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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 145 | Hand Cannot Erase

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Colleen ’Cosmo’ Murphy broadcast the 145th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on September 5th 2023.


Dear Colleen, Three years. Can you believe that? Crazy how time flies… Hmmm. Let me think. It is the 145th show of the series, which means you approximately hosted 48 shows per year, played more than 2500 songs and went live for more than 290 hours (almost two weeks without sleeping, laughs!)… Pretty impressive, right? “What your show means to me”? Crikey, that’s actually very deep. Where to start??!! To me, Balearic Breakfast is a Safe and Happy Place, a Home (it has now been my Tuesday routine and morning therapy for the past 3 years and has remained something that I look forward to every week). It’s my private space where I disconnect from my problems and it takes me back to a holiday state of mind (sizzling days, sparkling seas, sandy toes steamy crazy nights and freedom of spirit)! But it is also a program with very high and positive musical qualities. A point of reference: Not only music but also a lot of information and knowledge, without barriers. Knowledge improves people, opens the mind. Balearic Breakfast is a perfect mix of many genres all connected by a lifetime of experiences that are so relatable, a proper musical exploration and the best show I've heard since Gilles's 6 music Saturday afternoon mind wander.

Yes, Balearic Breakfast actually means 2 hours of great music & new discoveries every week. I mean, really, there are so many amazing tracks, so much wonderful music I’ve discovered thanks to Balearic Breakfast! But this show is also an Inclusive program that unites people around the world in a century of war and division. To me, your show is what “Balearic Beat” is all about. It’s about having an open mind and an open heart to both music and people, losing the ego and yourself in the music and allowing your soul to dance… Every time a Balearic Breakfast show comes on (or even the Saturday postings for requests), I get like a child anxiously waiting for my favourite cartoon or children’s variety show like I used to long ago… When I think of it, I discovered you (I think you popped on my radar through Tim Lawrence’s books) & your show (along with Luke Una on WorldwideFM) during lockdown and it changed everything for me. It was an essential listening moment, bringing love, light and positivity during the dark days of the lockdowns. Actually, a friend of mine put me onto your show Colleen (we both have always been intrigued by the way Mancuso and your good self build a set and the anything-goes attitude to music) and I am now completely hooked. So many positive profound and special tunes! You know, Balearic Breakfast really helped me through the pandemic, it gave me warmth and purpose, a harness in the unknown... Don’t know if I’d survive without you during these troubled times… It was especially important in the early days (a weekly fixture since “summer staycation” that has literally helped me through my PhD!); giving me a renewed passion for discovering music new & old… I went down the proverbial “rabbit hole”, discovering other threads. And through the pandemic, I searched endlessly for creativity and artistry. Through that uncertainty, I became an avid listener. I’ve always valued history and personal experiences in telling a story and you do that masterfully. The show also helped me so much when I continued to work as a supermarket delivery driver. We switched to vans with DAB radio & able to stream via Bluetooth - seems a small luxury but it let me connect to music & away from the constant stream of depressing news. Most of your shows I’ve had to dip in & out of whilst delivering but I’ve also been able to enjoy listening back whilst cooking in the evening. I always discover something new, & maybe something outside of my comfort zone.

Balearic Breakfast was also by my side during a time of significant personal turmoil as my 15 yr relationship with the mother of my child was ending and my mum was sick over a year eventually passing away... The music you provided on your shows was 💯 pure light and I’ve absolutely loved it.

I listened back to each and every show I missed & loved every second of them (the number of tunes discovered thanks to Balearic Breakfast I’ve played to death is astounding!) - then I discovered the ‘chat’ and all of its beautiful listeners & I genuinely feel part of something very special each week - which I treasure dearly & I will never stop being a part of. It has become a weekly pleasure I always look forward to. Seeing you on video getting into the music, dancing (I’ve been listening long enough to remember when you rocked the captain's hat and everyone was obsessed with your slippers!) all made for the feeling of being part of an exclusive community. Making the odd request of mine you played even more special! Balearic Breakfast is really a 2-hour getaway where I can soak in good music, knowledge and company of people who share the same interest in music, and I’m proud to say that I even made friends too! This led, quite incredibly, to starting a party in Glasgow which would never have happened without the show! Balearic Breakfast has been a huge influence to what I do. Yes, Balearic Breakfast has become a big part of my life... Geez, yes, as I said, where shall I start?! Alright, I’m going straight ahead, without thinking… Here’s what I love about the show Colleen…….I love your cheery attitude 💕…..I love your musical knowledge 👌……I love your passion for the music & the artists 🙏…..I love your mixing 🎧 …..I love your record collection & your music room 🎶 ……and I really love the eclectic (Balearic) nature of the tracks played each week….I can’t think of another show that plays such a variance of sounds without losing its flow…….you have not only introduced me to so many new artists but also to established artists that I hadn’t even considered before… Balearic Breakfast is a great radio listening experience which I haven’t had since the 80/90’s! It’s like an oasis in the desert… So Thank you, Colleen… Like the glove on a cold hand, like the sun on a baby’s skin and a brand new morning on your pains… Thank you for giving us a great radio show (plus your 2 compilations!). Like the wind caressing the trees and a little bird tearing the silence apart…Thank you so much for the hard work that goes into this fantastic musical trip each and every week. Like the waves caressing the so distant shore, I am standing there, waiting for you to appear in my life… Tuesday mornings wouldn't be Tuesday mornings without Balearic Breakfast… I am so lost without your melodies in my mind… You have created something unique that can only grow Colleen, You’re an Angel, and we love you to the moon and back… At night, I call out your name in an astounding silence, reaching out to you, gasping in tearful agony whenever I see you, I jump into your dreamed arms like a dog finding his owner again and the sun shines upon us in a perfect embrace as I wake up, alone, in my despised loneliness... And a big thank you of course to Adam for making the show happen on a Tuesday morning (Love the line requests design by the way, this one with the table setting and a very familiar dish is perfect)! I love you, I’m afraid. Great Work!! And nothing can soothe this wonderfully aching pain; the joy you bring I cannot retain; you’re a part of my soul, a note on my partition, the candlelight of my nights, the laugh I need to have, the everything I can’t hide, my precious pride, my stop sign when lost I drive. Keep playing your beautiful Balearic blend! Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary. I tremble when I try to talk about you, and causing you any pain is an everlasting nightmare. Here's to many more years 👍 I know we’ll meet again in a few days, in a few hours and as always, I’ll be dying to get close to you, holding back my Everything just to let you be what you truly are to me: A Balearic Melody… 🐾 Yes, Roll on the next three years!! 3 years shaped by loveliness... Keep doing what you're doing! Yeah! Thank you for the good vibes! And Big gratitude for this show!! Absolutely guys, Thank you for the music, Colleen! Happy 3-year anniversary! Fantastic show, Thanks for the weekly musical education, Colleen! VIVA BB FAMILY & VIVA OUR CAPTAIN!! HIP HIP HIP HURRAYYYYY!!! HIP HIP HIP HURRAAAYYYY !!!!!!



Listen back to the 145th episode of Balearic Breakfast:



Sheila Chandra Every So Lonely / Eyes / Ocean

Vivaldi Recomposed by Max Richter Spring

Terri Lyne Carrington & Social Science Bells (Ring Loudly)

Black Sabbath Pla net Caravan

Nightlands Down Here

Blue Gas Shadows from Nowhere

Sopwith Camel Fazon

Talk Talk Give it Up (Robot 84 Back to the Ku Club Edit)

Jim Phoenix

Jonathan Wilson Desert Raven

Labi Siffre Cannock Chase

Flayer Wanna Get Back Your Love

Odyssey Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love

Labelle Moon Shadow

Alina Bzhezhinska & The HipHarpCollective Soul Vibrations

Shiva Never Gonna Give You Up

(Jura Soundsystem Specia l Version)

Letta Mbulu Normalizo

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra San Diego (Phil Mison Remix)

Stella Detends-Toi

Stephane Severac Hold On

Two Ends Frame of Mind (Love Summer 87 Mix)

William Pitt City Lights

Frida I Know There's Something Going On (Lindstrom Remix)

David Bowie / Jean Claude Gavri Les Dance

Bad Business Club Flip Me Over (Summer Sunshine Version)

Powerdance Safe and Happy Place

M&M Black Stations White Stations

Secret Night Gang captured (Cosmodelica Remix)

Frankie Knuckles ft. Jamie Principle I'll Take You There (Dimitri from Paris Remix)

Inaya Day Feelin' Feelin

Gino Soccio Turn it Around

Findlay Brown Stallions Suite

Code 718 Equinox

Linkwood Family Miles Away

Ennio Morricone Amore Come Dolore (Needs Remix)

Kamasi Washington Truth

Chuck Mangione ft Esther Satterfield Land of Make-Believe

The The Uncertain Smile

The Blue Nile Tinseltown in the Rain

Michael Shrieve / Kevin Shrieve I Klaus Schulze Transfer Station Blue

Tears for Fears Head Over Heels

(Sketches From an Island Sunrise Meditation)

Quintus Project Night Flight (Psychemagik Remix)

Kate Bush Sunset


Events. – Colleen will take part in these events :

  • 9th September - Margate Arts Club (tickets)

  • 16th September - Parks & Records (tickets)

  • 4th November - Nightmares on wax (tickets)

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