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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 146 | The Soul Cleanser...

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Colleen ’Cosmo’ Murphy broadcast the 146th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on September 12th 2023.


Introduction. – To a friend who was telling me how much she refused people taking her for a fool at work, I answered, asking, "How much resilience does it take to silently refuse things that impact us without ever telling a word about it and letting things be without going into a fight?" She didn't answer, and I was taken aback by the pertinence of that question, thinking, in the same moment, of course, about our dear Captain... Yes, what does it take to be Balearic? Where do you draw the line between what needs to be said or done and what can be left as it is? I am still searching for an answer...

What I know for sure is that there comes a time in life when you don't hold on anymore to certain things, to certain people, to certain situations and there's no hate in there; there is just an ocean of peace and contentment, an everlasting sentiment of "calm ecstasy". This happened to me two years ago... I realized there was no sense in giving a fight or being true when people around you aren't on the same level of communication; when two realities directly collide there is no room for fighting. And the realisation of this just cleansed me... I became more "Balearic" and Colleen's sentence then hit me... This is also more relevant when you think about what life really is, how short and how unpredictable it is..., and how much you need to focus on things that bring you happiness and how much you need to love the people that are close to you, like your family for instance or your close friends...

I really hope each one of you can experience that state of mind one day...


About this show. – When I heard the first song, I had a feeling of "gently falling"; it was an absolutely soothing experience. Suddenly, I think we were into the fourth track, one of the Balearic Breakfast Family members (hello @popdiscorules ^^) wrote: "I'm ready for my weekly soul cleanse", and I said to myself: "Voilà, there you go, that's exactly what is happening right now". The rest of the songs played during that 146th episode confirmed that beautiful feeling of renewing oneself through music, even in the saddest events that may hit us... (you are in our thoughts, Lee Zee...)

I always wanted to share these three books here on the blog but never found the right spot for them; today is another day though. David Mancuso cherished these books and often made copies of them for his friends. If you have the time, read them (click on the images to find out more)!

Listen back to the 146th episode of Balearic Breakfast:


New Records. – Today's show allowed us to discover these new records:

  • Mildlife Return to Centaurus (Bandcamp)

  • Mimis Nikolopoulos Amazonia (Bandcamp)

  • Mudd Katanaboy (Bandcamp)

  • Mike Salta & Mortale Yaeyama (Bandcamp)

  • Jackie Moore Holding Back (Moplen Remix) (Juno Records)

  • Saucy Lady Why (Bandcamp)

  • The Shapeshifters Tell Me It's Not Over (Cosmodelica Remix)

  • Gratts Polaroids (Glenn Davis Remix) (Bandcamp)


Events. – Colleen will take part in the forthcoming events (click here to access all the dates).


The Wow Effect. – Very often, but not always, the first part of the show is more on the "reflective" side, while the second one is more "danceable". Today's show did follow that two-part side of the story, with the first tracks absolutely blowing us away (hearing my beloved Elkie Brooks on the show was such a heart-warming moment). The musical unity Colleen proposed here is just marvellous, the music flows and allows you to get "cleansed"!



Mildlife Return to Centaurus

Ragz Nordset You Started It All (Ron Basejam Rework)

Eurythmics This City Never Sleeps

Mimis Nikolopoulos Amazonia

Mudd Katanaboy

Mike Salta & Mortale Yaeyama

Masayoshi Yamazaki An Englishman in New York

Elkie Brooks Fool (If You Think It's Over) (Pete Blaker Edit NYR)

Yuji Toriyama Night Together

Jackie Moore Holding Back (Moplen Remix)

Saucy Lady Why

The Shapeshifters Tell Me It's Not Over (Cosmodelica Remix NYR)

Fusion's Funk Michelle's Dream

Gratts Polaroids (Glenn Davis Remix)

Soulstice Lovely (Gabriel Rene Mix)

Deodato The Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

Dionne Warwick Where Love Is



Click on the images to find out more...

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