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Trip to your mind (Faith fanzine - Summer 2023)

The latest "Faith" fanzine edition features an interview with Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy. Let's discover its highlights in this post!

The latest "Faith" fanzine edition features an interview with Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy. Let's discover its highlights in this post!

On August 17th, Colleen shared the following message on her socials: "Huge and heartfelt thanks to @faithfanzine and writer @nickgb_music.ita for the wonderful piece in the latest issue of Faith. The fanzine published an article on me when I moved over to London from New York City in 1999 for which I was hugely grateful as it helped me relaunch in a brand new country and continent - I’ll never forget that.

Also in the latest issue a feature on another friend and mentor @francoisknyc and a much needed article on women DJs [p. 42. ed.]. Sure it’s getting a bit better for us but you wouldn’t believe the amount of both conscious and unconscious bias many of us still quietly experience even from the most unlikely sources and in circles that claim otherwise. We are still judged differently and more harshly than our male counterparts. And there are still some boys clubs that not only refuse to credit women artists and DJs on their achievements but gaslight us. It happens more than you think. So until sexism in all its insidious forms is eradicated both inside and outside the dj booth, I’m afraid we will need to keep talking about it. But great leaps have been made and let’s not forget that either. Upwards and onwards…"

I took the opportunity and bought the issue to discover a fanzine I had never heard of! Though I can't share the interview per se (you can support the fanzine and order your copy here), I still can propose some of its highlights; let's dive in!

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy Faith fanzine 2023

The three-page interview (with a beautiful layout, should I add, making us think about some album covers from the late '60s) takes us on a new journey down memory lane with Colleen (the new biography on her website by Disco Pogo's editor Jim Butler is worth checking out too). The hard-working and well-organised DJ (she admits she doesn't sleep as much as other people, sometimes even overscheduling herself) has had music running through her veins since her youngest age (she hosted her first radio show at age 14), working in record shops after school, knowing radio was what she wanted to do.

The interview is very cleverly conducted because we have both the story of these younger years and an insight into the Bostonian cultural scene (Colleen grew up in the suburbs of Boston in the "tiny town" of Holliston). We get to learn more about Colleen's whereabouts back then when she talks about her moving to New York City (a cultural decision allowing her to meet her to become Musical Mentor David Mancuso but also fellow friends like François Kevorkian - see this issue of Faith fanzine p. 36) and then establishing herself "back" in London.

Colleen and François Kevorkian

Listen to a very young Cosmo interviewing Ceybil Jefferies on Club 89:

There is one thing that shines through this interview is how passionate Colleen was all the time and how much she knew what she wanted. For instance, when talking about "Classic Album Sundays", she says:

"I remember when I started Classic Album Sundays, people saying 'Oh I always thought of doing that', I was like, but you didn't, so shut up. We all have these great ideas - you have to execute it"

Another great quote (with a very Balearic touch) from this interview goes like this:

"If you stay true to your ideals you will always at least be happy with yourself and that is always the first person you have to answer to"

Talking about her work as a DJ, she feels that there are two separate species (but I'm not going to tell you all about that part, you have to read something, right? Laughs!). This excellent interview ends with a few words about our beloved show, "Balearic Breakfast":

"I started it in the pandemic (as Summer Staycation) because I wanted it to be like a musical conversation. One thing I love about BB is the community aspect, the BB Family are so knowledgeable, they all have their different things going on, most of them aren't DJs. It's about community building, which is something I learned from David, the community aspect is number one."

Overall, it's a beautiful interview, very well conducted, with a nice rhythm, lovely depth and a few "punchlines" tending to show that being Balearic is also about fighting for your dreams to make them come true!

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