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Balearic Breakfast | Episode 168 | Cosmic Family Affairs...

Updated: Mar 28

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy broadcast the 168th episode of Balearic Breakfast on her Mixcloud and Twitch TV socials on March 26th 2024.


About this show. On March 23rd 2024, Colleen opened the request line for the 168th and forthcoming Balearic Breakfast show, sharing these few words with us "Good morning! What would you like to hear on this Tuesday’s Balearic Breakfast? This will be the last request show for the month as I’ll be hosting the show remotely for the next few weeks with some special guest mixes all lined up (more on that Tuesday). So now is your time! Get those requests in and I hope to see you on the live stream and chat on my Mixcloud Live and Twitch TV from 10am to 1pm BST on Tuesday morning. Please put artist and song title in the comments and thank you 🙂"

Of course, the Balearic Breakfast Family answered as one, with requests including tracks by the great DJ Alfredo to support the recently launched GoFundMe campaign! The show in itself was really of the hook, with that light cosmic touch present in many of the tracks played by our captain, and with the promise of new mixes to be streamed in the coming weeks by members of the family, I decided to entitle this post: "Cosmic Family Affairs" (laughs)!

After the show, Colleen shared these few words with us: "This week’s show is another mishmash of 80’s grooves, deep soul, Balearic biscuits and even the late Cockney Rebel makes an appearance. We are holding off on the requests for the next few weeks as I stream remotely with special guest mixes from our global Balearic Breakfast family and next week we have an interview with and a mix from DJ Paulette who has just published her first book ‘Welcome to the Club’. And once again, if you are a regular listener, please consider subscribing to my Mixcloud for £3 a month and a massive thank you to those who already subscribe. I appreciate your support."

Listen back to the 168th episode of Balearic Breakfast:



(1977) ELO The Whale

(2024) Laurent Bardainne & Tigre d’Eau Douce  Eden

(1985/2023) The NM Band  She Wants

(2024) Jim  The Ballad of San Marino (Mang Dynasty Remix)

(1978) Steve Harley  I Don’t Believe God is an Anarchist

(2024) North Satellite  The Stars Are Ours (Conrado’s Vox Dub)

(2023) Residentes Balearicos & DJ Alfredo  Sundown

(2017) Odyssey ft Romina Johnson  Inside Out (Al Kent Remix)

(1980) The S.O.S. Band  Take Your Time

(2024) Lady Lois Snead  I Found Out (Divine Who Rework)

(2024) Tuccillo  Magari

(1999) Majesitka  Majestika

(1979) Mascara ft Luther Vandross  See You in LA / Jet Plane Ride

(1982) Carly Simon  Why

(1980) Erasmus Hall  Just Me and You

(2001) 4Hero ft Carina Andersson  Les Fleur

(1981) Mike Post ft Larry Carlton  The Theme from Hill Street Blues



Did you know ELO will be touring North America for their farewell tour? Well, if you haven't had the chance to see them live, the time has come, folks! Starting the show with The Whale, taken from the 1977 Classic Album "Out of the Blue", an instrumental musical piece including, in its beginning, the end of "Mr Blue Sky" reversed, Colleen sets the tone of this 168th edition of Balearic Breakfast! Still, this track is not their most Balearic from that album, as "Jungle" wins the lottery! Laurent Bardainne's Eden takes us to a contemplative mood; there is a sense of anticipation, an indirect expectation, in this laid-back musical piece. The NM Band's She Wants has been reissued in 2023 and also brings that cool yet plunging feeling towards the sky, a feeling confirmed by The Ballad of San Marino (Mang Dynasty Remix)!

This edition of Balearic Breakfast WOWED the Balearic Breakfast Family at least two times. The first Wow effect hapenned when we discovered Steve Harley's I Don’t Believe God is an Anarchist. Although the song is not a happy thing, as far as the lyrics are concerned, the lightweight, dynamic and realistic musical structure fits this Cosmic edition very well! Keeping the Cosmi Balearic approach alive and well, Colleen takes us to the sky with North Satellite's The Stars Are Ours. Speaking about the choices he made while selecting the tracks for a remixing project, Eugene stated: "It's a theme which I already introduced as an instrumental in 2020 ("A Rising Sign"). To do a vocal variation seemed like an interesting move while I'm being reintroduced to the public this year. I think it makes a statement musically and lyrically. Hopefully it can attract people to the album if they haven't heard it yet. I was also looking for a concept where I could introduce the Cosmic Freestyle version which had been recorded as a kind of reprise at the end of the album, but I'd decided to save it for another project." The following number, DJ Alfredo's latest musical project, "Sundown", keeps the same slightly worried mind with a Balearic mindset open towards the sky's infinity. I discovered the track whilst publishing the post about the GoFundMe campaign launched in support of DJ Alfredo and simply felt I had to request it!


Inside Out was another hit for Odyssey back in 1982, and what is interesting is that this Al Kent Remix shows how open the song is to this new, more neutral and slightly more worried, Balearic Treatment! Romina Johnson's voice shines here! What a nice way to start the second hour of the show by mixing this beautiful rework with The S.O.S. Band's Take Your Time! Colleen was on fire, and Boy how much were we happy!! This was another WOW moment for all of us for sure! Reading about the song on "Songfacts", I stumbled across this sentence: "Disco didn't die in 1980, it just got funkier"... Our funky, Cosmico Balearic Journey was in full bloom as Collen played the Divine Who Rework of Lady Lois Snead's "I Found Out" (Lois is still making music today!), followed by Tucillo's bouncy cosmic number that is Magari! One of the most beautiful mixes Colleen ever did is just here as she blends Tucillo's track with Majestika! Produced by Albert Cabrera and guitarist Cool Daddy, this funky number dates back to 1999 (oh, the secret weapon of well-produced tracks!).

The voyaging sensation is also very much present in the next song. With See You in LA / Jet Plane Ride, Mascara proposes a musical escape that can hardly be matched. When asked about the recording of the album, Chris Hill answered: "I produced it, along with Jurgen Korduletsch (one-time husband of Claudia Barry). We originally recorded in Munich with session players like Kieth Forsey, and then we took the tracks to New York to cut the vocals. I asked the studio “fixer” to find me the best session singers available, and he came up with Ulla, David Lasley, and to my total surprise, Luther whose voice was familiar to just about everybody! However, the next thing that happened really blew me away! Luther asked if I could put down guide vocals for him as I knew all the tracks. That I did, and to this day, on the multi-track, the vocals consist of Luther and myself, singing together!".

The last part of today's Balearic Breakfast show starts with what we consider here a "Timeless Classic": produced by the legendary Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers of Chic and played everywhere from the early Ibiza parties to the Paradise Garage, Carly Simon's very successful Why was featured in the 1982 movie "Soup for One" soundtrack! Keeping the flow on the cool side, once again, Colleen did a Beautiful mix here...; our Balearic Captain played Erasmus Hall's (the band's name comes from the building located in Chicago) classic song: Just Me and You. The album was remastered in 2014; for the sound lovers around, simply click here to get your grooves on! Winding down the Balearic route, the Balearic Breakfast Family enjoyed 4Hero ft Carina Andersson's Les Fleur. Colleen ended the show by playing the 1981 beautiful yet slightly sad Theme from Hill Street Blues.

With such a show, I asked myself: "Are there any stars left in our musical sky?"...

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