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Gilles Peterson – Brownswood Basement w/ Colleen

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Worldwidefm broadcast Gilles Peterson's four-hour Brownswood Basement show on November 17th 2022 with Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy, Ana Ruiz, Naima Karlsson and Nabil Ayers.

On September 12th 2022, Gilles Peterson announced he had to pause Worldwide FM's activity at the end of October, after six years of broadcasting, the radio station entering "a period of transition" (read more about this here). The radio's activity was not entirely put on hold though as archived material was still available to listen and Gilles was to continue hosting shows on a regular basis. So, within this limited activity, on November 17th 2022, Gilles hosted a special Brownbasement show with special guests: Colleen Murphy Nabil Ayers Ana Ruiz & Naima Karlsson.

It is one thing to discover Colleen's life story while reading interviews and another one to listen to her speaking about her past experiences in radio/djing. In this Brownswood Basement episode, we get an excellent recall of Colleen's main life events and we also get to hear her so communicative laugh, which is priceless. An absolutely nice and Balearic listen indeed!

Listen back to the special Brownswood Basement :


The Michael Garrick Sextet with Norma Winstone – Voices [Argo]

Don Cherry – Tibet [Sonet]

Run Logan Run – Breaking Through [Worm Discs]

Soyuz – Beige Days [Mr Bongo]

Freeson – F.D.P. [Solar Fidelity]

Guilherme Coutinho – Papa Jimmy [Chantecler]

Fanfair – Gotham Odyssey [Pelican]

Alan Kaufman – Ivory Fantasy #1 [Not On Label]

Nick Mathis – Little Sunflower [Olijewel Records]

Full Moon Ensemble – 43 W. 87th Street [Comet Records]

Potemkine – Foetus [Tapioca]

Ian Carr's Nucleus – Black Ballad [Capitol]

DOMi & JD BECK & Mac DeMarco – LITTLE SHRiMP [Blue Note]

Don Cherry – North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn [Caprice Records]

Ana Ruiz – Crystal Love [Not On Label]

Don Cherry – Elixr [Caprice Records]

Don Cherry – Manusha Raga Kamboji [Caprice Records]

Atras Del Cosmos – Don Cherry 1977 [Not On Label] Ana Ruiz – And The World Exploded Into Love [Not On Label] Ana Ruiz & Naima Karrllson – Piano Duet [Not On Label]

Joan Bibiloni – Sa Fosca [Heavenly Recordings] Mildlife – Vapour (Cosmodelica Dub) [Heavenly Recordings]

Dexter Wansel – Life On Mars [Philadelphia International Recordings]

Roisin Murphy – Muphy's Law (Cosmodelica Remix) [Skint Records] HF Frequency – I Can't Go For That [Heavenly Recordings]

Nashville Rhythm Section – I Can't Go For That [Koala]

Linkwood Family – Miles Away

Roy Ayers – The Black Five [Polydor]

Roy Ayers – Everytime I See You [Polydor] Roy Ayers – It Aint Your Sign It's Your Mind [Polydor]

Alan Braufman – Chant [The Control Group]

Duval Timothy – Up [Carrying Colour]

Marzette Watts – Geno [ESP Disk]

Mtume Umoja Ensemble – Baba Hengates [Strata East]

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