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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 30 | Springtime's never-ending Waltz...

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Worldwide FM broadcast the 30th episode of Balearic Breakfast on March 30th 2021.


About this show. The title of this episode came to me towards the end of the listening session. It didn't immediately occur to me, but when listening to the show again, it made perfect sense. A lot of the tracks played by Colleen have that direct (or indirect) reference to the waltz. Knowing that she was still catching on to some of our springtime requests, and listening to her introduction to the show, it all fell logically into place.

Contrasting with the situation that a lot of countries were experiencing on the Covid front back then, this 30th episode of Balearic Breakfast is a relaxed one; it will allow you to ease out, fly away, and find your new life in a never-ending Waltz...

Listen back to the 30th edition of Balearic Breakfast:



Mark Hollis – The Daily Planet

Caoilfhionn Rose – Being Human

Fontän – Early Morning (feat. Studio)

The Style Council – The Lodgers

(Or she was only a Shopkeeper's Daughter)

The Blackbyrds – April Showers

Arthur Russell – In the Light of the Miracle

Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dreams

Ned Doheny – To prove my love

Oby Onyioha – Enjoy your life

Joe Simon – Love Vibration

Womack & Womack – Conscious of My Conscience (Ashley Beedle edit)

Desmond and the Tutus – Kiss You on the Cheek (King of Town Remix)

Dan Kye – Raro

Mental Remedy The Sun. The Moon. Our Souls (Sacred Rhythm Version)

Cesaria Evora Carnaval de Sao Vincete

(Jazzy Carnaval mix by François Kevorkian & Joe Claussell)

Seawind – Pra Vosé

Roisin Murphy – Ancora Ancora Ancora

Nitin Sawhney – Exile



Starting the show with two beautiful slow jams allowing us to dive into the music (Mark Hollis – The Daily Planet / Caoilfhionn Rose – Being Human), Colleen sets the picture with a nice dose of delicacy. Mark Hollis' last album was issued in 1998 and it showcases how delicate he was, and, interestingly enough, had always been even in his "Talk Talk" years (this is a feeling... and it is there even in songs like "It's my life"). Mark told Dutch magazine Music Minded in April 1998 “I wanted to make a record where you can’t hear when it has been made. Two albums that I really like are Sketches Of Spain and Porgy And Bess, records that Miles Davis made with Gil Evans. They used arrangements and a loose manner of playing [their instruments] for a clear atmosphere and suggestiveness. I wanted to create that as well.” There is a nice page to visit that presents this last album. "Being Human" is a beautiful and calm track that can be found on Caoilfhionn Rose's latest album to date, Awaken. By the way, she has a beautiful website, head over there.

I absolutely love how, following these two tracks, Colleen steadily "strengthens up" the pace with the third song (Fontän – Early Morning (feat. Studio)), which is slightly slower but thicker in its sonic structure, without leaving the two other songs' power behind. We're in springtime's arms, and the rhythm keeps on rising without losing a nice dose of fresh air (The Style Council – The Lodgers), (though this song really seems to be a protest one). Taken from their 1985 album "Our Favourite Shop", the song really is a scathing attack on the class system and the lies told to keep present society together. Through different settings, Weller attacks the central lie, which he saw as if you play along and toe the line, you would come out on top. Society requires you to sell your integrity for the chance. Dee C. Lee who is brilliant on the entire album really shines on this track, and there is a stellar jazz interlude that is not to be missed. The track is a brilliant juxtapostioning of the commonly offered doggerel and reality. “The Lodgers” is Weller begging for some kind of wake-up call and change (talking about spring?)...

Talking about fresh air, the next act just feels at its place (The Blackbyrds – April Showers). Stylistically, this song is close to Johnny Mathis' musical universe, without a shadow of a doubt! Taken from the 1974 studio album "Flying Start", this song fits the show as a glove, both musically and spiritually! Do you feel how much all of the tracks share a somewhat light (Arthur Russell – In the Light of the Miracle) and resolutely positive (Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dreams) approach? Taken from his posthumous 1994 album, "Another Thought", "In the Light of the Miracle" seems to share a common spirit with its predecessor in the show, take the time to read the lyrics of these two songs, the idea of a "new life" after someone's death seems to be there... (for a nicely written review of the album, read here). And, since we're talking about starting a "new life", dreams seem to fully be a part of that, especially when you're in love! For your musical information, Silver Puzzoli's "Around my Dreams", was covered by the Belgian duo Kazino, comprised of Nicolas Finn & Pierre-Henri Steyt and was a hit in its own right (reaching the top 10 in Belgium and France)!

Colleen's delicate touch makes wonders as she takes us to the next song (Ned Doheny – To Prove My Love) – which isn't as lyrically positive as its predecessors though musically it takes us to a beautiful field of flowers, of course, dancing! Taken from Ned's 1979 studio album Prone, released in the United Kingdom and Japan, featuring a vocal chorus that Ned had not originally intended on using, the song became an underground dance hit in the U.K., receiving a 12-inch disco single pressing. “[It] was a big dance record in England, and I had no idea about it. It would have never enjoyed what it enjoyed in England if that vocal had not been there. I know that”.

Keeping things light, we fly to the two next two songs (Oby Onyioha – Enjoy Your Life / Joe Simon – Love Vibration) that really gave this show its absolute Wow Moment! Oh, how much we all love these "small mixes" Colleen does during Balearic Breakfast! There you have it, in all of its perfection: this small mix (comprised of 4 well-mixed songs, without anything being forced musically nor rhythmically), really gave us all the Joy we needed, and it explains why I had to create this blog! You discover tracks you don't know in a beautiful musical context and you just fly away from life's problems!

For your information, Oby Onyioha's "Enjoy Your Life" was recently issued in the beautiful triple lp compilation, Doing It In Lagos. And, sadly, Joe was to pass away at the end of this year on December 13 2021. "Love Vibration" was, of course, issued as a Maxi back in 1979.

We just started the second hour of the show, and no signs of slowing down our beautiful Springtime dance (Womack & Womack – Conscious of My Conscience (Ashley Beedle Edit)). Can you see yourself dancing with a beautiful Lady in a white dress as the following track arrives with its realistic clappings and its very Balearic nature (Desmond and the Tutus – Kiss You on the Cheek)? We're in for another great moment of this show as the music flows, and the small counterpoint in the mixing is just absolutely perfect and enhances the following track (Dan Kye – Raro).

Music is silence, and Colleen never furiously blends tracks together at all costs, when needed, when lets them breathe, respecting each track's "soul"; this is exactly what happens here (Mental Remedy – The Sun. The Moon. Our Souls (Sacred Rhythm Version)). Once again, these beautiful musical moments are rarely heard on other shows! With the last part of the show arriving, you should, by now, feel this post's title in your soul... (Cesaria Evora – Carnaval de Sao Vincete (Jazzy Carnaval mix) / Seawind – Pra Vosé).

Of course, we didn't hear a single True Waltz during the show, but, nonetheless, its freedom lingers upon this show (strengthened by the next two songs, Roisin Murphy – Ancora Ancora Ancora / Nitin Sawhney – Exile). For your information, "Ancora Ancora Ancora" was famously covered in France by the great Nicole Croisille, the original song only being issued as a single and not being part of any studio album, though Mina sang it live in 1978... In the times we were facing, this 30th episode of Balearic Breakfast was like a bottle of liberty, mixed with a much-needed dose of Fresh Air, far away from the depressing news... And believe us, it perfectly did what it had to do...

Watch Nitin Sawhney's interview with Colleen here:

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