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Family members: Christina DeSouza

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

With the well-fought-out mixes she proposes on her Mixcloud, Christina DeSouza got my attention. We spoke together about the late Burt Bacharach. Read on!

Hello Christina ! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these few questions! It's a real pleasure to have you in here as this place is all about Balearic Breakfast, the show, our beloved Captain but also the community, meaning you! So, are you a professional DJ or a professional audio editor? I listened to some of the mixes you published on Mixcloud, and I must say I absolutely love the vibe of your audio creations!

l’m purely an amateur; I’ve always loved putting together mixtapes/playlists for friends and family for many years, sometimes whether they wanted one or not! 🤣 MixCloud has allowed me to now impose myself on the unsuspecting public! I have deliberately not promoted my MixCloud to people I know as I want people to discover the page organically, as that’s how I love to find music... often by accident through searching online, checking out various specialist radio shows/stations and crate digging in vintage stores/flea-markets, I’m a strong believer in letting the universe do its work! If you're meant to find something, you will.

We have lost a lot of artists lately, including the great Burt Bacharach. With songs like 'Close to you', 'Walk on by', or even 'I say a little prayer', the American composer, songwriter, record producer, and pianist is still regarded as one of the most important and influential figures of 20th-century popular music. How did you get to discover his music? What aspect of Burt Bacharach's music attracts you the most?

I would say that Burt, particularly when alongside Hal David, was the finest songwriter of the last fifty years. As with most of my music loves, it started via my late father who was an avid collector of 60’s/70’s & 80’s Jazz, Soul & Funk LPs.

I initially heard Burt Bacharach via Dusty, Dionne & Herb and always loved the incredible melodies and lyrics. My heritage is Portuguese, and we have a word that I feel sums up his music and it’s “Saudade”. This word describes a feeling which can be hard to describe; it’s a feeling of longing, nostalgia, sometimes feeling both joy and sadness at the same time. And, for me, Burt Bacharach's tracks encompass this feeling - Many quality songs that you hear make you feel emotional, but tracks such as Raindrops, Alfie, Look of Love and numerous others can make me smile and cry all within the same three minutes and often at the same time!

Burt Bacharach had a complicated personal life with many love stories and marriages; this comes through in his melodies. A friend of mine worked as a make-up artist for a UK television station for many years, making up many stars for their TV appearances. I once asked her who her favourites were. She told me that two artists had stood out, as they were so warm and seemed genuinely interested in her rather than just going on about themselves! ... These were David Bowie and Burt Bacharach! This makes me love him even more!

You did a wonderful mix on Mixcloud to pay tribute to him; obviously, you chose rare versions of some of his songs. How did you prepare it? Was there a special message, or a special feeling you wanted to convey through the mix?

I wanted to post a set of well-known Burt Bacharach tracks but in less-known versions by a wide range of artists. On my MixCloud, I prefer to post less-known tracks. I like people to discover things they maybe haven’t heard before or not heard for many years. I like to “feel“ music and therefore, the Burt Bacharach post is a rollercoaster of emotions, both within each track, but also as a whole. The set also includes two songs performed by Dutch artist Trijntje Oosterhius who has released three Burt Bacharach songbook albums, I really love her delivery of Burt’s tracks and her version of the final song on my post “Make It Easy on Yourself”... Makes me blub every time!

Coming back to a technical aspect, that's what we audio lovers like to talk about right? (laughs) Can you tell us more about the way you work on your mixes (the gear, the software you use etc.)?

I don’t use much gear to do my posts, I am definitely an amateur! The tracks are on my iTunes and I use the App “Mixxx” to put the sets together, with the Auto-DJ option to blend the songs. I can’t mix for toffee (laughs)!

I like to think of myself as a music collector rather than an actual DJ! I admire DJs who can mix so much! Colleen is such an inspiration, particularly in what can be such a male-orientated industry. I love the Balearic Breakfast show so much, it’s an incredible mix of genres and Colleen has the talent to be able to weave them together to create a feel/vibe with each show. She can mix, she is so musically knowledgable, she has a tremulous vinyl collection and she has an awesome sound system... She’s got the lot as far as I’m concerned!

Last question, are you working on a second part of the Burt Bacharach Mix? Any other ideas for the future?

I have so many ideas, too many, actually! I do have a very large collection of both vinyl and CDs that I inherited from my father and have then added some more over the years, I absolutely love to spend time in vintage music stores whenever I can. I’m a big fan of 80’s Soul, Funk and Boogie and tend to post one of those related sets per month, with one other monthly post being “something else”. I do have plans for a “Burt 2” set, so stay tuned!

Thank you so much Christina! See you soon on Balearic Breakfast with our dear Colleen!

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