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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 142 | Meeting Harry Charles

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy broadcast the 142nd episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on August 15th 2023.


Introduction. – We all know that sometimes, things are meant to happen. That’s how life is; sometimes it throws stones at you, and sometimes it gives you Flowers. This happened to the Founder of Word of Mouth Radio Cafe, DJ, Producer, Curator and avid Selector, Harry Charles. Sharing memories of how he met Colleen on his Instagram, he recalls:

“I met Colleen and her husband in Ibiza when, as fate would have it, our gig was cancelled. I was supposed to play after her (huge honour might I add). Unfortunately, the gig didn’t go ahead but that didn’t stop Colleen & Adam from coming down to @womradiocafeibiza which coincidently happened to be my birthday. *There are no coincidences*

We spent some time sharing stories and lunch with my family together and I must say it was immensely inspiring to meet and connect. Colleen invited me to record an exclusive Balearic mix and we had a little chat about what we’re up to @womradiocafeibiza 🏝️

I am at the airport in Ibiza about to embark on the journey back to what will be undoubtedly the best musical festival I’ve ever been to @weoutherefest thank you @trojansoundsystem ❤️ If anyone from the UK friends wise is about come say hello! I will be the one dressed up as the sheriff’s deputy 🤠 cutting ridiculously happy dancefloor moves in the LOVE DANCIN’ tent all weekend long!

And while you’re here set that alarm for next Tuesday so your hungover festival head doesn’t have to.”

I exchanged a few words with Harry on Instagram and he said to me,“It’s pretty serendipitous, I think the cosmos aligned”. Listening to his story, you can also discover a great guy who knows what dreams are made of: work, trust, and dedication!


About the show. – Colleen just got back from 2 great summer festivals, the first one being "We Out Here" where she played under the "Love Dancin'" tent along with her friends on a beautiful sound system, and, the second one being the Houghton Festival.

Despite this (and with a slightly hoarse voice) she was able to host a show today, playing a few requests and streaming a great interview with DJ Harry Charles!

Listen back to the 142nd Balearic Breakfast show:


New records. – This edition of Balearic Breakfast allowed us to discover new tracks by the following artists:

  • Matthew Halsall Calder Shapes: Bandcamp

  • John Carroll Kirby Gecko Sound: Bandcamp

  • Pleasure Voyage Manta Rays (Statues Sunshine Mix): Bandcamp

  • CJ Cooper ft Robert Owens Live Love Give (Club Vocal): Le Visiteur

  • Lack of Afro ft Greg Blackman Loving Arms: Bandcamp


The Wow effect. – Of course, Harry's interview with Colleen is an absolute must-listen. Both the mix and the interview are off the hook; could it have been otherwise when your guest speaks the truth so easily? Recently, on OpenLab FM, Harry wrote "Music is something that surrounds us, colours our lives and without doubt plays the soundtrack to every moment we spend on this planet." This says a lot about him, but have a listen for yourself!


Events. – Colleen will host "Balearic Breakfast" in August (and the blog will be kept up to date). She will also be featured in these events :

  • 19 August - Listen Here at Stowaway Festival (tickets)

  • 22 August - Classic Album Sundays event online hosted by Colleen (more info here)

  • 27 August - Come As You Are, The Refuge, Manchester (tickets)



Matthew Halsall Calder Shapes

John Carroll Kirby Gecko Sound

Cantoma Gambarra

Pleasure Voyage Manta Rays (Statues Sunshine Mix)

Herbert Wake Up

Shuya Okino Still In Love

(Exclusive Nik Weston & Rudy's Midnight Machine Epic Strings Version)

Jimi Bazzouka Don't Hammer (Edit)

Plaid ft. Bjork Lilith

Sven Van Hees Seasonal Bounty (smooth 94')

John Surman & Karin Krog Don't Just Sing

Fleetwood Mac Brown Eyes

Vince Watson Introspection - Love in F Minor

Soel To This World

"Djuma Soundsystem Les Djinns (Trentem0ller Mix)

Route 94 Mind, Body & Soul

(Joaquin Joe Claussell's Body Rhythm Soul Version)

CJ Cooper ft Robert Owens Live Love Give (Club Vocal)

Ian Friday ft. Byron J Moore Starchild (Libation Vox Mix)

Vince Watson Sunshine

Lack of Afro ft Greg Blackman Loving Arms


The "Love Dancin'" Tent, in Action!

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