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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 31 | Balearic Soundwaves...

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Worldwide FM broadcast the 31st episode of Balearic Breakfast on April 6th 2021.


About this show. – As you may already know, I listen to each Balearic Breakfast show as if it were an actual album, trying to seize its profound nature. When listening to this 31st edition of Balearic Breakfast, an image very quickly came to my mind: one of colourful soundwaves moving in rhythm and taking me through their never-ending journey! This mental image is strengthened by the musical and rhythmical unity this very episode possesses! When I say this, I mean that the music slowly grows, and evolves without rhythmic "accidents", allowing you to totally dive in.

There is also something more I wanted to stress, something I did not mention before (each post has to be unique and useful, right? ^^), but when I say there is a rhythmical unity in this episode, I mean it and I am going to prove it right now: whenever Colleen speaks, play a little game in your mind. Keep the rhythm of the just-played track in your head and listen to the one following Colleen's speech... 90% of the time, unless she voluntarily changes musical styles and rhythms, you'll be able to hear a continuity, especially in the second part of the show!

Listen back to the 31st edition of Balearic Breakfast:



Tame Impala – Yes I’m changin'

The books ft. Jose Gonzales – Cello Song

Curiosity Killed the Cat – Red Lights

The B-52s – Deep Sleep

Annabel Lamb – Riders on the Storm

The Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt

Ramsey Lewis – Spring High

Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright – Stay Cool (Al Usher remix)

The Cure – Hot Hot Hot (Francois K remix)

Edgar Winter Group – Above and beyond

Christopher Cross – Ride Like the Wind

Chain Reaction – Dance Freak

Cloud One – Disco Juice

Frankie goes to Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome (alternate reality mix)

Incognito – Port Louis (United Future Organization remix)

Mondo Grasso ft Monday Michiru – Star Suite (shelter remix by Blaze)

John Talabot – When the past was present

Prince – Sometimes it snows in April

Prince – Gold (alternate radio version)



The beautiful show opener perfectly represents the title of this post. With its long and dreamy harmonies, combined with a steady beat, Tame Impala – Yes I’m changin' [2015 - Discogs] allows you to picture the Balearic soundwaves dancing to the rhythm of the music! Far out Magazine cleverly analysed the song, stating,"There’s a hazy centre to the instrumentation that propels the song: the lifting synths that keep the song from becoming too weighty or turgid. Parker’s predilections towards psychedelics or swimming during recording breaks often play an important role in the feeling of the tracks he creates. ‘Yes I’m Changing’ creates a lyrical and musical state of uncertainty and transition, but there’s an underlying feeling of contentment and acceptance that keeps the song buoyant."

In retrospect, though, this first song is the most airy and dreamy one of the whole lot, the other songs, though they have that adventurous imagery too, don't have that positive and calm "reach to eternity" kind of feeling, which also helps you to understand why Colleen chose it to start the show! Taken from the incredible double LP Music For A French Elevator And Other Oddities, The books ft. Jose Gonzales – Cello Song [2013 - Bandcamp] is a perfect example of the pictural strength music can have as it keeps the Balearic soundwave well and alive in our imagination thanks to its short and ever-changing notes, almost feeling like small drops of rain falling on a roof. We should add here that the original song, by Nick Drake, taken from the 1969 classic album that is "Fives Leaves Left", deals with personal struggles but also with musical imagery, thus lending a hand to this post. When digging further, one can find a lot of nice analyses about this song; ultimately, to me, the Cello here acts as a "Bridge over trouble water"...

Though the next song has a slower rhythm, Curiosity Killed the Cat – Red Lights [1987 - Discogs] has a similar sonic signature to the show opener and keeps the flow relaxed and absolutely free; listen to the lyrics, you might just find something interesting in there (laughs!). The next two songs have a more "salsa" vibe feeling, slightly more punchy; they allow you to venture further down our musical road with a slightly more "concerned" touch. Using a sample from Martin Denny's Quiet Village musical piece, The B-52s – Deep Sleep [1991 - Discogs] is a track dealing with dreams, its musical anxiousness being enhanced by the strange and not so easy to interpret lyrics, followed by the incredible doors cover that is Annabel Lamb – Riders on the Storm [1983 - Discogs]. Talking about the song in an interview, Ray Manzarek (who played the piano on this cover), said: "Jim knew he was going to Paris. He hadn’t told anybody before we did this vocal. He was singing his love to Pam. He was trying to wipe out in his mind, the killer on the road… ‘His world on you depends, our life will never end, gotta love your man.’ Isn’t that the ultimate love?” . Were we talking about long, sustained, dreamy notes and a somewhat worried musical tone? There you go, catch the Balearic Soundwaves!

There would be no Balearic Breakfast without our Musical Captain. She seizes the very profound nature of our requests and creates pictures out of them. The next 9 songs absolutely embody that musical unity (Through Colleen's explanations, keep the music in your mind and see how much this section of the show is musically glued together). Starting with The Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt [1981 - Discogs], we then move on to Ramsey Lewis – Spring High [1977 - Discogs], which makes me think of the track "Workout" that can be found on Cerrone's IX album from 1982.

Keeping the steady rhythm, Colleen takes us higher with Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright – Stay Cool (Al Usher remix) [2013 - Bandcamp], mixing it very nicely with The Cure – Hot Hot Hot (Francois K remix) [1988 - Discogs] and then bringing the absolute classic that is Edgar Winter Group – Above and beyond [1979 - Discogs] - that can also be found on the incredible 2020 compilation "Love Saves the Day 2", curated by Tim Lawrence. This very part of the show won the first Wow effect without a shadow of a doubt!

There comes the moment I was referring to in the beginning of this post: Colleen takes the time to talk about the tracks, but, when preparing for the show, she is Musically driven and makes choices that allow Music to Flow! We then have another set of perfectly chosen tracks with Christopher Cross – Ride Like the Wind [1979 - Discogs] on which Colleen wore the Captain's hat the Lioncub offered her (no kidding!), followed by Chain Reaction – Dance Freak [1980 - Discogs] and Cloud One – Disco Juice [1977 - Discogs]; the Balearic Soundwaves taking a tremendously speedy road with Frankie goes to Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome (alternate reality mix) [1985 - Discogs] - the second Wow effect of this 31st edition of Balearic Breakfast!

Still keeping the speedy rhythm she adopted whilst playing FGTH, Colleen chose Incognito – Port Louis (United Future Organization remix) [2000 - Discogs] as a natural follow-up and kept it heavy with Mondo Grasso ft Monday Michiru – Star Suite (shelter remix by Blaze) [2001 - Discogs]! What a mix she did here!!

Colleen then slowed down the tempo a bit with John Talabot – When the Past Was Present [2012 - Bandcamp] – read an interview here and dedicated the last two songs of this beautiful show to Prince with Sometimes it snows in April [1986 - Discogs] – another song about hope in troubled times picturing music's strength in our lives, beautifully covered by the French duo Native on their 1995 studio album – and Gold (alternate radio version) [1986 - Discogs] which, to me, spiritually extends the previous song, obviously acting here as a musical coda, allowing the Balearic Soundwaves to dance one last time in the darkness... Do you Feel the Love at the end of this show? I can tell you that on the chat, we all wished our friend a very Happy Birthday! Once again, this episode showed our unity, we loved what we were doing all together in these troubled times and we were not Ready to Stop!!!

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