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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 164 | The 'Down Under' Special - Meeting Mildlife

Updated: Mar 23

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 164th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on February 27th 2024.


About this show. You can't get bored when you listen to Balearic Breakfast. There's no chance at all. This episode is so rich musically that it just blew our minds, and we, of course, enjoyed the interview with Mildlife, a band we deeply love for its "electronic" musical sound. But let's hang the mic over to Colleen! "This week's Balearic Breakfast is an Australian / New Zealand special featuring some of the music I picked up and some of the artists I discovered when I was ‘down under’ earlier this year.

There are a couple of special exclusives on today’s show – an exclusive debut of a new Flamingo Pier track which they have just posted on their Bandcamp for the occasion, and an exclusive mix from and an interview with Mildlife who have a new album called Chorus coming out this week on Heavenly Recordings. There’s so much great music to discover, and of course, I can’t get to all of it, but tune in for cosmic jazz, psychedelic funk, neo-soul, and some bumpin’ balearica…"

Listen back to the 164th episode of Balearic Breakfast:



(2023) The Circling Sun – Spirits

(2021) Glass Beams – Mirage

(2023) Christoph el' Truento – Fisherman's Dub

 (2023) Dallas Tamaira – Levels

(2021) Mara TK – Highly Medicated

(2024) Mildlife – Yourself

(2024) Flamingo Pier – Deeper Soul (Make a Dance Remix)

(2022) Summer Vee – Key to All Your Love

(2024) Eden Burns – Where Were U in 92

(2020) Troy Kingi – Chronophobic Disco

(2024) Gratts ft. Cata Mansikka – Rhythm of Love

(2024) Mildlife – Musica

Mildlife Interview & Mix:

(1986) Rare Silk – Argot

(1994) Napoli Centrale  – Donna Flora

(1985) Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors – Eliana

(1984) Universal Production Music – Rencontres

(2005) James Senese – Mysterious to 167

(1988) Herbie Hancock – Chemical Residue

(1988) Egberto Gismonti – Feixe de Luz

(1992) Sergio Mendes – Fanfarra (Despedida)

(2000) James Senese – Subway

(1991) Egberto Gismonti – Jogos Da Floresta#2

(1986) Singing Dust – Love Flower

(1986) Rare Silk – How Can I Be Sure

(2004) Enzo Avitabile  – Banesia Deo



Starting the show with the dreamy (and somewhat jazzy) Spirits, Colleen takes us through some of the records she brought from her recent journey to the southern hemisphere in a relaxed musical hour. Influenced by artists such as Alice and John Coltrane, Yusef Lateef, Pharoah Sanders, Tom Waits and even Mulato Astatke, the collective Circling Sun was founded back in 2000, including renowned jazz musicians, crate-diggers, producers and DJs (now that's something musically original and rarely seen!), and is led by drummer Julien Dyne. Such a perfect show opener!

Faithfull to her delicate way of taking the Family into new musical depths, Colleen then chose the strange and worried Mirage, which, with its Indian accents (almost Japanese if you ask me ^^), let us delve more into our subconscious minds as Fisherman's Dub comes to meet us expanding this 'Down Under' Journey. I remember sharing with Colleen the Trapdoor mix and these first selections make me think about that mix blending cosmic, funky, jazzy sounds with Pop music! When Levels came in, I knew I had already heard that voice from somewhere; of course, I did, thanks to Fat Freddy's Drop and Jazzanova! I discovered the band and (some) of its members with the "Of All The Things" 2008 studio album while I was looking to purchase two Jelco tonearms for my Technics SL-1210 turntables (the dream became true)! I remember stumbling across that video and falling in love with the Music (Dallas Tamaira appears on "What Do You Want?") - and the tonearm, of course (laughs)!...

With the next track, a favourite of our dear Ana Maria who requested it some time ago (showing how much all of our commune musical listening dreams do come true and why we truly are a musical Family...), Highly Medicated by Mara TK, Colleen slowly stepped up our Balearic Rhythms, also musically prepping us for today's guests, Mildlife, by playing Yourself from their forthcoming new studio album, Chorus. Keeping a "Distanced Balearic Groove", Colleen then chose to play the quite oceanic and cosmic vibing (I love writing these reviews, laughs!) Flamingo Pier's Deeper Soul (Make a Dance Remix).

Key to All Your Love has that "something sounding" from Sade, don't you think? Singer-songwriter/guitarist Summer Vaha'akolo collaborated with producer Sterling, saxophonist JY Lee and drummer Julien Dyne (Half Hexagon & The Cycling Sun) on her latest studio effort, which was very well received.

Eden Bruns then takes us higher with the "dubby" and dreamy-sounding Where Were U in 92, followed by Troy Kingi's Chronophobic Disco, this moment of the show making me think that I don't like it when tracks end up abruptly because they break their own spell! Keeping the rhythm steady to end the first part of today's show, bringing up a very "Carnivalian" atmosphere, Colleen plays Rhythm of Love, ending with Musica, which made me think of another well-known track...

For the second part of this "Down Under Special", Colleen did an interview with two members of "Mildlife", Adam and Jim! Now, if you're a regular listener of the show, you know that Colleen did a remix of one of their songs and also that the band is regularly featured during the show (see Episodes 12 & 146, for instance)!

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