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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 109 | Balearic Dreamings

Updated: Feb 23

Worldwide FM broadcast the 109th episode of Balearic Breakfast on October 11th 2022.


About this show. With worldwide FM reducing its activities (more about this here), we were all very sad. But our Captain did all that could be done to cheer us up by creating a Discord group and by making sure our Beloved show would not stop its Balearic Musical waves...

As you'll hear, this episode has a very dreamy aspect to it, one of the strongest I ever heard; it transmits very well both in the music itself and in the lyrics! We're going to dream deep in the analysis below, and, as always, I swear I am not forcing anything here... 🌞



Leftfield Melt

Aldous Harding The Barrel

David Bowie Right

Todd Rundgren Lost Horizon

The Cure Lullaby (Extended Mix)

Backbeat Convention Love & Happiness (DJ Pippi & Willie Graff)

Peter Brown Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me

Material Bustin' Out (Rub n Tug edit)

I C Bell Explosion

Ann Margret Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes

Metropolis I Love New York (The Reflex Revision)

Alex Kassian Spirit of Eden

Marxist Love Disco Ensemble Brumaire

Was Not Was Tell Me That I’m Dreaming

Urban Soul What Do I Gotta Do (Eric Kupper Club Mix)

Jon Cutler & DJ Romain The Ride

Imagination Changes (Larry Levan Remix)



This episode has a very dreamy touch to it. We can clearly feel it thanks to the rhythm of the music; the distance the two first songs give to our mental experience is a nice example of that: Leftfield – Melt [1995-Discogs] / Aldous Harding The Barrel [2019-Discogs]. The Spatial ambient track, Melt, sets this episode's tone and is directly enhanced by Aldous Harding's song, which deals with the recognition of misleading dreams/beliefs...

As I said, it's a homogeneous feeling, so it's clear the lyrics of the songs match that feeling of freedom! That's also the case with the next song, David Bowie Right [1975-Discogs], which really encourages you to pursue your dreams (the "positive drone"). Interestingly enough, this is exactly what hapenned to David when he was working on this song: "When you have musicians who can give you what you want, your mind goes crazy. David had ideas that he might have had but not been able to use, but now he had the people who could help him do that. Luther took care of all the background arrangements. ‘Right’ was different – it had all these call and responses. David created a ‘dot’ system, with dots that were more numerical than anything else – ‘When you get to number 8, sing this; when you get to 13, sing this.’ You jumped in and out on the dots. It was brutal. We’re talking about ‘Sing in 2 and 3, jump out in 4, back in in 5 and 6…’ It was like a total clusterfuck, but they nailed it every time. You can understand why he was so excited about the outcome of this album. That was the calibre of the musicians, and what he would be getting when he recorded in Philadelphia." Sure, it seems we are in a kind of hate/love affair here, but hey, at least we're all about Dreams, aren't we? The nice musical and intellectual unity keeps on developing its themes with the next song, oh so gently presented to us by Colleen. Todd Rundgren Lost Horizon [1985-Discogs] also has that dreamy touch while sharing the same solidity that the previous track did (it seems the song is about Rundgren's lost dream of singing with Marvin Gaye, once again our love/hate story...)! Of course, the dreamy approach is expanded with The Cure Lullaby (Extended Mix) [1989-Discogs], perferctly mixed into the previous track's ending... The more I listen to Balearic Breakfast, the more I see how much Colleen's knowledge of the songs is essential to the show, and this knowledge simply flows; it seems she's able to reach this kind of musical unicity so effortlessly... I'm just Wowed now, just more than before, slightly more... if it's even possible, laughs!

For the next three tracks Backbeat Convention Love & Happiness (DJ Pippi & Willie Graff) [2022-Traxsource] / Peter Brown Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me [1978-Discogs] (taken from the 1977 debut album "A Fantasy Love Affair" on which, in fact, the lady from behind the curtains never really existed but in our desires 😉) / Material Bustin' Out (Rub n Tug edit) [2021-Bandcamp], Colleen is going to expand the dream effect: listen to her light mix and to the musical unity (same tonality, close sonic colours, close rhythm, etc.) and simply let yourself fly in the Milky Way! We're here musically living the dream! Fun fact time: the singer on "Bustin' Out" is none other than the great Nona Hendryx, known for her work as one-third of the trio Labelle!

For the second part of the show, we will keep the dreamy aspect intact. Starting with I.C. Bell – Explosion [1980-Discogs], we're still up there; listen to the light echo in the voices; the funkiness of the track really should set your mind free! The beat is good; the beat is strong, as Ann Margret – Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes [1981-Discogs], and her voice, somehow disconnected from the mix, which doesn't touch the ground with its large soundstage, helps the listener to keep a distanced approach to the whole musical experience! We're really flying across the stars with the next number, Colleen's mix here being rock solid. Still, we're not touching earth anytime soon as Metropolis – I Love New York (The Reflex Revision) [2021-Discogs], with its personal vintage sonic flavours, keeps the dreaming intact! This is something I feel lacking today in musical productions: a "strange" or at least "inhabited" frequency response. When you listen to records from each era, they all had their "sonic signature", and it enhanced the songs; nowadays, it seems this 'sonic' touch has disappeared. Of course, we have effects in the songs produced, but I wish more tracks had a non-linear frequency response or at least something that makes them pop out, giving them their own soul. That's why I love Michael Jackson's "Invincible" album because it has its own unique Sound, its own sonic signature...

Alex Kassian Spirit of Eden [2021-Bandcamp] is another great example of the sonic unity this show has. Followed by Marxist Love Disco Ensemble Brumaire [2022-Discogs] and Was Not Was Tell Me That I’m Dreaming [1981-Discogs], I think I don't need to repeat myself here, do I? The next two songs add a more "house" aspect to our celestial wanderings, with the great Urban Soul What Do I Gotta Do (Eric Kupper Club Mix) [1997-Discogs] and the trippy Jon Cutler & DJ Romain The Ride [2008-Discogs].

Ending the show with Imagination – Changes (Larry Levan Remix) [1983-Discogs], I can't help but see the Lioncub floating in the Milky Way, close to Colleen, of course..., asking:

"Where's the next stop, Cosmo? Do you know?

Well, we'll see dear Lioncub; for the time being, enjoy the view!

Oh well, I'm enjoying it, but aren't we a bit High now?!

We're not being High enough, dear one; we really should be more Balearic...

Oh My..."

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