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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 17 | A Cloudy Christmas...

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Worldwide FM broadcast the 17th episode of Balearic Breakfast on December 22nd 2020.

“Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind.”

I don't remember the snow falling on that cold December day; I remember it being cloudy and somewhat happy (as the Christmas tree had already been set up). The Balearic Breakfast Family eagerly awaited a new edition of its beloved show. Hearing the opening track made me smile, and I felt, as often, instantly at Home.

This 17th edition of Balearic Breakfast may be the most laid-back of the series since the show's start in September. Colleen's selection and how she mixes the tracks together give the listener that perfect Christmas vibe: for instance, we get to discover another beautiful song that was to be included in the first Balearic Breakfast compilation, Mike Salta's "Henry's Spacewalk" followed by the somewhat worried "Ullyses" by Dead can dance and then by the dreamy (yet slightly sad) rendition of "California Dreaming" by José Feliciano... You can't miss the Christmas spirit when listening to these songs! And even when the rhythm is getting faster, later in the show, you can picture yourself drinking a lovely Balearic Breakfast tea near a snowy Balearic Christmas tree on a beautiful island. Now, tell me, how Balearic is that ?!

Listen to a very relaxed Christmas edition of Balearic Breakfast :


Chilly Gonzales The Banister Bough

Mike Salta & Mortale Henry's Spacewalk

Dead can dance Ulysses

José Feliciano California Dreaming

Seu Jorge & Rogé – Sarava

Serginho Meriti – Bons momentos

DJ Disse – Walk on the wild side (Ibiza dream mix)

Ned Doheny – To prove my love

Babe Ruth – Elusive

Zebra Crossing – Life after life

Lorenzo Morresi & Tendelonious – Cosmica Italiana

Lars Bartkuhn – Nomad (full Experience)

Trilogy – Love Me Forever or Love me not (Dub of doom mix)

Rudoulpho – Sunday Afternoon

Walter Hawkins & The Love Center Choir – Goin' Up Yonder

Imagination – Changes

Kate Bush – 50 words for snow

Vangelis – To the Unknown man

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