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Worldwide FM announces it will pause new broadcasts

Updated: Mar 23

On September 12th 2022, Worldwide FM announced in a communique that it would be “pausing” new broadcasts.


Sad times ahead... On September 12th 2022, Worldwide FM announced in a communique that it would be “pausing” new broadcasts. The radio Station, based in East London, went on air in 2016 – closely tied to Gilles Peterson and the Brownswood community, it became a globally respected redoubt for cutting-edge jazz, and underground club music.

Of course, the first reaction the Balearic Breakfast Family had, alongside being sad about this totally unexpected turn of events, was to turn to its Musical Captain, waiting in fear for further announcements... Luckily, these were not as bad as we initially feared them to be, as Colleen shared on her socials the following post :

"Some of you may have seen this news about the changes being made to our beloved radio station Worldwide FM. It’s very sad news for all of us.
On a personal note, Worldwide FM has been one of my anchors for the last seven years - especially during the days of the pandemic when my entire events-based livelihood dissipated in an instant. Worldwide FM, it's staff and listeners emotionally sustained me during that difficult time when I was broadcasting live from my record room each and every week. It gave me a sense of purpose and connection. I’m eternally grateful.
This year marks my 40th year in broadcasting and Worldwide FM has been one of the biggest highlights of my entire radio career. I feel blessed and honoured to have been asked by Gilles Peterson to join the radio station from its earliest days in 2016. It has been an incredible musical journey.
For my Balearic Breakfast fans - I plan on keeping the show going in some capacity so please follow me on my Mixcloud (linktree in bio) and please follow me on my socials for updates. In the meantime, I look forward to hosting my remaining Balearic Breakfast shows each and every Tuesday morning from 10am to 12 noon and my monthly Cosmodelica show on the third Friday of each month from 4 to 6 pm on Worldwide FM. I thank each and every one of you for all of the support you have given me. 🙏"

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