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Family members: Virginia Tzioti

Updated: Feb 4

Balearic Breakfast is "Our Thang". I had a chat with Virginia Tzioti who just reminded us, through this nice interview, the core of our Message... Enjoy!


1) Dear Virginia, thank you so much for being here with us on the Balearic Breakfast blog! How important is music in your everyday life?

Music is my way of Life, Patti LaBelle

2) Working as a Jewellery designer, does Music influence you when crafting new models?

When I am working, I always listen to music. I am not sure if it affects me directly, but it definitely influences me subconsciously. While creating new designs, I draw inspiration from various aspects of the art world. One aspect that is particularly important to me is cinema, which is also connected to some of the most iconic soundtracks.

3) What does Balearic Breakfast mean to you? 

I love Balearic Breakfast. I truly appreciate, respect, and admire Colleen as an artist and for all her great work on the show. It's brilliant how all these people, who don't know each other, gather every Tuesday and exchange musical information. Thanks to this amazing community, I have discovered many beautiful songs and artists. Without a doubt, it is my favourite show!

4) You were featured in the 159th episode of the series; congratulations! Can you tell us more about how you prepared your set and what you wanted to convey?

I must admit, I was quite nervous about it. My initial thought was to present some of my favourite tracks that, as far as I remember, were not featured in any previous episode. I started with a first selection of about 30 records and listened to them in the order that felt right at that moment. Eventually, I managed to narrow it down to the final 12 tracks that I chose.

5) Can you share with us one moment of pure happiness you had while listening to the show (was it a show in particular you liked, a song that moved you, etc.)?

I was incredibly thrilled with the recent 3rd birthday show. It was truly epic and served as a reminder of all the wonderful moments we have shared thus far. Each of us has specific songs that are deeply connected to memories, both sweet and bitter. I want to express my immense gratitude once again to Colleen and all the Balearicans for taking us on this incredible journey.

Find out more about Virginia's musical tastes on her Mixcloud! Thank you once again Virginia!

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