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An exclusive interview with Davide Lovato (LOVA)

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Undoubtedly, Davide Lovato is a very talented composer. His ability to create "mental representations" thanks to music is astounding...

Music helps not to hear inside the silence that is outside.
(Johann Sebastian Bach)

1) Dear Davide, Hello and welcome to the Balearic Breakfast Blog! Can you tell us more about your musical and professional Background? How was 'Lova Music' Born? Thank you for having me, Colleen, and Artur! When I was 13, I began recording cassettes from an Italian radio station; back then, I liked house/dance/electronic music in general. I bought my first CDJ100s with a Gemini mixer and started discovering music production by myself.

For 15 years, I experimented and kept on learning from my mistakes. During all these years, I also broadened my musical horizons, listening to genres like Trip-hop, Indie, shoegaze, dream and pop music, which influenced my tastes and my productions. At 30, I decided to get serious about my musical passion and studied theory, arrangements, and mixing, which allowed me to produce five tracks. Around this time, I finally found the musical identity I was searching for: LOVA (a mix of Balearic/downtempo/Scandinavian disco/Italo disco & chillout ambient).

I came to Ibiza during the pandemic in the Summer of 2020 with those tracks on a USB Drive. I gave them to a DJ, who played them during his session at La Torre. He then contacted me two days after the party, asking me to sign for his label NuNorthern Soul: his name was Phil Cooper... 2) Your track "Two ends - Frame of Mind (Lova Summer '87Mix)", taken from the Shades of Summer Vol. 1 album, had great success among Balearic Breakfast's Family members, and it has been played on the 136th show of the series by Colleen. With its huge visual capabilities, beautiful soundstage, and perfect blissful rhythm, this track embodies what a great "Balearic track" sounds like. What are you searching for when working on a remix? Thank you all; I am so happy to hear that! It is so kind of you! Actually, I am pretty new to the remixing side of things.

Usually, before doing anything, I take a lot of time listening to the track I want to remix until I can destructure it mentally, seeing how I can recreate and re-arrange its story. I search for its "soul" which I always want to keep and to emphasise. Only then, when I am sure about the "core material," I add some new instruments. I usually add some mellow melody, chords, and groove (then working like I usually do on my own compositions). Sometimes, during the mixing process, I listen to the track on a dancefloor or on the beach with the sun setting down to see if I can Feel the music. If the track allows me to dance or to dream, I know I "seized" something. The track played by Colleen during Balearic Breakfast is only the second official remix I ever did (and the second one of the same original tune)! Finding a different interpretation of the same track was so funny - first attempt here)! As I speak, I am working on a new remix of an original, well-known track of a Balearic legend... I am searching for how to add value to it, so Stay tuned!

3) When reading your description of the songs composing your last EP (Storie d'Amore), it is obvious that you took inspiration from very private and emotionally intense moments of your life. While keeping your beautiful Balearic touch, you were still able to link your life's experiences to evocative musical representations, showcasing your talent as a composer and as a producer ("Madre and Padre" is an astonishing track to me, for instance). Was working on this EP a tough process emotionally, or was it, on the contrary, a somewhat "soothing" experience? Before composing a new tune, I usually check my notes to find a title and inspiration. Every title reflects a moment, an experience, a memory, a story, a feeling, or something I believe in. For instance, when I started working on “Storie d’Amore EP”, I tried to focus on the title's subject, converting into music what my heart, mind, and soul had to say. I remember feeling a mixture of several emotions, ranging from happiness to sadness. I must say that, to me, life's challenging moments don’t necessarily bring sad feelings. I always try to take the best out of any situation and learn from life's most challenging moments, accepting its reality… So, in the end, I also felt peace and calm while working on this EP (though, Later in the production process, I was pretty stressed out because I wanted to achieve what I had in my mind, laughs!).

Madre Padre
 - Initially this was called Mother, Father, I wrote it during covid time and dedicated it to my parents,. At the time my father was close to say goodbye universe. My father had ALS when he was 50, and my mother assisted him for 27 years with the illness. The tune includes the difficulties, the bravery, the challenges life gave to them and the way of love they got. In the meantime, I became a Father. So I thought of dedicating the tune to my parents, as well as to me and Anna.
The baby on the bridge is me watching my parents, but it is also Cecilia watching me and Anna.

4) You're no stranger to Ibiza; the island has always inspired you mentally and musically. Do you believe the Island has its own spirit? What do you feel when being there that inspires you? Generally speaking, I'm really close to nature: the small Islands, the sea, the beaches, sunsets, and nature give me the energy and the positivity I need, along with some freedom of mind! The first time I went to Ibiza was around 2010. With its Balearic Island colours, landscapes, smells, rocks, pines, cicalas, roads, and hidden gems, the Island has tremendously affected me and gained a special place in my heart.

Three years ago, the Island and its people also allowed me to pursue my musical dream, which I spent 15 years working on, Ibiza is a friendly place where I can put out my music in a more relaxed way... Even as a child that did not have big expectations, I remember Ibiza being a place where I could dream, hope, feel... This Island brought me real inner freedom and allowed me to get closer to my soul, thinking about how I want to live my life and what I still must achieve to become a better person...

5) To me, your music shows how sensitive you are; I truly mean it. It's plain to hear that you can convey realistic images to your listeners without using lyrics. I have a strange question for you. Do you think Music can convey inner silence and create mental images when used proficiently? Though we never met Artur, I feel you know me better than I know myself (laughs!). Absolutely, yes, you're right. I think everyone has something special, a secret deep down inside where the soul lives. I am lucky because music has always been by my side, even as a child, helping me growing up; so sharing life experiences with my listeners using its means is truly a blessing. As a composer, music allows me to escape this world for a moment and translate its reality on another level. Music also allows me to share pure feelings and bring to people something that will stay long after I'm gone. It's nice to know I can convey realistic images without lyrics; it's much better that way because you don't hear my voice😊 (laughs again!).

Thank you so much, dear Davide, for this great interview! Thank you, Colleen and Artur, for your interest, for your time, for your kind words, and for your authentic questions. I wish you love and health and many, many good Balearic Breakfasts to come! 😊



2021-05 LOVA - Echoes of Memories on SUMMER SAMPLER 3 Vinyl (NuNorthern Soul - Ibiza) 2021-06 LOVA - Gypsophila EP (NuNorthern Soul - Ibiza) 2021-11 LOVA - Lento Levante on AIR WAVES compilation (Dream Chimney - San Francisco) 2022-07 LOVA - Colours of the Mind EP (Balearic Ensemble - Barcelona) 2022-09 LOVA - Gypsophila Remixes Vinyl (Hear & Now, Leo Mas, Danilo Braca) 2022-10 Two Ends - This Moment Is For Life (LOVA Eivissa Flight remix) 2023-06 LOVA - Storie d’Amore (DSPPR - Chris Coco’s Label, London) 2023-07 Two Ends - This Moment Is For Life (LOVA Summer ‘87 remix) - Shades of Sound summer compilation 2023-08 Cafè del Mar Summer Compilation

2023-10 NuNorthern Soul - Posta de Sol Compilation

2023-08 The Chillout Tent Vol.2 2023-11 Authentic Love Song - LOVA Batticuore Remix

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