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Last Note Party | 9th Anniversary mix (& News)

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Last Note Sound System founder Giancarlo and his friends regularly attended the Lucky Cloud parties in London, where they befriended the founding musical host, David Mancuso.

Since 2013, our Last Note parties in Italy have brought together a community of like-minded spirits through music, sound, dance, and of course, food! Last Note Sound System founder Giancarlo and his friends regularly attended our Lucky Cloud parties in London where he befriended our founding musical host, David Mancuso. With David's guidance, Giancarlo put together a gorgeous audiophile party sound system from the Koetsus to the Klipschorns.
Colleen, Mixcloud, 2019

Before "Balearic Breakfast" entered my life, I had no clue what the word "Balearic" stood for. To me, at best, it simply represented "Les îles Baléares", the archipelago in the Balearic Sea, near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, close to Spain, and anything related to any other island in the world... So when I discovered, thanks to Colleen and her friends, that it was also a "Musical Movement" of its own and that it also encompassed a philosophy, I got interested, like Really interested. Gradually, slowly, steadily, the word "Balearic" entered my life, and I started making connections with other concepts like "Love Saves The Day"... And it all made sense to me; everything was... "connected". I could see David's Philosophy in the music Colleen was playing, in the requests that were made and in that phrase that now has all of my attention: "And remember, just be Balearic..."

So, when I heard Colleen's opening selections for the 9th Last Note Party, I knew I had to feature this mix in this blog. I had to. Everything here is Balearic... The initial intention, the record selection, the way the songs are played (some songs were even featured in Colleen's Yoga Playlists)... To experience an authentic and beautiful trip, close your eyes and let Colleen's Soul touch you. You'll never be the same again...

The next "Last Note" Party will be held this summer, read on below...


Floating Points & Pharoa Sanders Movement 2

(feat. London Symphony Orchestra)

Calm – Freedom Sunset

Paz – Kandeen Love Song

Pat Metheny Group – The First Circle

The New Age Orchestra – Let's dream together

Gratien Midonet – Osana (Kuniyuki Remix)

Manu Dibango – New Bell

Pacific Blue – You Gotta Dance

It has been 4 years since @lastnote_party has been able to host an outdoor summer party in the beautiful Umbrian countryside so I'm excited to announce we will host our next Summer Party on Saturday 24th June from 18.00 to 01.30 at Il Castellaro Country House, a 90 hectares estate in the green heart of Umbria region. I hope you can join us and celebrate music and friendship as David taught us. Scroll through for more info and please contact for additional info and reservations. (The last pic is David in his happy place)
Colleen, Instgr., 4th April 2023
last note summer party 2023

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