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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 143 | Balearic Celebrations...

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Colleen ’Cosmo’ Murphy broadcast the 143rd episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on August 22nd 2023.


Introduction. – “I read many books, but I forgot most of them. So what is the purpose of reading? " It was the question that a student once asked his Master. The Master did not respond to it instantly. However, after a few days, as he sat by a river with his young apprentice, he said he was thirsty and asked him to bring him water using a dirty old sieve lying on the ground. The student was perplexed because he knew it was an illogical request. However, he didn’t dare contradict his Master and, taking the sieve, began doing this absurd task. Each time he dipped the sieve, he could not even step towards his Master and bring him the water because it fell back into the river. He tried, again and again, dozens of times, but even trying to run faster from the shore to his Master, the water flowed through the holes of the sieve and got lost along the way.

Exhausted, he sat beside his Master and said: “I cannot catch water with this sieve. Forgive me, Master, it is impossible, and I have failed my task.”

"No - replied the smiling old man - you have not failed. Look at the sieve now; it is like new. The water, filtering from its holes, has cleaned it. When you read books - the old Master continued - you are like a sieve, and they are like the river’s water. It doesn't matter if you can't retain in your memory all the water flowing in you because with their ideas, emotions, feelings, knowledge, all of the books, with the truth that you will find in between their pages, will cleanse your mind and your soul, making you a better and more human person. That's the point of reading."


About this show. – This 143rd edition of the show is a special one for the Balearic Breakfast Family because it’s our Beloved Captain’s birthday week (Colleen’s Birthday is happening on August 24th)! As Richelle E. Goodrich so cleverly wrote, "Having a birthday is like reaching a higher peak on a mountain. Pause to admire the view; reflect on how far you have come.” So we were all in a very festive mood indeed (laughs)! Colleen gently dedicated this show to all of the Virgo members of the Balearic Breakfast Family, ending it on a Beautiful song we all know by heart (the chat bounced from happiness for 2 hours straight, I can tell you that)!

The Celebration was also all in the music played throughout the show: aren't tracks like "Kaw-Liga", "Jumpin' Jack Flash", "City Country City", "Happy Birthday", "Wonderful Person" or even "Talking in your Sleep" celebration tracks on their own rights (you see me coming, don't you)? Lastly, you might ask yourself why I chose this short story as this post's "introduction"... Oh well, you know me, I love paying tributes... All it takes to see things clearly is to make a tiny transposition; everything is in there...

And since we're among friends, I must tell you a small story: When Colleen published the request line on her socials last Saturday, Bert contacted me asking me whether Black Masses' "Wonderful Person (Masters at Work Mix)" had already been played during Balearic Breakfast. I answered him immediately, saying: "Go ahead, I'm 100% sure this track has not already been played"! I told you, Balearic Breakfast is a Family affair; we help one another whenever we can when the show needs it... So, if you want to join the fun, you know what to do and where to find us!

Listen back to the 143rd episode of Balearic Breakfast:


New Records. – This edition of Balearic Breakfast allowed us to discover new tracks by the following artists:

  • Tasha Lee Mccluney – Undone (from Paul Hilery's brand new Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Vol. 2): "Written by Tasha Lee McCluney and Joey Stec, the track was from The Dependables and Curt Boettcher’s California supergroup The Millennium. McCluney had sung backing vocals for Beth Orton on the critically acclaimed album Trailer Park and also with Heavenly band The Rockingbirds. She supported Primal Scream at Brixton Academy and worked at Heavenly Recordings. She DJed frequently as ‘The Heavenly Birds’ and with Tim Tooher who put together the infamous early 1990s ‘Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham’ gig in Camden. McCluney also released the single ‘Stomped On And Wasted’ as Tasha Lee in 1998. In 2001, Alan McGee (Creation, Poptones) flew McCluney over to LA to meet Joey Stec. The pair hit it off and started writing together. An album of 10 tracks was recorded six months later in a three-week studio session recorded at The Lodge, in Northampton (incidentally the home town of Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours). It features McCluney on vocals with Todd Wills on guitar and Bill Denton on bass. It was produced by Joey Stec and Joe Foster and held together by Ed Ball. The album, Pictures And Postcards, was planned to be released on McGee’s Poptones label but was unfortunately shelved, luckily the recordings were sold back to McCluney for a pound and ‘Undone’ features here in its first official outing."

  • Santino Surfers – Freedom Surfing: Bandcamp

  • Voltage Brothers – Happening in the Streets (Domo Domo Rework): Traxsource

  • ASHRR – Talking in Your Sleep (Fernando's Deep Mix): ASHHR signed to 20/20 Vision recordings: listen here.


Events. – Colleen will host "Balearic Breakfast" in August (and the blog will be kept up to date). She will also be featured in these events :

  • 22 August - Classic Album Sundays event online hosted by Colleen (more info here)

  • 27 August - Come As You Are, The Refuge, Manchester (tickets)

  • 9 September - Margate Arts Club (tickets)


The Wow Effect. – As often, several tracks "wowed" the Balearic Breakfast Family. Of course, Van Morrison's "Inarticulate Speech of the Heart" is the first one that comes to mind ("Rave On" was played on the 10th episode - an absolute favourite of mine - listen to it here). But we also can't forget Ananda Shankar's "Jumping Jack Flash" and The Residents' "Kaw-Liga" that got a nice response coming from the chat!

To me, though, the track that blew my mind on every level was Little Big Bee's cover of the Loft Classic "City Country City (Franck Roger Remix)": what a soundstage, my goodness gracious, the modern touch (though the track did not age at all, but you see what I mean) fits the track's vibe perfectly well! In fact, the last part of the show really put the Balearic Breakfast dancefloor on fire: Colleen’s mini mix (starting off with City Country City and including Ana Maria’s request Secret Life, "Love So Strong" which also had a huge resonance among the Family members) was absolutely off the hook!

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy


Van Morrison – Inarticulate Speech of the Heart No. 1

Pat Metheny – Ferry Cross the Mersey

Little River Band – Light of the Day

Tasha Lee Mccluney – Undone

Santino Surfers – Freedom Surfing

Da Lata – Ponteio

Mari – Free (Ray Mang Extended Version)

The Residents – Kaw-Liga

Ananda Shankar – Jumpin' Jack Flash

Alex Malheiros – Telegramas Para Arp

Voltage Brothers – Happening in the Streets (Domo Domo Rework)

Little Big Bee – City Country City (Franck Roger Remix)

Secret Life – Love So Strong (Junior Style Vocal)

Black Masses – Wonderful Person (Masters at Work Mix)

ASHRR – Talking in Your Sleep (Fernando's Deep Mix)

Virgo – Free Yourself

Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday

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