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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 21 | Tribute to Phil Asher

Updated: May 13, 2023

Worldwide FM broadcast the 21st episode of Balearic Breakfast on January 26th 2021.

Introduction. – Life can be so unpredictable... Sometimes, nothing makes sense. You wake up one morning and realise that someone you loved a lot has gone, forever. And you're lost. That's precisely what happened to the Family and its Captain on February 23rd 2021, when we all learned about the passing of Phil Asher.


About this episode. – Without a shadow of a doubt, this 21st edition of Balearic Breakfast was one of the most "Balearic" of the whole series. Balearic in the music, of course, as there is not a single song in the first hour that hasn't got that slow, light, somewhat sexy rhythm! Balearic also in the way we're able to feel Colleen's sadness. Her voice in that show is sad, of course, how cold it not be with the passing of such a great DJ at such a young age? (Phil was 55 when he died of a heart attack in his bed while sleeping)... Last but not least, Colleen's tribute to Phil in the second hour is absolutely gorgeous and full of positive Balearic Forces! This show is a must-listen if you want to discover what an experienced DJ can achieve!

Of Course, the rest of the show is an absolute killer (as usual, might you think, oh well you know I'm objective when I say this, don't you ? (laughs!)), but hearing songs like "7 seconds" or "All about her" just made me realise (already back then...) that I could absolutely stop requesting songs and simply enjoy the show. This was one of the times I really felt at Home... Pay attention for instance to how Colleen selected the songs present in the first half of the show, they all share a "common" tonality and a quite close rhythm ! Gorgeous selection made from Quality requests, I can tell ya (laughs)!

Listen back to the 21st edition of Balearic Breakfast :

That sense of unease and longing for something more. It can’t be cured with a pill or a hot bath or a good workout. Because it’s deep. A restless soul is an adventurer, explorer and they believe in the power of the universe.
Phil Asher, Ransom note interview
Phil Asher

The WOW effect. – Of course, as I just said, Colleen's mix won the absolute WOW effect during that show. Her tribute to Phil was Astounding. There is no other word I could use to describe the beautiful set Colleen crafted with the help of the Balearic Family's song requests. I feel that it was her way to stop the sadness that was all around us back then (let me remind you that we were still amid the Covid Pandemic, the weather was not shiny, and we had to cope with Phil's passing... So when you consider all of this and hear what Colleen offered us during the second hour of the show, you can only feel a desperate will to make it all for the best despite the roughness of the times) !

I also remember we all liked Phil Asher's remix of "Cosmic Laws" when we heard it during the show (Colleen was already working behind the scenes on the first "Balearic Breakfast" compilation)!



Greg Foat – Symphonie Pacifique

Youssou N'Dour – 7 seconds (feat. Neneh Cherry)

B.B. King – Midnight Believer

Bill Withers – You got the Stuff

Ian Thomas – All about her

Steve Miller Band – Macho City

Ultramarine – Saratoga

Victor Davies – Brother

----- Tribute Mix to Phil Asher -----

The Cosmic Laws (Phil Asher Remix)

Reach Inside (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)

Butterflies (feat. Dyanna Fearon & Phil Asher)

Portuguese Love (Phil Asher's Restless Soul Mix)

Beautiful (Restless Soul & Valentine Etienne)

Runnin (feat. Shea Soul)

Blaze – I think of you (feat. Amira - Restless soul remix)

Stevie Wonder – As

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