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2023 – Jacob Gurevitsch: Elevation in Minor (Cosmodelica Remix)

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

"Music for Dreams", Kenneth Bagger's record label, issued on August 4th 2023, a new compilation on which a new remix by Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy appears.


Introduction. – I remember writing a memorandum of law when I was much younger in which I discussed the creative role of the DJ and how the creative work was to be protected by intellectual property. One of the points of the discussion was to prove the originality of the creative production, which would allow legal protection, leading me (without going into many details because it will not change the face of Colleen’s wonderful work on Jacob Guresvitch’s track) to explain the difference existing between a remix and a rework.

In a few words, while a remix is a new version of the original song, its original parts are arranged differently (often, the DJ will use the artist’s multi-tracks). For instance, the bass would kick in later in the song, there would be effects used differently, there would also be a “dub” part, etc. But all of this would be done with all of the song’s original elements.

On the other hand, and still, in a few words, a rework is based on the same multi-tracks, eventually rearranged but with new musical elements being added and with musical changes which, in the end, offer a new version of the song. To end this introduction, and to me, Colleen’s version of Jacob Guresvitch’s is a rework, even if she presents it as a “remix” :

"I’ve long been a fan of Kenneth Bager’s record label MUSIC FOR DREAMS and one of my favourite albums of 2022 was ‘Yellow Spaceship’ by Danish guitarist Jacob Gurevitsch. I was delighted when I was asked to pick a song from the album to remix and chose ‘Elevation in Minor’(…) Whenever I’m asked to do a remix I try to serve the song which is why there is a wide spectrum of sound rather than a cookie cutter imprint (although sometimes I wish I could do that as there are many producers whom I admire who always have a distinctive sound). This is the Balearic Colleen - sitting by the sea with a warm breeze…alright that's enough - you get the idea.
I also want to thank the other musicians on the remix. First, thanks to Jacob for playing a whole new guitar part as I wanted a key change, to Jamie Harris for his beautiful percussion and to my studio partner Darren Morris for the extra keys, engineering and his exquisite mix.”
Colleen, Instgr., 04/08/2023

Jacob Gurevitsch. – The Danish guitarist has a 10-year-long musical career and is influenced by many musical genres. Drawn to the Spanish guitar during his late twenties and finding himself playing bolero, a nineteenth-century Cuban voice and guitar tradition, he began practising on nylon strings two hours a day, his first committed training since his student days at the Conservatoire in Copenhagen. You can find more about him on his Website and also on his Bandcamp!


Elevation in Minor, the original track. – As always, let's listen to the original version of "Elevation in Minor" by Jacob Guresvitch:

The utterly beautiful guitar track takes you on a romantic and somewhat sad journey. When I say romantic, I don't only mean "sentimentally" but also musically as, according to me, this 4:37 mins. composition is close to the classical genre (think of Tchakowsky's Concerto pour piano n° 1, which, globally speaking, of course, has a somewhat similar musical framework, both compositions sharing a minor key).

If you think about it, the track's title is quite self-explanatory as the guitar part is always "reaching out" to higher grounds (the same applies to Tchaikowsky's Piano Concerto). It's almost an arabesque, searching for an answer in its twisting fate. The rhythm isn't steady, the guitar constantly twisting and turning small arpeggios are enhanced by the rest of the instruments delicately sustaining its sad story (listen to the violin and the harmonica parts). Everything is suspended in time, the soundstage is beautiful, and nothing jumps on you. Yes, everything in this track is about a sort of "extension", a sort of desperate call, but desperate in acceptance (the track seems to say, "It is what it is; it's all right, though..."). Oh boy, I can't listen to “Elevation in Minor” without tears coming to my eyes :-)


The Cosmodelica Remix. – Now, as always, let's listen to Colleen's take on this incredible guitar composition:

As often, Colleen's DNA is very well represented in this new "Remix" (although you know by now that to me it is much more than that as explained at the start of this article): the rhythm is assumed, we still have that large and spacy feeling, not to mention her Romantic touch (which can be found in a lot of her other productions…). What took me by absolute surprise when I first heard “Elevation in Minor” during Balearic Breakfast was the "musical twist" she gave to it. I said to myself "Wow, how cleverly done, she emphasizes the sadness of the track by giving it a somewhat lighter touch in the beginning". And this feeling is present (and enhanced when listening back to the original version) during the 8:54 minutes of the remix both musically and rhythmically (the latest element also playing a huge part in the more positive touch because of its assumed presence). As in the original track, we have the twists and turns but now they are not only done in the minor key but "seem to reach the major key"... Absolutely Brilliant.

Also, there is another “twist” musically speaking: in Colleen's version, the bass and the other instruments take the lead while Jacob's guitar is put on a more distant position in the mix, without losing neither its absolute clarity nor its crucial importance, leading to another intellectual interpretation which could be “go ahead, you’ll be ok”…

I don't want to tell you much more, I could, is it really necessary? And remember, just be Balearic...

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