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Gofundme campaign: supporting DJ Alfredo

The Father of the Balearic Beat, DJ Alfredo, needs our help. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up by "The Secret DJ".


The Father of the Balearic Beat @alfredoenibiza needs our help so please head over to the Go Fund Me campaign set up by @the_secret_dj (link in this post). It will help with ongoing healthcare costs so that the Ibiza icon is well looked after and the campaign is now over two thirds of the way to the total goal. Funds will go to Alfredo’s son, Jaime Fiorito, who will use it predominantly paying the private Old Folk’s home to continue to house and monitor Alfredo’s health and so that he can live more comfortably.

The Argentinian born DJ made his way to Ibiza in 1976 where he began DJ-ing at the Be Bop bar in 1982 and soon after became the resident at Amnesia where he made his name with his eclectic mix. He is a true legend and I was honoured to play back to back with him at @beat_hotel a few years ago - we kept each other on our toes that’s for sure!

The DJ world, the Ibiza music scene and of course, Balearic Breakfast owe a huge debt to Alfredo and if there was ever a time to show our gratitude, it’s now. So please head over to the GoFundMe campaign in his honour and show your appreciation.

Listen to Colleen's back to back session with DJ Alfredo:

Photos by @danmedhurst courtesy of Beat Hotel

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