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Balearic Breakfast Vol. 2 (Double Vinyl & Double CD)

Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy presents Balearic Breakfast Volume 2 - Heavenly Recordings, limited edition 11-track double 12” vinyl - Released June 9th 2023.

Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy serves up a second helping of Balearic Breakfast with another phenomenal compilation for Heavenly Recordings.

Like 2022’s acclaimed first Balearic Breakfast album, this one features eleven tracks that drift between space rock and soul, disco and deep house, ambient and electronica, old and new, fast and slow. In the words of Cosmo herself, these tracks are a “hodge-podge of chill out, spiritual jazz, deep soul, percussive house, quirky disco, indie-dance and what may ‘traditionally’ be called ‘Balearic’ (whatever that may be).”

In the words of Heavenly, these albums are horizontal masterpieces that should be prescribed on the NHS as they’re filled with the kind of blissed-out music that’s guaranteed to lift you out of the mundane and the every day, wherever you are. Many of the tracks on Balearic Breakfast 2 have never been available on vinyl before.


Also, for the first time ever, the CD edition offers both Vol. 1 & 2 in the same package !

PS: Though the compilation sells quickly, you can still find it on the internet in several marketplaces or independent record shops, one of them being the French FNAC. So take your time and you'll find your treasure (Google is your friend and your Balearic Spirit your guide)!

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