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Family members: Balearic Ultras

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

The "Balearic Ultras" aren't your typical 'DJ duo'. I was awed when I heard them on Colleen's show in 2022. Here's a nice chin-wag I had with Mike Bradbury about their musical journey!

Balearic Ultras

Hello Mike! Thank you so much for joining me here on the Balearic Breakfast blog! How did the “Balearic Ultras” adventure start?

It all started in 2015 with a weekly radio show for non-league football club ‘FC United of Manchester’ when I had a desire to DJ again after a long layoff.

I stopped DJing after I left Manchester to move to Brighton in 1999. I settled down with the love of my life, had kids and knocked weekend raving on the head. I’d always make an annual pilgrimage to Ibiza and Glastonbury and to see Weatherall. I continued to buy records and generally dug the dance music scene, but I had an itching to get back to playing out again.

My beloved FC United were starting a 24-hour community radio station, so I began recording a weekly 60-minute mix and sticking them up on Mixcloud. It grew from there. The name ‘Balearic Ultras’ was a bit of a piss-take because the show was going out on a football radio station, but I’m stuck with it now. I met the other Ultra, R’Duncan, through sharing an office. He had a show on 1BTN called Dreamlust with our good friend Joe. When Joe left Brighton in 2017 (to Manchester, no less), Dunc became an Ultra, and we’ve been pushing new music to anyone who will listen ever since. Whether it’s on 1BTN, Music For Dreams Radio or live in a club. If we’re together, we’ll always DJ back to back, one tune on, one tune off, and we absolutely love it!

How do you see your musical mission as label owners (Higher Love recordings)?

We basically push new music from our favourite artists and labels that play the Sunset to Sunrise electronic tunes we love. Sometimes it’s Balearic, sometimes it’s chuffing having it, and it’s always tremendous. By the way, I like what Dr. Rob of the ironic Ban Ban Ton Ton blog wrote about us:

“Digital dealers for discerning dance floors and sophisticated sundowns. In 2020, the Brighton-based duo launched Higher Love Recordings with the intention of releasing the sunset-to-sunrise electronic music they love. In the 21st Century, as well as it should be, this Balearic beat business is a global affair. The music released thus far has travelled from Poland, Mexico City, Santa Fe, Daytona Beach, LA, Rome, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Brighton and, of course Ibiza. Producers featured include dance music royalty Ron Basejam, Justin Robertson, Sean Johnston, and Rolo McGinty, as well as rising stars Jazxing, Joe Morris, Gold Suite, James Bright, and Residents Balearicos.”


Yuksek - Pura Onda (feat. Nu Azeite) [Partyfine]

Secret Soul Society - Tatoo You [Hell Yeah Recordings]

Hiatt dB - When The Night Is Right [Razor-N-Tape]

JIM - Oxygen [Vicious Charm Recordings]

Verdo - I Want it [Hell Yeah Recordings]

Ian Upfold - Get The Best [Bandcamp]

Rheinzand - Kills And Kisses (Scorpio Twins Remix) [Music For Dreams]

Lovebirds Ft. Uri Gincel - Fly Away [Teardrop Recordings]

Jazxing - W Uścisku (Polotronic remix) [Higher Love Recordings]

Redsole - Napoli - Pete Herbert Dub [Music For Swimming Pools]

Izo FitzRoy - God Gets a Little Busy Sometimes (Cosmodelica Remix ODJ Re-edit) [Jalapeno Records]

Glass Coffee - Rising Love (Vocal Mix) [Higher Love Recordings]


You also worked on great remixes; some played during Balearic Breakfast! How do you work?

We have limited studio experience, so we work on every remix with a "tape editing" mentality. Endless hours of chopping up the stems usually end up with me losing my mind (laughs!), but a tune we’d play out always seems to appear in the end.

We’ll then ask pals who have far more talent than us if they can stick some bass or guitar over it. Everything gets then polished up in a proper studio with our uber-talented pal Ian Upfold (more about Ian here).


Mike had a chat with Colleen in 2022, and you can listen to the interview right here :


Jazxing – Artifacts [Higher Love Recordings]

Debbie Gibson – Losin' Myself (12" Masters At Work Version) [Atlantic]

Eddie C Presents L.J. Simon feat. Idriss – I Wonna Know (Eddie C's 7 inch Disco Mixx) [Soul Clap Records]

Talking Drums – Pretend A Stranger (Balearic Ultras edit) [London Records]

A Man Called Adam – Righteous Life [Big Life]

Maks – North [Citizens of Vice]

Happy Mondays – Loose Fit [Factory Records]

Peshay – Pacific [Blue]

Attraktors – Heavy Water (Ron Basejam Remix) [Higher Love Recordings]

The Cure – Fascination Street (Extended) [Elektra]

Confidence Man – Out The Window (Andrew Weatherall remix) [Heavenly Recordings]

Stex – Still Feel the Rain [Some Bizzare]

Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin (Johnson Somerset remix) [Unreleased]


You were the first act interviewed by Colleen during Balearic Breakfast! According to you, what does it take to “be Balearic” in our modern times?

VIBES’N’FEELINGS innit. Be nice, be happy and listen to Colleen’s shows because she is by far the greatest broadcaster in all the land.

What are your plans for the near future?

The immediate future is to release the Jazxing remix album at the end of October and then a new 10.40 EP before Christmas. We'll be doing more remixes in 2024, continuing with the Music For Dreams and Higher Love radio shows and generally keep on keeping on. Check’um

Thanks so much, Mike, for the music and this lovely interview!

Thanks for your support, Artur!


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