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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 153 | The Balearic Balloon...

Updated: Mar 2

Colleen ’Cosmo’ Murphy broadcast the 153rd episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on November 07th 2023.


About this show. When Colleen posted the request line on her socials last Saturday, we felt a wind of liberty caressing our faces as she wrote: "Up up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful Balearic Breakfast balloon! What would you like to hear on the Balearic Breakfast live stream this Tuesday morning on my Mixcloud Live and Twitch TV? There is no theme this week - wild and free in the land of make-believe." We all knew a special show awaited us, and even more so when we checked each one's requests, laughs!

With its beautiful, free, quite long, airy, open-minded and somewhat Jazzy-oriented tracks (you'll understand why in a moment), this 153rd is one that will allow your mind to create beautiful pictures of the Balearic Breakfast Family flying in the air, over beautiful landscapes... Get ready to jump into our Musical Balearic Balloon; we're taking you with us!

Listen back to the 153rd episode of Balearic Breakfast:



Ancient Infinity Orchestra Equanimity

Alameda Duo Laurel

Undisputed Truth Down by the River

Mountaineer Golden Chalk (Version Idjut)

Sonia Whittingham Sweet Sensation

Leprechaun There's No End to Our Love

Freda Payne Don’t Wanna Be Left Out

Flair Chasin’ the Rain (Heels & Souls)

Onegram Aeo (Slowly Dub Mix)

Mike Anthony Why Can’t We Live Together (Extended Version)

Pellegrino & Zodyaco Quimere (Selezione Esotiche)

Antenna Clockwork (Daniele Baldelli Remix)

Psychemagik ft. Navid Izadi Mink & Shoes (Greg Wilson Edit)

TPO Hiroshi’s Dub

S’Express Nothing to Lose (Subterranean Edit)

Abel ft. Sabrina Chyld I Just Can't Wait

Trentemoller Le Champagne

Portishead Roads



Visually speaking, there are so many musical ways to travel, so many different mental places to go to and Colleen, thanks to the Balearic Breakfast Family's requests, showcases that perfectly in this show! We start by jumping into the balloon, slowly going up, reaching the right speed and viewing the first landscapes. These first tracks represent, perfectly, the feeling you have when you're in a balloon, flying overseas, over cities, deserts, or over whatever place you might dream of. It truly is a moment of wonder!

Let's dive a little bit into the first part of the show. The beautiful opener, Ancient Infinity Orchestra – Equanimity [2023 - Bandcamp], a 14-member jazz ensemble led by double-bassist and composer Ozzy Moysey, based in the bustling creative city of Leeds in the North of England), sets the tone of the show; we're all about a balloon flying in the sky. I absolutely love the wide and visible soundstage and the realism of the instruments!

Then comes another beautiful, light-driven, airy track, that helps us picture our dear Balearic Balloon going up in the sky, Alameda Duo – Laurel [2017 - Bandcamp], comprised of Jakub Ziołek and Mikołaj Zieliński, the Polish guitarists and vocalists add to this track some realistic effects, which totally makes you forget about what's around you even with open eyes! This song also shows how much Polish music-driven people tend to craft recordings of great quality (head over here for the Crushing Glow Vol. 2 compilation), followed closely, but still calmly by Undisputed Truth – Down by the River [1975 - Discogs]. Of course, you all had the same thought as I did; this sounds like Pink Floyd's "Breathe"! Fun fact: on the chat, theflyingcuthers shared with us that, on the Discogs page for that album, someone wrote, " You couldn't take enough drugs these days to make something this wild" (laughs!) - The song is a cover of Neil's young track of the same name published on his 1969 album, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.

Keeping the free spirit of its predecessors, and with its unpredictable, very free-jazz approach and surprising musical structure, Mountaineer – Golden Chalk (Version Idjut)) [2011 - Discogs], perfectly allows you to relax and helps your mind visualize the Balearic Balloon! Such a nice way of ending the first part of the show!


Then, after that moment of ecstasy has passed, you really, and simply, enjoy the ride; the next tracks selected by Colleen purely picture that second time of the "Balloon travelling" trip! But these next 12 songs also greatly picture your own inner travels, the ones you make when closing your eyes and listening to the show!

Well, don't close your eyes, just yet, here are some more information for your reading pleasure (laughs!). Starting with Sonia Whittingham Sweet Sensation [1988 - Discogs], Colleen speeds up the Balearic Balloon a little bit; the rhythm is more pronounced right from the start, still keeping the large soundstage and the airy sound; we slide into the next step of the show with this wonderful track reissued in 2023.

Letting the previous track roll down till the end, the light yet solid Leprechaun There's No End to Our Love [1982 - Discogs], shows how much Colleen respects the show's soul... She goes down on that huge musical route by allowing silence to become music as Freda Payne Don’t Wanna Be Left Out [1974 - Discogs] arrives. The first Wow effect of the show also brought to you on a beautiful, almost silent moment... That musical introduction blew us all away; this song truly represents what musical escapism is (head over here to watch an interview)!

Flair Chasin’ the Rain (Heels & Souls) [1988 - Discogs] takes then the con. This beautifully sounding track by the German band Flair, Chasin' the Rain is reissued in 2023 is also a musical wonder! Appreciate how much this one also has that unpredictable musical structure!), Onegram Aeo (Slowly Dub Mix) [2020 - Bandcamp]: allowing us all, of course, to think about David Mancuso (Aeo (Parts 1 & 2) - Brian Biggs)!

Colleen dedicates Anthony Why Can’t We Live Together (Extended Version) [1982 - Discogs] to all of the people suffering because of wars in this sad world of ours, I feel like republishing here the origins of that song... "Timmy Thomas wrote the song after moving to Miami, Florida, and hearing Walter Cronkite on the radio reporting on the number of deaths in the Vietnam war. In a later interview, he commented: I said “WHAT?! You mean that many mothers’ children died today? In a war that we can’t come to the table and sit down and talk about this, without so many families losing their loved ones?” I said, “Why can’t we live together?” Bing! That light went off. And I started writing it then. “No more wars, we want peace in this world, and no matter what color, you’re still my brother.” And then after that, put it on this little tape, and went to WEBF, which was a local radio station. And they played local artists then… they played it, and the phones lit up. They said “Man, who is that?” And I did it as a one-man band! That was my foot playing bass, that was my left-hand playing guitar… Could never believe that as a one-man band, something like that would’ve been played that much. But I do believe that the world was ready to start changing a little bit. And that song made the change"... Of course, the song was a Loft Classic (do you understand, now, why I told you that Colleen has a "Balearic" Background?).

While Pellegrino & Zodyaco Quimere (Selezione Esotiche) [2022 - Bandcamp] was playing, the Balearic Breakfast family spent some time searching what "Quimere" meant (Chimère in French and Chimera in English). Actually, a chimera was a fearsome, fire-breathing monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a dragon's tail. She terrorized the people of Lycia until their king, Iobates, asked the hero Bellerophon to slay her. Nowadays, though, we rarely use this word with this meaning; we rather use it to describe something that's illusory, followed by Antenna Clockwork (Daniele Baldelli Remix) [2022 - Discogs]. another vividly visual and trippy song allowing you to picture our Balearic Balloon! This one was crafted by Daniele Baldelli and Davide & Alessandro Piatto from the cult Italian band N.O.I.A. and got beautifully mixed by our Captain with... Psychemagik ft. Navid Izadi Mink & Shoes (Greg Wilson Edit) [2018 - Discogs]. Not played in a while on Balearic Breakfast; this one took the whole Balearic Breakfast Family by storm and won the Second Wow Effect of the show! Both Psychemagik (a favourite of DJ_Emma) and Greg Wilson are artists you have to know if you love dance music!

We all knew one of our favourite moments of the show had arrived, we were in full speed and our Captain took us on a beautiful mix, one for the records! TPO Hiroshi’s Dub [1998 - Discogs] is an energetic track that will be reissued soon [2023 - Bandcamp] on a beautiful compilation curated by Alex from Tokyo. With its light structure, this song is, intellectually, quite close to some of Colleen's productions and fits perfectly in this show, slowly announcing its forthcoming end... (pay attention to the soundstage, which is quite wide!). It gets followed by S’Express Nothing to Lose (Subterranean Edit) [1991 - Discogs]. If you're into dance music, you must know that I love S'Express! The British dance music act from the late 1980s had one of the earliest commercial successes in the acid house genre (and my absolute favourite) with "Theme from S'Express", which contained elements from Rose Royce's "Is It Love You're After". It was one of the earliest recordings to capitalize on the emergence of sampling culture.

Sadly, each journey has an end; here it comes with Abel ft. Sabrina Chyld I Just Can't Wait [2023 - Bandcamp]. Did you just notice how much Colleen's mix here during these last 3 tracks is light and absolutely imperceptible? She is such a class act! This last song, closing the second part of the show, is taken from Steve Butle's project, Abel, and their latest album "Cosmic Law".


The last part of the show (consisting of the 2 last tracks, Trentemoller's "Le Champagne" – with that bit of something from Kasso's "Walkman" – and Portishead's "Roads"), at least to me, could represent the feeling you have after landing back on earth: a pure dose of happiness but also a slight sadness as you'd wish the trip would last forever!

If this show can prove something, it's that it has, once again a vibe of its own, not similar to any previous show Colleen did before, even her latest "Balearic Brunch" on NTS (which you can listen to here). So, all I can say is "come back later, because the fun has just begun!"...


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