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Reaching out for the sun... Parbleu!

Updated: Jan 26

Parbleu! Andres Balbucea and Andrea De Fazio answered a few questions about the band's origins and their latest musical effort, Elios. A sunny musical trip, Indeed!


1. Hello to you, Parbleu, and thank you so much for joining me here on the Balearic Breakfast blog! You issued "Dance cette Zik" in March 2020 amidst a tremendously severe phase of the Covid pandemic when the world was facing lockdowns. The funny lyrics and the musical positivity (including the clever ep's cover - "Parbleu!", a French expression that means "Good Lord!"...) had a great impact on the Balearicans! Can you tell us more about Parbleu's origins and Philosophy?

Hello Artur! First of all, Thank you for the interest that led you to exchange a conversation with us about our project and our music.

Parbleu was born in March 2020 from our collaboration (Andres and Andrea) in a not-easy time for everyone. We decided to transform those feelings of uncertainty into something positive and original that could renew our happiness and soul. We started sending each other the progress we were making with the compositions from home via email every day, comparing ourselves daily to arrive at a satisfactory synthesis for both of us.

The name comes from a joke with Roberto, our friend and musician: we were looking for a cool name without success when he exclaimed, "Parbleu!" almost as if he wanted to make fun of us, and it was right there that we understood that it was the right name for the band...

2. Your latest track (Elios) is so different from "Dance cette Zik". Colleen featured both of them during Balearic Breakfast. Do you feel it's easier to compose a track like "Elios", which is lurking into the Disco Era?

We have always been passionate about funk and disco, although we don't like to confine ourselves to a single genre or category. We have the most disparate influences and listening, and indeed, we often like to mix colours to try to arrive at something original done with authenticity.

Said with sincerity, the bass line is inspired by the Latin disco world. Specifically, it comes from listening to a record by "The Conga Kings". We decided to synthesize it into a dark disco jam with different contaminations and string instruments contrasting with the acid synths. We hope you like the result!

3. How did you come up with the new album's theme? While we feel that musically, the adventurous journey holds up very well, we can't help but feel the lyrics on the album are somewhat darker...

The album's theme Elios is dedicated to a genesis, a new birth, and in particular, the birth of little Elio, Andrea's son, from which we were inspired with our hearts to achieve that feeling.

    4. Have you ever thought about the sound you wanted to achieve as a band? When listening to your songs, there is a "soothing" approach to the sound while the rhythm is dead-solid on every track. I can't help but feel a deep "duality" in all that you do. Would you agree, and is that conscious?

The dualism, for example, the tight drums and the open, ethereal voice, wasn't intentional. It is the fruit of our collaboration since we both come from similar worlds, yet one of us plays the drums, and the other plays the keyboard and sings. Even though we have these different aspects, we still want to achieve the same outcome. Therefore, we've created this sonorous. This type of sound wasn't necessarily what we were going for, but it was the outcome of our collaboration. This is our way of composing at the moment. In the future, when we'll be in the studio, we'll see what we can create.

5. What can we expect from Parbleu in this coming year? Will you take your music on tour?

We will most probably have an EP coming out. At this moment, we need to understand what to do first. We have a lot of new things going on, as well as concerts and growing musically. We will definitely play around Europe and, of course, Italy. We hope to see you when we play!

Thank you so much, Parbleu!

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Jan 29

I am really enjoying this track - Elios - it's a great discovery for me - Lovely 80s feel, going into my sets.

Jan 29
Replying to

Isn't it a Beauty?!!! ^^ Artur

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