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A party on the beach... (The Greene Room Mix)

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

On July 16th 2023, Jenny Greene received Colleen on "The Greene Room". This wonderful mix allows the listener to picture a beautiful beach with the Balearic Breakfast Family having a party. Close your eyes and drift away!

It's so nice to discover DJ's while following our Captain on her Musical Journey! This time, Colleen curated a special and chilly mix for Jenny Greene's show on RTE 2 FM and boy, that mix is so nice! Just close your eyes, and I'm sure you'll see us having a party on the beach!

If you want to discover more about Jenny Greene, follow this link to read an interview she gave to the Irish Examiner! No more talking; let's listen to Colleen's mix in the second hour of Jenny's show!


Jacob Gurevitsch – Elevation In Minor (Cosmodelica Remix)

Hifi Sean & David Mcalmont Happy Ending

Pieces of a dream Warm weather

Willie "Beaver" Hale Groove on

LTJ Xperience Best life

Circles around the sun Away Team

HF International I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

(feat Kashif - KI's Extended Disco Dub)

Mike Anthony Why can’t we live together

Cantoma Way to the sun

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