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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 111 | Are you going with me?

Worldwide FM broadcast the 111th episode of Balearic Breakfast on October 25th 2022.


About this show. – With the news that WWFM had to stop its activities (more about this in this post here), Colleen decided to pause Cosmodelica (the last show of the series was aired on October 21st, 2022). On her socials, she shared her thoughts with us:

"Today the last Cosmodelica radio show will air on Worldwide FM from 4 to 6pm BST. I hope you will join me.

I started this radio show many years ago (15?) to share some of my favourite dance music from psychedelic soul, deep house, jazz-funk, underground disco and post-disco, deep techno, loft classics and whatever else tickles my fancy and it has lived on platforms like Samurai FM, Deep Frequency, Ministry of Sound and finally on Worldwide FM. It has been a joy to host and I thank all of the radio stations and their staff for the opportunities. I also want to express my deepest gratitude to my faithful listeners. Sharing music with you each and every month has been an honour.

For the time being I am pausing Cosmodelica as a radio show but will still hold Cosmodelica parties (for those in the NYC area join us at Good Room on the 28th October!) and will continue my Cosmodelica productions - the latest of which airs on today’s show.

Balearic Breakfast has one more radio show on Worldwide FM this coming Tuesday, the 25th October. After that I’m taking what I feel to be a well-deserved week off ;) and then I will resume Balearic Breakfast on my Mixcloud Live and Twitch TV every Tuesday from 10am to 12 noon starting on the 8th November and it will be archived on my Mixcloud. All links including the new Balearic Breakfast Family server on Discord are in the linktree.

Thank you for your support Cosmonauts. What a beautiful trip it has been. 🎶❤️🌈"

Thankfully, our clever and always alert Musical Captain had alternatives at hand for Balearic Breakfast: she would use her Mixcloud and Twitch TV accounts to stream the show (even creating a Discord community server, which is still running as of 2023)! So we knew it was the last show on WWFM, but we also knew there was no way for us to stop an adventure that meant so much to all of us!

This 111th episode has a worried and reflective side to it and is somewhat musically questioning the future; right until the very end, as you'll hear. Though it never fully embraces Happiness, it does try, with all of its might, to keep a positive attitude until, ultimately, it beautifully crashes in a retained tear... With its somewhat cloudy musical sky, this show will not kill your mood, but it will bring some clouds into your inner sky...

Listen back to the 111th edition of Balearic Breakfast:

"Join me tomorrow from 10 am to 12 noon BST for the last Balearic Breakfast on Worldwide FM (at least for now - who knows where the future will take us). This year marks my 40th year in broadcasting and this show has been one of the most significant in my entire run of radio programmes for several reasons.

It was born out of the pandemic at a time when many of us were isolating in our own homes and the show acted as a portal through which we could temporarily put our worries on hold and escape through music. Balearic Breakfast was like a two-hour sonic musical holiday. The musical conversations we have shared have been enlightening and profound and I thank everyone who has contributed in any way.

The sense of community is the most important aspect of Balearic Breakfast, especially at a time when so many of us felt alone. Seeing everyone joining in the online chats and video streams on Mixcloud Live and Twitch TV has been life-affirming. Thank you for your support and involvement.

We will keep the family together and Balearic Breakfast will continue starting the 8th November when I will continue to stream Tuesday mornings on my Mixcloud and of course, the Request Line will go up just a few days before. Don’t forget there is also a Balearic Breakfast Discord Community server and all links can be found in my link tree.

Thank you to Worldwide FM and thank you to the Balearic Breakfast family."

Colleen, Instgr., 24/10/2022



Scott Grooves – Lunar 627 (The New Moon)

Mental Remedy – Omamiuda

Rita Marley – One Draw (12" Disco Mix)

Sefi Zisling – The Sky Sings (Obas Nenor's Extended dub)

House of House – The Rough Half (Don't Stop)

Keysha – Stop it!

A Mountain of One – Star

William Pitt – City Lights

My Mine – Hypnotic Tango

Roi Azulay – Reflections (Ron Trent Remix)

Da Lata – N.Y.J. (Da Lata House Mix)

Roisin Murphy – Murphy's Law (Cosmodelica Remix)

D-Train – Keep on

Pat Metheny Group – Are you going with me?



This 111th episode of Balearic Breakfast starts with a very pictural track, Scott Grooves – Lunar 627 (The New Moon) [2022 - Bandcamp], evoking time's eternal balancing dance, beautifully followed by Mental Remedy – Omamiuda [2012 - Discogs]. Though the next song brings a little bit of joy, Rita Marley – One Draw (12" Disco Mix) [1981 - Discogs], as I explained at the beginning of this post, it won't last long, as the next tracks will prove it. The sky is growing darker with Sefi Zisling – The Sky Sings (Obas Nenor's Extended dub) [2022 - Discogs], and it doesn't show any signs of change as House of House – The Rough Half (Don't Stop) [2009 - Discogs] plays on. There is uncertainty here, in the first part of the show, a lot of it, and Colleen doesn't try to play a game that won't do; instead, she seems to accept the sad and present times by playing the uneasy Keysha – Stop it! [2018 - Discogs].

The second part of the show starts with A Mountain of One – Star [2022 - Discogs]; if the lyrics seem more positive, the melody keeps a weary soul, there, lost, somewhere. Even William Pitt – City Lights [1986 - Discogs] has a tough time bringing the sun back; we're drawn into the more positive music, just to be pulled back by the lyrics. This show is just like two magnets pushing each other away... We try to ease the pain, but, somehow, we alway find its trace somewhere, there where we didn't see it in the first place. Strange, isn't it? With its menacing and bouncing notes, its wide soundstage, and its underlined tension, My Mine – Hypnotic Tango [1985 - Discogs] does not allow us to breathe peacefully, though the chorus is lighter.

The sky keeps on showing its tumultuous colours as the show develops its mixed stories of love, lost and hope in its third part with Roi Azulay – Reflections (Ron Trent Remix) [2022 - Discogs]. Da Lata – N.Y.J. (Da Lata House Mix) [2014 - Bandcamp] keeps the uncertainty alive, and even if the next two tracks seem to bring some positivity out of the maze when you really look into it, nothing is absolutely easy here. We're talking about destiny with Roisin Murphy – Murphy's Law (Cosmodelica Remix) [2020 - Discogs] and what it takes to overcome it, this main idea being expanded by D-Train – Keep on [1982 - Discogs], who tells us that we must keep on walking in order to reach the top...

If something positive exists in this show, I can tell you right out of the bat that it's not Something that has been generously given to us but rather Something that we all Went after with all of our guts melted in one silent cry... Pat Metheny Group – Are you going with me? [1982 - Discogs] Oh, sorry... I wrote that last sentence so perfectly... Now, please, in a hug, accept our tears... We all just needed them while answering a silent but absolutely loud Yes to Colleen's question... Are you going with us?

The show has been archived on the WorldWide FM website:

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