend; I took care of you; you were drowning, so I took you home. Are you starting to feel better?" Colleen could not stop from shaking in fright; was she cold? There was no way for her to know; she just wanted to hide in a corner, somewhere, immediately. She shouted, "Let me go, please!" "I am not an enemy, dear child; don't scream; I will soon let you go; please, stay calm," answered the low-pitched voice. How could she free herself from the Octopussys' tentacles? They were huge; the whole cephalopod was something undescriptible. Colleen felt sick while the Octopussy slightly loosened its grip...

"Don't go away just now, my child! Don't leave me! I have so many things to share!" cried the monstrous yet soft voice. Colleen got away and swam all the way up, up to the ocean's surface, somewhere under the Moon. Day was calling Night to quit. Over the mighty ocean, nothing, not a trace, just the waves, coming, going, dying, slowly renewing. Over the mighty ocean, the Sun, somewhere, the Sun was slowly rising. Before she knew it, Colleen got caught by hope as she reached the shore. What happened? She fell on her knees and started crying from exhaustion. She met something somewhere, under the mighty Sun, on a golden beach near the mighty ocean. Memories of happiness came rushing back, but, ultimately, she didn't know. She was found lost...


About the show. – It is always a delight when Colleen loses herself in the music because we all can get closer to her. And boy, does she know how to do that. My my my. This show is another great example of what a great curator and selector can do with music. When she opened up the request line on July, 15th, Colleen wrote: "Do you see a running theme here? Please let me know what you would like to hear on this coming Tuesday’s Balearic Breakfast on the 18th July before I take a week off on the 25th. I’m looking forward to@your suggestions as always."

As always, the Balearic family didn't disappoint. Inspired by "Yayoi Kusama’s "You Me and The Balloons" exhibition hosted by Factory International (on until the end of August at the Manchester International Festival), Colleen felt inspired as she met an old and distant friend of hers (laughs)!

This Wonderful Show is all about oceanic depths, octopussys and Balearic musical waves. Immerse yourself and feel Colleen's and the Balearic Breakfast Family's musical powers united for a trip you won't forget soon...

Listen back to the 139th edition of Balearic Breakfast :


The Wow effect. – Several tracks played during this show Wowed the Balearic Breakfast Family, as "Waiting for the night", "Safe From Harm" and, of Course, Colleen's wonderful remix of Izo Fitzroy's "God gets a little busy sometimes"!

But the one that took our suls away was John Grant's "Day is Done". Taken from Nick Drake's 1969 studio album "Five Leaves Left" (link to the Classic Album Sundays Podcat), the beautiful and haunting cover is featured on the tribute album The Endless Coloured Ways – The Songs Of Nick Drake (click here to read a review).


Events. – Colleen will host "Balearic Breakfast" in August (and the blog will be kept up to date). She will also be featured in these events :

  • 21 July - Ant Bangos Festival, Nida, Lithuania (tickets)

  • 22 July - Hang Dai, Dublin, Ireland (tickets)

  • 23 July - Sub Club Southside Weekender, Glasgow (tickets)

  • 28 July - Boil in the Bag stream with Luke Una

  • 30 July - Balearic Breakfast on NTS 11am - 1pm

  • 10 August - Stallions at Houghton Festival (tickets)

  • 12 August - Love Dancin’ at We Out Here Festival (tickets)

  • 19 August - Listen Here at Stowaway Festival (tickets)

  • 27 August - Come As You Are, The Refuge, Manchester



Carlos Nino & Friends – Flutestargate

Michael Kiwanuka – Light

John Grant – Day is Done

Depeche Mode – Waiting for the Night

Suzanne Ciani & Jonathan Fitoussi – Golden Apples of the Sun

Ursula Rucker – Circe (Jazzanova Remix)

Massive Attack – Safe From Harm (Perfecto Mix)

Mahina Apple Band – We’re All Dancers (Mono Safari Remix)

Brian Jackson – Mami Wata (Joaquin Claussell’s Extended Album Mix)

Fela Kuti and the Africa 70 – Shakara

Pockets – Come Go with Me

Donnell Pitman – Love Explosion

Izo Fitzroy – God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes (Cosmodelica Remix)

Urban Blues Project – Testify (UBP Classic Mix)

DJ Spen & The Muthafunkas ft Marc Evans – The Way You Love Me

Quincy Jones ft. Luther Vandross & Gwen Guthrie – Taking it to the Streets

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