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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 18 | Music for Dreams

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Worldwide FM broadcast the 18th episode of Balearic Breakfast on December 29th 2020.

The worst year we all experienced was slowly ending. Yet, for all of us, there was no reason to be happy. In France, as in other parts of the world, curfews would be enforced from December 31st... Staying positive in such circumstances was tough because we didn't know what would happen next. In fact, anything could happen... The media were all already discussing the need to find a vaccine. Still, it could take years before this eventuality happened, so another edition of Balearic Breakfast was an excellent way to keep a somewhat positive attitude towards these trying times...

This 18th edition of Balearic Breakfast was somewhat different from the rest of the series as Colleen did not take requests, the first hour thus being a relaxed show keeping the Balearic vibe alive and well. The second hour was dedicated to an interview Colleen did with Kenneth Bager, the founder of the record label Music for Dreams. Don't you love it hearing Colleen conducting an interview? She has such a relaxed way of doing it!

PS: If you listen to this show on a great system, though we all know the higher frequency range is lost, you'll still be able to feel some of the songs' light realism (specifically on Tommy Seebach's "Bubble sex" and also on Soulmate's "Peaceful Morning"). This shows you how good is Colleen's audio system!

Listen back to the 18th edition of Balearic Breakfast :


Kenny Loggins Nightwatch

Prélude Faites vos jeux

Shock – San Juan

Mick Jager Lucky in love (Extended François Kevorkian mix)

Tommy Seebach Bubble sex

Soulmate Peaceful Morning

Morenas – Hazme Sonar (The ambient remix)

Paul Weller Starlite (Dropout Orchestra Remix)

Primal Scream Loaded (Andy Weatherall Mix)

Interview with Kenneth Bager

Ambala Walk with the Dreamers (feat. Laid Back)

Jacob Gurevitsch Spanish Inquisition

Troels Hammer Azur

Ole Theill Between leaves

The swan and the lake Tinkerbell*

Rheinzand Porque (Danillo Braca Strings Loopy Remix)

Ba Svedsen Andromeda

The New age Orchestra – Let's dream Together

Mc Fadden & Whitehead – Ain't not stoppin' us now

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