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Family members: Find Our Balearic Spirit (2/2)

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

"Find Our Balearic Spirit" is a DJ collective whose only music rule is "there are no rules". This time, I met our dear Anslow for a nice interview!


1) Hello Anslow; thank you so much for answering these few questions here on the Balearic Breakfast Blog! On a personal level, how did you start DJing?

Hey Artur and Balearic Breakfast Family! It's a bit of a cliche but I think I was a DJ long before I bought turntables, I've actively dug for new music and carefully curated playlists for as long as I can remember. Having decks of my own has just enabled me to channel all the amazing music that I've been discovering and showcase it to others.

I started pursuing DJing about 3 years ago when one of my oldest friends Diz (@Diz_Jockey), also a super talented DJ and turntable technician here in Newcastle, lent me his copy of How to DJ Properly and gave me the push I needed to buy turntables during COVID.

Since then I've grown a decent record collection from 586 Records (@586_Records) - shout out Tony Daly, Beatdown Records (@Beatdownncl), RPM (@RPM_newcastle), online retailers and private sellers on Discogs. And of course teaming up with my Balearic bro Bradley Circles, the other half of Find Our Balearic Spirit, has seen my DJing and music sphere grow from strength to strength.



Part I

Andes y Xavi – Is It Balearic? [Original Mix]

Ned Dohney Get It Up For Love

Asha Puthli Space Talk [Maurice Fulton Remix]

Fragile We’ve Got Tonight, Boy

52nd Street Tell Me (How It Feels)

Imagination So Good, So Right

Junei’ Let’s Ride

HF International I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) feat. KASHIF

[KI’s Extended Disco Dub Remixed by Kaoru Inoue]

Sade Paradise [Extended Mix]

Part II

Brass Construction Now Is Tomorrow [John Morales Remix]

Warren Zevon Night Time In The Switching Yard

The Salsoul Orchestra Ooh I Love It (Love Break) [Danny Krivit edit]

H.P Vince & Dave Leatherman The Nu Funk

Dexter Wansel Life On Mars

Billy Woost Please Touch Me

Jackie Stoudemire Dancing

Dennis Coffey Wings of Fire

First Choice Double Cross

Bent Always [Ashley Beedle’s Mahavishnu Remix]


2) During the previous interview with Bradley Circles, we spoke about how important it was to be a part of a community. Do you feel this is something of greater value as far as music is concerned?

I believe that a packed dancefloor vibrating to the frequencies of a competent DJ is greater than the sum of its parts - and community is a huge part of that. People dance for lots of reasons but if we could achieve the same catharsis on our own we would just do it at home, and I think you can say the same for DJing - it's about community, shared experience and being part of something bigger than ourselves.

There's a tight-knit and vibrant scene here in Newcastle full of passionate people who are all supportive of one another. Getting involved in Slacks Radio (@slacksradio) just over a year ago has opened me and Bradley up to a beautiful community of like-minded music lovers and DJs across the North East. It's a testament to the hard work that radio boss Jon Cornbill (@Cornbilljon) has put into the station and the friendliness of people here in the North East.

I remember feeling like I'd found my people at the ripe age of 18 when I first started going to World Headquarters (@Worldheadquartersclub), a historic club here in Newcastle celebrating its 30th year in 2023. WHQ is a club with an amazing ethos that has always attracted open-minded clubbers and nurtured the underground community in Newcastle. It feels really fitting that this is where we are hosting Colleen on Friday 3rd November and a nice full-circle moment for me.

Online communities like the Balearic Breakfast Family, and LWSTD.FM (@LWSTD.FM) also play a huge part in connecting us not just to our local scene but with like-minded people across the globe. I truly believe it takes a village and without these communities it's difficult to picture where I'd be right now, probably DJing in my bedroom or not at all.

3) Musically speaking, how would you present yourself? Do you have any boundaries as far as music is concerned?

First and foremost, I present myself as a music lover. I don't have any boundaries as far as music is concerned but if you look at my record collection and what I play I'd say it's generally a lot of Disco, House, Deep House, Balearic, Broken Beat, Funk, Soul, Trip-Hop, Jazz.

I'm not the most technically proficient DJ, but part of that is how I choose to present myself too. Seems silly now but I remember the first DJ mix I recorded for my friends over at Good Custard (@GoodCustard_), I agonised over having every transition perfect and must have re-recorded the set close to 10 times.

From seeing DJs like Colleen, going to parties like Cosmic Slop and learning about David Mancuso and the Loft, I've learned to let the music speak for itself. Track selection trumps technical ability every day of the week - that's why good DJs are called 'selectors' and not 'transitioners'.

4) How do you work on the sets you do with Bradley? Do you prepare them before hitting the live show or does it happen that you do your sets "on the fly" with a bunch of records you took with you previously? What are you aiming for when doing your shows?

It can vary but I'd say we have the most fun when we're just playing off each other on the fly. Part of that working so well is good communication with your B2B partner.

On the radio, I'd say we're aiming to showcase recent discoveries or music that we really love. Whereas, for our parties, we're looking to move people with music for the mind, body and soul. Ultimately I want people to feel good through the shared experience of music and I don't think I can articulate a better aim than that.

5) Colleen shared with us this great sentence "And remember, just be Balearic". Do you ever feel like Music helps you to stay focused or helps you get through the difficulties of life? Isn't being Balearic all about listening to music that wakes us up?

For me, being Balearic is about being open to finding things that take you to that special blissful place, whether that be a track by José Padilla or a can of Fanta Lemon.

Music definitely has the power to get us through the difficulties in life. In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer - and it's music, community and connectedness that can help us unlock that and Find Our Balearic Spirit.

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