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Family members: Find Our Balearic Spirit (1/2)

Updated: May 31, 2023

"Find Our Balearic Spirit" is a DJ collective whose only music rule is "there are no rules". It doesn't matter what track we play if what we play helps us "Find Our Balearic Spirit". I had to discover more, so Follow me for a great interview with Bradley Circles!


Ahead of Colleen Cosmo Murphy travelling back from New York to London. Colleen shared with the Balearic Breakfast Family she would not be able to curate a Balearic Breakfast show on Tuesday 30th May as she is coming back to London on the 30th.

Bradley Circles messaged Colleen with "Artur has invited Find Our Balearic Spirit to be this month’s Balearic Breakfast Family feature, which is greatly appreciated. Artur and I have just discussed Find Our Balearic Spirit creating a mix to go with the Balearic Breakfast feature. As you are travelling back next Monday/Tuesday, how do you feel about this mix being shared with the Balearic Breakfast family as a show of appreciation to your amazing show, branded as a Find Our Balearic Spirit show and hosted on our Mixcloud page? Big love Bradley x"

Colleen responded with "Go for it and thank you for asking! I love how this community and family becomes closer and stronger :). X" Big love to Colleen and the Balearic Breakfast family xx

Find Our Balearic Spirit, Mixcloud, 29/05/2023


Listen to the exclusive mix created by FOBS and read on:

Hello Bradley, thank you so much for joining me here on the Balearic Breakfast Blog! First thing first, who is behind « Find our Balearic Spirit » and why did you choose that name for the collective? I am old enough to have bought the original and ground-breaking Renaissance Mix CDs, which I still own and play regularly, along with going to Shindig at the Riverside in Newcastle, Back to Basics at the Music Factory in Leeds, Rise at the Leadmill in Sheffield, Cream at Nation in Liverpool, the Cross at King’s Cross, and Fabric on Charterhouse Street in London. I also had the privilege of seeing Daft Punk without their helmets on their Daftendirketour at the Mayfair in Newcastle in 1997. Sadly, the Mayfair is no longer there. However, a blue plaque reminds us of its heritage. After many years of hanging out with DJs (which I still do), the universe decided it was time I started digging, too, as I was given two turntables and a mixer. My record collection is forever growing, and I am incredibly grateful that numerous great record shops exist in Gateshead and Newcastle. So, a big up to Tony at 586 Records on Gateshead High Street and Nick, Paul, Al and Sam at Beatdown Records on Bewick Street, Newcastle! The acorn behind the name, "Find Our Balearic Spirit", came through my reading and understanding of what the late great David Mancuso created in New York City and, also, the lack of physical contact the COVID-19 pandemic caused (I appreciate the government lockdowns were necessary to control the spread of the virus). So, after 17 months without seeing my friends in person, I wanted to celebrate a friend’s belated 40th birthday in 2021 in the back of my garden and do it as the sun set on the Sunday of the Summer Bank Holiday.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of folks not being able to get childcare and work covered on the day, the party didn’t happen. However, following David’s philosophy and wanting to bring friends together including friends we didn't meet yet, was sown. This acorn deserved a name, and as I wanted a name that could reflect David’s ethos of bringing people together, of course also offering a diverse music policy: "Find Our Balearic Spirit" was born. So, from here on in, friends, friends of friends and friends we are yet to make an answer when asked where we are going next, we're off to Find Our Balearic Spirit (laughs) !

Colleen’s show helped me and many other people become aware of the musical Balearic scene. What Balearic Breakfast also brought, in a very discrete, sensitive, yet at the same time profound way (thanks to Colleen’s emotional intelligence), is the philosophical aspect this musical movement carries within itself. According to you, what is that “Balearic Spirit” about, and how can we all make it shine in our own lives? For me, A Balearic Spirit is an open mind to all styles of music, an intention for everyone taking part in a party to have a great time, and a desire to be taken on a musical journey by a curator, selector, or DJ. How can we all make it in our own lives? Regardless of genre or style, I continually search for new physical and digital music. Whether by a long-forgotten artist from a previous decade or the latest release on two of my favourite labels (NuNorthern Soul or Claremont 56). Of course, other amazing labels are available. Get to know the people behind your local record store, the artists they like and why, research the artists they recommend and listen to their tracks. In Gateshead, there is a great record shop (586 Records) owned by Tony, whose musical knowledge is amazing, as are his recommendations. Also, in Newcastle, there is Beatdown Records, run by Nick and Paul, with Al always willing to share his recommendations and knowledge whether at the front of the shop or in the Vinyl Room in the back. Whenever I see Nick, he is always happy to share his extensive knowledge and throw in a recommendation or two. Ask for recommendations from your friends and your community and why they like an artist, a band, an album, a song/track, or a remix. Subscribe to your favourite curator, selector, or DJ’s podcast. For me currently, there are 3 great podcasts: The Bill Brewster, The DJ History, and Love is the Message. Find like-minded communities and get involved in them. For example, my community is a lovely ongoing conversation of recommendations, ideas, advice, and who is doing what on the following night. Another forward-thinking collective is Night Dancing, which has some amazing upcoming events, which we support by being there on the night and lending a hand when needed. I also continue to be a reader that loves handling a physical book in my hands, and who is eternally grateful for the journalists and authors that document the numerous music scenes and cultures worldwide. Current key books for me are Tim Lawrences’ New-York City-based book trilogy; Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton’s "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life", and Peter Hook’s "How Not To run a Club". My go-to fanzine is "Faith" while "Disco Pogo" is still a magazine on the to-read list. My niece is currently into K-Pop, and I love learning new things from her, the artists, and the dance routines. I do not plan to play any of these artists but the world is a big place, and "Find Our Balearic Spirit" embraces all corners of the Earth. When I took the time to listen to some of the mixes you published on your Instagram, I was taken aback by the Musical Unity that “Find our Balearic Spirit” proposes. It is intemporal, light, modern, leaning towards lounge music without limiting itself to that specific genre since you’re able to open one of your shows with “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd! That’s a very pretty nice Tour de force; you guys have what one calls a true musical “editorial slant”! There is so much amazing music out there to choose from; I do not want to stay in one section of the Record Shop. My late Grandad was a member of a Cassette Club and had a very eclectic ear. He introduced me to Kraftwerk and the late John Peel on Radio 1, so the seed of listening to all styles of music was very much part of my upbringing.

When I grew up, roles were reversed: I went from being the receiver to the provider of new music, as my Grandad embraced Progressive and Deep House. Like the late John Peel, he liked Orbital, and I asked "Belfast" to be played at his funeral. So, selecting Pink Floyd’s "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" is a great example of me selecting from all sections of a Record Shop. Not forgetting that my Grandad showed me how you can link music together so it flows effortlessly creating a beautiful and nourishing listening experience. What did you want to convey musically when you started this adventure? I want to curate a blissful, relaxed, and warm sound that wraps its arms around the listener and gives them an airtight hug and the feeling that they can be their true self in a welcoming and like-minded community. I appreciate that what I try to do is not for everybody, though everyone is welcome as every community evolves and grows. Even more so when new seeds are planted and cared for!

Last but not least, what are your plans for the forthcoming future? We currently have a monthly show on Slack’s Radio, Tyne, and Weird Radio Station. We want to create more live interaction with our audience.

Our next event is a Chat and a Dance with Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton on Friday 2nd June at the Lubber Fiend. We plan this to be the first of many more future "Chat and Dance" events. As there are so many DJ’s, Journalists and Authors, we like and respect that everyone has great stories, which deserve to be heard, followed by them curating a set as we create a small, intimate, magical night.

Anslow and I will continue to create and post regular sets on our Mixcloud page, and plan to curate a live show like Colleen’s amazing "Balearic Breakfast". So, watch out for that stream, people!

In April we collaborated with our good pal Vinny Vinns from the fantastic Night Dancing Crew as we celebrated the life and legacy of the late Lord Sabre, Andrew Weatherall in the week he would have turned 60, at the Grove in Newcastle. It was an amazing and beautiful night, and we are currently working on our next collaboration to celebrate the life and legacy of another icon. Which I will share with you Artur when finalised.

Find Our Balearic Spirit is Bradley Circles and Anslow, and thank you for reading this edition of Artur the Lion Cub’s Balearic Breakfast blog curated by Bradley Circles (Special Thanks to Colleen for supporting this interview).


Joan Bibiloni – Val, I Vuw Ya Reboshaze – 2nd Movement Quiet Pillow – Pillow Talk Cymande – Dove Varela – Come and Take Me By The Hand Paul McCartney – Sunshine Sometime (Instrumental Version) John Martyn – Don't Want To Know Takovoi – Homesickeness Marshall Waston – High Desert (Seahawks High Sky Remix) Asha Puthli – Space Talk (Dimitri From Paris Remix) Jero Boam – Mystic Beauty Part 1 -2 Discotecas – Always Forever

Discotecas – Give You The World

Fuga Ronteo – L’uomo Invisible Nu Genea – Ddoje Facce

Happy Mondays – Rave On (Club Mix) Electronic – Get The message (DNA Mix) My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andy Weatherall Mix) Bernardino Femminielli – Ô Signe Des Temps

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