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Balearic Brunch | Episode 1 | Through the unknown...

Updated: Mar 2

NTS Radio broadcast the 1st episode of Balearic Brunch live on November 5th 2023.


About this show. – Slowly opening your eyes, you find yourself in an unknown place... As you wake up from the somewhere you were lost in, you can't disguise what's surrounding you; nothing seems to truly present itself to you, silence everywhere, a calm and reassuring silence; sometimes, a light wind caresses your face... Not knowing what to expect, you try to put a step ahead; what's there left to do, after all... There must be a way out, somewhere, right there... A step, followed by another one... "Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most"... As you go by, some kind of ghostly visions seem to visit you in their white permeable reality, going through you, penetrating you, forcing you to walk away from them, yet they're not frightening, they're like spirits coming by and saying hello... Where will this journey lead you? There is only one way to know... Going straight ahead... Through the unknown...

For her first show on NTS Radio, Colleen takes us on a wild musical journey. Dreamy, light, trippy, uncertain musical landscapes take the listener to another ground... Let's dive into this wonderful first Balearic Brunch show together; maybe we'll find an answer, there, somewhere?...

Listen back to the first episode of Balearic Brunch:



Haruomi Hosono Ambient Meditation # 3

Saint Malo Le Pont Roulant

Philamore Lincoln The Plains of Delight

Twelve Caesars Ride the American Wave

The Senior Allstars Slipping into Darkness

Pigeons Infinity (Josh's Extended Disco Mix)

Jazxing W Uscisku (Polotronic Remix)

Sanctuary's I am Going to Love Him (Pete Blaker Rework - NYR



When listening to the show, and hearing Colleen's voice opening this first edition of the "Balearic Brunch", you can't believe that you just heard two songs. But you actually did. Using her "savoir-faire", Colleen just showed you how far music can take you when it's treated with respect, care and Knowledge... Starting with Haruomi Hosono's "Ambient Meditation # 3", she keeps the trip going by mixing this astounding dreamy track with another one sharing a very close sonic structure, Saint Malo's "Le Pont Roulant" (The Crane Bridge) [2023].

For your information, Haruomi Hosono's "Ambien Meditation first appeared on the 1993 album "Medicine Compilation From The Quiet Lodge". Read a nice interview here.

Colleen keeps up the pace with the next three tracks, among which are Philamore Lincoln's "The Plains of Delight", Twelve Caesars' "Ride the American Wave" [2023], and The Senior Allstars' "Slipping into Darkness" presenting, with these 5 tracks, the first part of the show: a dreamy but somewhat worried journey through the unknown...

Find out more about Philamore Lincoln's 1970 album, "The North Wind Blew South" here.

Starting the second part of the show with Pigeons' "Infinity" (Josh's Extended Disco Mix) [2023], you might think that the trip through the unknown would take a more positive turn. Well, I'm sad to say that we're going to dive deep for the next three tracks... Infinity is not your friendly type of song; it takes you away, and away, in a never-ending trip through space... Is this space composed of clouds, maybe of a darker blue ocean or a trippy dark cosmos with blinding flashes of light attacking you? Only you will discover that reality by closing your eyes as the track develops inside of your lost mind...

It is with a shocked surprise (yes, you read that well, no mistakes here, all is intentional...) that you hear the start of the next song, Jazxing's "W Uscisku (Polotronic Remix)" [2023]. Your trip did not reach its end; you are still as lost as you were at the beginning of the show. Who are you holding to? Who is holding you? Is it all only in your mind? The only answer may presently lay in your troubled mind... Undoubtedly the Wow effect of this Balearic Brunch!

There is a nice interview of our friends, Balearic Ultras, just here.

But, but, wait, wait, there is a light right there, somewhere. Can you see it? Can you grab it? Can you hold it close to you? Can it enter your soul and make you whole? Just when you thought everything was over and that you would be locked in here for eternity, something, somewhere, Sanctuary's "I am Going to Love Him" (Pete Blaker Rework - NYR) changed, inviting you to an everlasting and never-ending... ending...

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